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Danish Blood Rises

Started on 22 February 2016 by Balik
Latest Reply on 22 February 2016 by Balik
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Exclusive interview with Alex Balik

Welcome to an exclusive interview with first team coach and tactical mastermind Alex Balik, thank you for taking time out of your crazy day

No Problem Marc, always happy to sit down and have a chat with you *smiling*

Now, there are many rumors going around that you accepted a managerial role in the Danish Second division, is that true?

Well, i'm in talks with a club to take over from their previous manager who couldn't go on due to personal reasons, but nothing has been signed by me or by the club, so no official news so far

Many reporters and pundits have commented on those rumors saying that you denied the assistant manager role here at FC Midtjylland, is that also true?

Yes I did deny the assistant manager role here at this club, because I wanted to continue my career not as a coach but as a manager

But wouldn't an assistant manager role here would make you a favorite to take over once Jess Thorup leaves?

It would but I want to earn my way to manage this club and many other clubs

So you're saying that you might come back to manage this club? *giggling*

Only time will tell my friend...only time will tell, now excuse me, I need to go back and prepare the lads for a Champions League qualifying round *smiling back at him while shaking his hand*

Of course, thank for your time, this has been Marc Anderson alongside Alex Balik on coaching one-on-one, tune in next week where we will talk to Jess Thorup on this and the season ahead of us
Coaches meeting

Jess: Now, training has been going by the script and by the first game of the season in a few weeks we need to make sure the players are focused and ready

Henrik: I can set the goalies to do a timing test to make them relaxed under pressure

Christian: I can set the wingers to do an agility test with the fullbacks

Lars: Christiansen and I can make the defenders and midfielders do defensive training, while Alex can make the attackers practice finishing and first touches

Joe: That's good, Alex are you up to train with the attackers?


Joe: Alex!

Alex: huh, ahhhh, ya I can set up the attackers with finishing and first touches

Joe: Right, everyone but Alex knows what to do, lets get to it and leave Alex alone with me

*The coaches leave, while I pour myself some water and lean on the table*

Alex: So you kept me behind to discuss tactics for the following season

Jess: No, you aren't your self anymore, and Kelly is worried about you, every time i go home she asks how are you handling yourself since you never return her calls.

Alex: Look, a number of teams have sacked their caretaker manager and are offering me the job, I responded to a couple of them and still waiting to meet them, except four team, already meet their owners

Jess: Well are you going to one of those teams?

Alex: ya, just waiting on the papers to go through with the FA and FIFA

Jess: Well who?!?!?

Alex: The team i'm going to manage are.....

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