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Alex Balik: A leap into management

Alex Balik a FC Midtjylland coach leaps into management to become the greatest
Started on 22 February 2016 by Balik
Latest Reply on 24 February 2016 by Balik
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Exclusive interview with Alex Balik

Welcome to an exclusive interview with first team coach and tactical mastermind Alex Balik, thank you for taking time out of your crazy day

No Problem Marc, always happy to sit down and have a chat with you *smiling*

Now, there are many rumors going around that you accepted a managerial role in the Danish Second division, is that true?

Well, i'm in talks with a club to take over from their previous manager who couldn't go on due to personal reasons, but nothing has been signed by me or by the club, so no official news so far

Many reporters and pundits have commented on those rumors saying that you denied the assistant manager role here at FC Midtjylland, is that also true?

Yes I did deny the assistant manager role here at this club, because I wanted to continue my career not as a coach but as a manager

But wouldn't an assistant manager role here would make you a favorite to take over once Jess Thorup leaves?

It would but I want to earn my way to manage this club and many other clubs

So you're saying that you might come back to manage this club? *giggling*

Only time will tell my friend...only time will tell, now excuse me, I need to go back and prepare the lads for a Champions League qualifying round *smiling back at him while shaking his hand*

Of course, thank for your time, this has been Marc Anderson alongside Alex Balik on coaching one-on-one, tune in next week where we will talk to Jess Thorup on this and the season ahead of us
Coaches meeting

Jess: Now, training has been going by the script and by the first game of the season in a few weeks we need to make sure the players are focused and ready

Henrik: I can set the goalies to do a timing test to make them relaxed under pressure

Christian: I can set the wingers to do an agility test with the fullbacks

Lars: Christiansen and I can make the defenders and midfielders do defensive training, while Alex can make the attackers practice finishing and first touches

Joe: That's good, Alex are you up to train with the attackers?


Joe: Alex!

Alex: huh, ahhhh, ya I can set up the attackers with finishing and first touches

Joe: Right, everyone but Alex knows what to do, lets get to it and leave Alex alone with me

*The coaches leave, while I pour myself some water and lean on the table*

Alex: So you kept me behind to discuss tactics for the following season

Jess: No, you aren't your self anymore, and Kelly is worried about you, every time i go home she asks how are you handling yourself since you never return her calls.

Alex: Look, a number of teams have sacked their caretaker manager and are offering me the job, I responded to a couple of them and still waiting to meet them, except four team, already meet their owners

Jess: Well are you going to one of those teams?

Alex: ya, just waiting on the papers to go through with the FA and FIFA

Jess: Well who?!?!?

Alex: The team i'm going to manage are.....
Second exclusive interview with Alex Balik, Club Revealed

Welcome back Alex, it's been a month since our last talk where you announced that you are stepping into the managerial role, has any offers being accepted by you?

Well many offers came in, I accepted a good offer with a promising team, just waiting for the papper works to go through

Can you tell us what team you will be joining or even a slightly cheeky hint?

Haha, no Marc I can't, during my meeting with the owner, we agreed that they'll annoucnce the appointment on their social media site and to 'The Danish Football Messenger' on the day the paper work has gone through.

Well that's a shame, and always you keep us on the edge of our seats with these interviews

Do I? *laughing*

Anyways, Jess Thorup has been offered the full managerial role after being the caretaker manager since December of last year, while doing the interview, he was supportive of your choice and even tried to offer you a good letter of recommendation to any future clubs you applied for, is that surprising to you?

Yes and no, I'm not surprised that he understood since we are close friends and future relatives, but I was surprised that he'll risk his reputation and current relationship with Matthew Benham and Rasmus Ankersen by helping me with my application to any clubs, I'm really grateful for him and I will always be in debt to him

You talked about the owner and chairman of this club and they both went to social media saying that they are proud of you taking your coaching career a step further and willing to pay for your coaching badges training in the future from their own pockets, that's got to be a shock to

It is a shock to me that they would spend money on me from their own pockets to help me develop my career, I didn't say this publicly, but this club is a family, we stick together and we never leave anyone behind, if one leaves, he is remembered by this club and will always be welcomed back

Well that's it folks, this has been Marc Anderson alongside Alex Balik on coaching one-on-one, , tune in next week where we will debut our new series 'players one-on-one' with Martin Pusic...wait before we leave you, news have been released by BBC Sports that Alex has taken over the managerial role at Nykøbing FC in the Second Division in Denmark! his first press conference will be on 1st of July at the training ground! Sadly Alex just left the studio so we can't get a response from him, thanks you for tuning in and watchin Alex Balik's last interview as a coach
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So this is it, my first preseason as a professional manager, god this is a scare moment in the season players are likely to get injured for the long run, and with my luck, they'll probably get injured...actually scratch that some of my players will get injured, I'll bet on that.

Club History

Club Overview



Transfer History


Competition Exceptions

Managerial Thoughts

The club is young and have no history at all! While we finished a spot below promotional group stage qualification in 5th place, I'm hoping that we do one better and qualify for it and hopefully win it

We are stable in the finance sector as we are in the green currently but we are projected to lose money by the end of the season which will hit our transfer budget for next season

Our facilities are poor, and the worst thing is that we didn't even get 1,000 people showing up in our 10,000 capacity (2,000 seated) stadium that we are renting it for £9,7K per year, youth recruitment and corporate facilities are ranked as 'fairly basic', our junior coaching is classed as 'basic' while our training facilities is spoken of as 'below average'while the youth facilities is seen as at a shocking 'poor' by the rest of the footballing world

I'm overall happy with our transfer activities in the window as we strengthened our squad with 7 signs, while we let 1 player on a free transfer while my other requests for contract termination were denied and send 2 hot prospects on a season long loan to Rosenhøj Boldklub

Our friendlies were a great mix of easy and tough opponents as we won 5 and drew 1 out of 6 matches played, our most notable win is against Danish Superliga outfits Randers FC in the testimonial match for Mads Jensen were we won 2-1

The expectations for the following season are reasonable and is reflected in our squad ability and previous final positioning in the past few seasons. Hopefully they will be meet
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Regular Season

We rapped up the season on the 8th of November and began our winter break since it is physically impossible to play between December to February so the lads have been sent off for a break and will come back for a couple of mid-season friendlies, vs other Scandinavian clubs to keep our sharpness up

League Results

So far the season has it's ups and downs, we only lost 4 games out of the 14 games played, we lost to three teams that we should've easily beaten in, Boldklubben Marienlyst, Boldklubben Frem & Næsby Boldklub. A wonderful win versus eventual winners of our group Boldklubben Fremad Amager in the last day to secure our spot

League Tables

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Danish Cup

We sadly went out in the second round after a 3-2 win vs fellow league side Boldklubben af 1893, with a hatrick from 32 year-old Nicky Bertelsen. We were sadly knocked out in the next round vs Danish first division side FC Fredericia were they spanked us with 5 goals on our ground nevertheless

Promotional Stage table

We are rock bottom but it just began and we are looking to join 2 other sides in getting promoted to the Danish first division for the 2016/17 season
- It says that the team played 6 games already because we faced Boldklubben Fremad Amager, Næsby Boldklub & Boldklubben Marienlyst already in the Group 2 regular season twice -

Promotional Stage fixtures

We start the stage with a home game vs Holbæ, who barely qualified in fourth place in Group 1 by a goal difference of 4, we end the 3 months-long stage with an away game vs Aarhus Fremad who finished 3rd in Group 3 with 20 points

Managerial Thoughts

The Group stages was an outstanding show of our strength as we qualified comfortably in second place with 24 points from 14 game. I'm proud of the squad & the staff so far and hopefully I can repay them with a trip to the 2nd tier and silverware by June. The danish cup run was a dreadful sight for the fans & the club as we were humilated in front of our fans at home by conceding 5 goals in 70 minutes

See you next time for an interview with 'The Danish Football Messenger' on our season so far and my promotional stage expectations.
This is a really good start to your story. I liked how you set up everything with an interview and everything is very descriptive. Keep up the good writing and I look forward to reading this more. You have a follow!!!

Anyways great start. Is your league a opening and closing stage like in the Americas??
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4 yearsEdited
Third exclusive interview with Alex Balik, contract drama

Welcome to Sky Sports Scandinavian, this is Keith Larson alongside Nykøbing FC manager Alex Balik. Welcome Alex to the show

Thank you Keith, it's an honor to be here.

Now, recent rumors have been going around that you denied a contract renewal talks with the board, why is that?

I just need more time to think, I'm not sure if staying at the club is a good decision for my career and personal life.

You said that your personal life is not stable, care to share?

No offense Keith, my personal life is private to me, I know how the media is, twisting words to make a juicy topic, I'm still furious with the 2014 'scandal' that I had while dating Ashley.

I understand Alex, don't worry, can you at least say that your relationship with your bosses affected your choice to deny talks?

Claus and I had disagreements several time leaving me furious as he doesn't want to spend the money to improve the the club at all which is shocking!

Wow, don't you think that comment will affect your current contract and future jobs as you publicly insulted the chairman

Okay, that question goes back to my previous comment about the media Keith, you are twisting my words, I said that I had disagreement on how he's running the club and in no way I insulted him, enough twisting my words!

I apologies sincerely about my previous question

No need to apologies but please stop twisting my words, especially since i'm a manager now, it can affect my career in a bad way

Now, changing the subject, Many clubs are coming after you including Aalborg Boldspilklub, who are fierce rivals with your favorite team FC Midtjylland, can we have a conformation that the job is ruled out

Well, I do despise them as a fan, but I have to raise my hand and admit that they're a great club to manage, one of the top 5 clubs in Denmark and have the squad to win the domestic double anytime. But my brain is telling me to accept the job since it's progression through my career, my guts is telling me no since I hate them. So Ashley will decide if I'll join them *laughing*

Well that's an interesting answer to say, 'My wife will decide if I'll join them', I never heard that before! Well that wraps this up, thank you Alex for giving us the time and pleasure of hosting you here and good luck with your promotion campaign this March

No Problem Keith, always have time for friends of mine

Thank you for tuning in, Alex's team will be back in action on the 27th of March at 3 PM as he welcomes Holbæk to Enelco Arena
Breaking News: Alex Balik leaves role at Nykøbing FC

After vulgar words exchanged between Alex and Claus Jensen about the latest interview with Sky Sports Scandinavian topic, Alex handed in his resignation on the following morning. Alex's good friend and brother in law, Jess Thorup said this about the news

When Alex resigned, he called me because he needed help to in getting back on his feet, so I told him that he can stay over with us Ashley while searching for a job. I contacted many clubs as well has he did to get an interview. So far 3 clubs are interested and we are waiting to hear back

Alex has been spotted in Wunderelf Arena coaching the first team while being out of a job.

Ashley, his wife went to social media to reveal how the chairman ran the club while Alex was managing there

'Claus have been disrespecting Alex's abilities, the staff's abilities and the player's abilities by refusing to improve the standard of the training and youth facilities and leaving the income at an all time low by refusing to go out and search for a senior affiliate and closing the gates at some matches. This is a disrespectful thing to do to a club!'

Claus Jensen was bombarded by reporters on Monday where he insulted Alex saying 'That man is not a good manager, he's the worst decision that I ever made and he ruined the club by himself'

No news from either Jess nor Alex on the clubs that have offered him a chance to manage, both have been quite for the long run except for that comment by Jess. Hopefully Alex can get into management again
A new beginning

So, did any of them call back, Honey?

Ya two so far, but they said that I wasn't the right candidate

Well don't worry, you'll get back on that high horse, and it's their loss!

Kelly is right, you'll get back into management and in the mean time, you can continue coaching here!

Thanks for the offer Jess, but I decided to start on my Continental Pro Licence training, really want to coach a championship winning team!

Good for you! But you're still not getting my job! Not if i'm still there!

Hey, the world is unpredictable, I might get the job at a top team in Europe or manage Denmark after the Euros!

He's right Jess, the world is unpredictable, but football is even more predictable, underdogs always find a way to win. Like David and Goliath!

Well those underdogs need a rich person to back them up, stature talks but players are more attracted to the green. You don't see Nottingham Forest back in the Premier League, they have great players but no money

But they do have determination, Reading are in financial trouble and only spent 600 thousand pounds and now they'rein the promotional play offs.

Alex, some clubs have luck by their side when a new season starts, defying all odds

So you call last season league win lucky?!? We worked hard and you know it Jess! Ashley and Kelly both know it, saying that we were lucky is an insult to the coaches, players, me and especially yourself! You said to me the after the first win when I joined 'When an underdog beats a favorite of a league, it's not luck, it's determination and hard work from your players. Luck never wins you matches, they can give you goals, but hard work and determination wins you the glory and the 3 points'. So why did you changed your mind! You gave up on the players didn't you? Well did you?

*Jess gets up from the dinner table and storms out of the front door, into his car and off in the cold rainy night of Herning. I was left furious with both Ashley and Kelly sitting their silent and continued slowly to eat the food. My phone rang and I got a text from my agent with the words 'Congrats! See you tomorrow at the training ground. The link attached was to BBC Sports, and on the first page, I saw that I'm the new manager of Silkeborg IF*

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