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The Magnificent 3 - Be A Player

Lewie, Znik and Michael head 2 head 2 head in FM12
Started on 8 March 2016 by Michael
Latest Reply on 14 March 2016 by Balik
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Well, thisis just a head2head between Lewie , Znik and me, feel free to do pressreleases, and to comment.

With the new season arriving, 3 new players step into the world of football. 3 friends, 3 attacking midfielders and 3 potential wonderkids. what will become of them, and how much will they impress the footballing world?

The 3 wonderkids:

This Welsch wonderkid is an amazing midfielder who should be able to pop up at any moment in front of goal. But dont try to have him up front at corners, as he will probably disappoint you.

The new Ronaldo? From Portugal, this highly creative player can do a lot of good things for you in a match, but dont expect him to play the full 90 minutes.

What would be a game without a highly creative Dutchie? Brave, creative and ready to take on any player? his biggest weakness is probably thatis is way too enthusiastic.

What will they do, who will be signed? and how good will they become? Stay tuned for the next episode!
Welcome back to another episode of Be-a-Player TV.

Last time we met our 3 magnificent new additions to the game. We are now 4 weeks further, let's see how they have done

Justin Case was being a wanted fellow, not only by the police, but also by several professional and non-professional teams. getting an offer first from SC Cambuur, he snubbed it and said tha the would prefer another team. and that came along:

In meanwhile, in stolecold Wales, Lewie was being sorry for himself, knowing he didnt got any interest from any team. And when a team eventually popped up, he signed without even thinking where he may ended up.

After seeing his 2 friends got signed, Juan wanted to try one more time, just in case. He travelled in his country and outside, and found a club willing to train him, for as long as needed:

thats all for this month, I hope to see you guys again next time.
Nice start mate!

Nice to see I got Leicester, 1st team footy there! :)
Welcome to episode 3 of the Magnificent 3. Last time we saw our 3 contestans getting clubs, now we are gonna see how everyone has doing until the start of January. Record will be broken, injuries will arise and matches be played:

Our young Dutchie sw both heights and lows. What started out with a dream to be the youngest eer Dutch Cup Player, having a place at the first team squad, ended abruptly with a pretty serious hip-injury, which sidelined him for 2 month, so early in his career. he is back now, and just scored his first PK for the youths. Guess he is cold in font of goal after all.

It's clear that our Welshman has a weak ankle, First spraining it, and being out for a long 6 weeks, his ankle got twisted and it leaves him out for already 2 weeks, and thats gonn be at least 2 more. He's fairly fair on the field, having commited under 1 foul a game. However, the fouls he makes are heavy, as he already got 2 yellow cards.

Our true recordbreaker. Youngest Goalscorer, Youngest Player, First Pro-contract, most matches, most yellow cards, but also more remarkable: an astonishing low passcompletion percentage. With this current rate he will have a ban in a few matches, maybe he should that time on the trainingfield in getting his passes where he needs them to be.

Hasta la Vista, Im ging to eat a Pizza. See you later guys
Starlet News

Youngster and Heracles wonderkid Justin Case broke the Dutch Cup and Heracles' record of the youngest player by debuting in the 4-1 lose in Penalty Kicks versus UNA. Both Darly van Miegham and Gabby Jallo failed to convert as UNA fans celebrated their hard fought win. Justin Case was left stunned and furious at his sides' lost. His first team dreams ended so quick that Lewis Roberts didn't get a yellow as he was declared injured for 2 months as he tried to show off by trying to lift 125 kg, when asked about the injury he only said 'I tried to lift my ex in front of the lads'

Leicester City youngster Lewis Roberts has gotten a reputation for his 50-50s challenge while playing for the under 18s and 21s as he racked up 2 yellows in 12 as well as 2 months on the sideline. Leicester City manager showed a sign of disgust and shock while saying 'The lad is insane but it's the good type of insane that you want in a team; We are grateful for him and his glass ankles'

The true record-breaker, Juan More Time broke 2 records within 37 days; The Portuguese Pele as we like to call him racked up a total of 4 yellow cards in 18 starts; He has been left out due to his horrific passing rate; Both Case and Roberts recomend that he should focus on his passing then trying to replicate Lewis Roberts' 50-50s all the time.
Well, It is finally time for update 4 of BaP-TV. we will round up the first year, and we will see if the players have improved:

What a first season. A leaguegame, a cupgame, a heavy injury and at the end of the season a call up for the U19. A very very good start from this promising player,which will be dubbed the new Robben.

a glass ankle, a bunch of 50-50 tackles at the start, and a bunch of MotM performerances at the end. Add to thathis first goals for the youth of Wales and the new Bale shouldbe a happy fellah.

Breaking record after record, the new Ronaldo needs to dive a little less so he doesnt get any more yellows. With 40 youthmatches this season, he should be tired as hell, unless he got a coke :)

See you after the transferperiod, Im out! *drops Mic*
Starlet News

Justin Case rounded up his season with 6 goals, 3 assists from 21 youth starts. He started his league career as a sub and came on, but he got a shocking 5.8 rating; How the hell does someone get that? did he do nothing throughout that match? Well we don't know since we were too busy betting on how many ankle injuries Roberts' will suffer and how many yellow cards Juan will get. Overall a solid season for the youths but needs to shine more on the top league

Bale 2.0 scored his first welsh goal for the under 21s but no ankles were broken, no 50-50s were shown which is a shame but an outstanding end to the season racking up 7 goals for the youth sides at Leicester City; Hopefully he can keep up his form and not break his ankle over the summer

Portuguese Pele was the star out of the three as he scored 7 in 40 youth games; His 50-50s got him a total of 6 yellow cards picking up a suspension and earned himself the nickname 'Portuguese Cantana' cause he'll probably Kung-Fu kick someone next season by they way his career is shaping up

Hopefully the three kids can develop more next season; Now I'm off to the bank to draw £5,000 to pay my bets to Jason Villa and Liam Drury...Before I leave you guys, anyone got a spare bedroom I could crash in?
Be A Player TV Newsflash!!!

And did he sign?

Our last 2 guys became pro:

And one of these 2 will make a transfer:

Off course Juan cant staybehind, and signs a new deal:

Michael's avatar Group Michael
4 yearsEdited
well Well, what do we have here? A new end-of-season update? Already? Get ready, set aaaaaand GO!

What a season this lad is having. Turning pro, making and scoring at his debut, and winning in his first match. What is even more impreesive is his number of yellow cards: 0. Our Welsch Wookie is doing jussst fine.

Our Portugueese Pain-in-the-ass got a promotions halfway the season. Probably it paid off as our guy made already 14 first team apperances. just 2 yellows, and he shares the ijury with Lewie.

What a fucking sneaky basterd is our Dutch Devil in a box. declining a bid from Bayern Munchen, signing a 1 year contract, and signing 14 days after the start of his first pro contract for Man Utd. He made his 2nd cup and 4 new leagueperformerance for Heracles, also getting 29 matches in the youths. He was our Aggressive Guy of the season, and it will stay that wy, as the season ends NOW.

Stay tuned for next season
Starlet News

Glass ankle didn't break anymore of his ankles which is a joy for the rest (lost £1000 because he didn't break his fucking ankle again), Half way through the season, the Welsh wonder kid turned pro made his debut in a 4-1 win over MK Dons. Hopefully he can develop more and get more then a £375 p/w wage (at least he's getting more then me)

Portuguese Pele stayed put at Espanyol making 14 starts and getting 2 yellows. Throughout the season, he scored some wonder goals as he netted 7 and getting a 0.5 goal to game ratio. Hopefully he can leave the second team and join the big boys next season.

Just in case you didn't read, Justin Case signed for the Manchester United to work under the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson at the start of July. Heracles' fan are furious at him since he signed for the Red Devils 2 weeks after he signed a pro deal. Let's see if he can make a show at Old Trafford this following season

Juan More Time's Journal: Entry #1

I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. It seems only yesterday when I got the call from Spain. I had no clue how any scouts could have spottet me playing around with my friends at school in the suburbs of Lisbon, but one day my dad told me that we were heading to Barcelona on vacation. Little did I know that the "vacation" was in truth a training camp for talented youngsters.

After 5 days of intense practice, my dad told me that a Barcelona-team had offered me a contract! As a Portuguese, and a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, I had second thoughts. But what an opportunity! I had to think about it for half a day before my dad revealed that it was Espanyol, not FC Barcelona that had offerred a contract! All of a sudden, I didn't need to think anymore. Joining a professional club, and the main rival of Barcelona at that, would be a dream come true.

After my first year, I understood quickly that I needed to put in some time in the weights room. Here it didn't help to be able to do all the fancy flicks and tricks, if I got pushed off the ball every time I tried to dribble.
The training quickly gave results, and the manager even moved me into the seniors. I also tried working on my passing, as it seemed I couldn't connect most of my passes, but it seems I've got to keep working on that.

I had never dreamed that I'd be given a chance to play in the LIGA BBVA this early, but I couldn't let this chance slip away. Who'd have known that this league was easy! 14 games later, and I had scored 7 goals!!

Now, what can I do to improve. I'll have to keep working hard, and who knows what is possible if this is the start. My faith is strong in my ability at least, and why shouldn't it be!
Well, Its been a while ago since we had a Be a PlayerTV episode. we had some difficulties finding Justin Case, as wechecked Almelo, Munchen, London and Manchester and couldnt findhim for any commentary.

Our Leiceter boy did get a few new appearances after signing a renewed contract at leicester, having him earn 725 euro a week. There was a rumour that Roberts would go to Arsenal, but the Arsenal Manager didnt follow up on him, having him to end the season at Leicester. With a passraatio of above 60% in his 5 leaguegames so far, he is finally learning where to place ball. Also, the guy made his first leaguegoal, in the 8-0 won match.

Our Espanyol youngster denied loan offer from Elche, and decided he liked his stay at Espanyol, where he already got 7 leagueappearnces. his passpercentag is already above 40% and that should keep rising over theyears.

The Devil in a box. The Dazzling Dutchie does live the Dream. What an amazing and busy 7 months this guy had. First transferring to Man Utd, to get loaned out to Leicester where he did an amazing job at the end of December scoring 2 hattricks in 4 days, grabbing a MotM and getting in the team of the week, but also getting injured. Leicester tried to extend the loan, but United decided otherwise.

This guy also made hiss first International Cap, scoring at his debut, becoming the first in this BaP, This made him the youngest goalscorer for the Netherland, and the youngest player and goalscorer in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Thats all for time time, Until the end of seeason we go!
Michael's avatar Group Michael
4 yearsEdited
Hey Guys, it's time for the end of season update of season 3 already.

A very eventful first 6 months followed by a calm 4. Just a short loanspell at Bristol, and some performerances for the Man Utd reserves. Manchester manager SAF has retired, some sources state it had something to do with his niece and 2 rivals.

As if Justin Case had a few calm moths, over on the other side of Europe, Juan thought, let's take it easy, take a siësta and just dealt with the 15 matches total who came to him this season.

Wow, we got a spoiled brat in our game. Lewie Roberts is causing trouble at Leicester, who ended 18th in theleague, because he wants playingtime. Maybe Heracles Almelo would be a nice step for him :D

*Austrian-American accent* Ill be bach
Lewie causing trouble in the air at Leicester, shame. Would have liked him to stay there to get 1st team footy.

Hope Fulham come after me!

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