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The Footballing 5

Znik, Lewie, Briggs, Balik and Michael
Started on 14 March 2016 by Michael
Latest Reply on 25 March 2016 by Michael
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After the testcase with 3, I found out that the difference between our players and regens was way way to big. To counter that a restart, with 2 new faces.

First of all, we introduce you Lewie Roberts. Welsch (offcourse), and our first of 5 guys. He got signed by the Championship Challengers Cardiff. He also already picked up the first injury ingame

Now to our first new guy: The Danish Chef (popperdiepopcorn) Alex Balik. He got signedby portuguese 2nd division team Leixôes (points for who can pronounce this properly)

An old familiar face: Juan More Time. He got Cruijff's number, the legendary 14. Also what his aim at goals should be per season.

Our secend newcoming in the list is ben Dover. Our flamboyantly gay player got signed by Millwall, and already got a torn hamstring :(

Last but not least: Justin Case. Having signed with Portuguese topclub SLB, he is the 3rd to play in Portugal, and with number 12, they have high hopes of this lad.

See ya next time. If you want to do any updates yourself, and need info, feel free to ask me.
Well, We are half a year, and a bunch of injuries further, but Lewie finally knows how to tie his shoes.

Up to May 30th it is!
Well, We are at the end of season 1:

First:, the newsfeed:

As I got no request screens, lets size our people up:

Our man of glass still got 26 youthapps, where he sscored 10 and laid off 14.

Mister Twisty needs to keep more calm. 5 yellows and a red in your first season?

Our next Freddy Mercury is wanted by Man City. how much will they pay?

Trying to kiss Ashley Ferguson-Case got this Danish Defensive Devil a fractured jaw. Besides having his ego crushed, he is done fine.

That this kid still is match fit after 47 maatches in less than 10 months o.0. He also made his first pro goals.
It is time to kick off season 2:

This update is dominated by Juan More Time. First statng he wanted to go away and with a lotof offers, the conclusion is, is that he made a transfer to th one club he didnt want to go to.

Lewie could have been transferred too, if onlyhe wanted to sign a contract:

Our Gay for Hire almost made transfer too, but he doesnt wnt to move to quickly

In just 3 weeks, Alex Balik is gonna earn enough money to hire Ben Dover for a day or 2:

And Justin Case alreaddy go his first prize on his shelf:

at the end ofseason 5 (so in about 3 days), Ill do 5 uge updatess, one for every player. I will ask for quotes, so pleae tell me when you are ready to help me.
Well well well. Its 1 february

Lets see how our guys has done:

Thats all folks, See you next time

He had a great season, with picking up a minor injury. Nothing big or spectaculair happened.

He sure knows how to get a red card. Ouraggressive forward got his 2nd red in 2 seasons, and hadplayed a period of 10h with no goal. Due to him playing enough he gets a wage hike like no one has ever seen.

The man of glass, our Fragile fanatic,has been injured 46 of the 100weeks ingame. that also meant he didnt play much:

Man City is again trying to get our English gay/guy. He stayed injury free after his Torn harmstring and made 45 appearance this season.

This guy just doesnt know what being injured feels like. He maade 13 appearances on loan.

untilnext time :D
1 september update, start of season 3;

Well, this has been a 3 monthsdominated by Balik:

Se you all back on february first. bets for the amount of injuries Lewie will get can be made in PM>
Well, we are halfway season 3. Did Lewie have an injury? Did juan got a red? did Ben and Balik do it? find out.

Welcome to Bratty Territory: English County. Ben Dover feels he is way too good for MillWall after his many MotM performerances, But the manager doesnt let him leave.

Welcome to Bratty Territory: Italian County:Our Danish/Polish Star in Italian servie is going back toPortugal, for a clash with Case?

Welcome to Bratty Territory: Portugueese County: With 7 goals in 14 apps, he should not complain, but if Holland comes, he wants to go there.

Well, he not got 1, but 2 injuries. And he has been 1 total year out of the running :D Oh, he did made aa transfer on loan to Huddersfield too, not playing.

Juan thought it was siesta time, and stayed in the shadows for a bit

And a special highlight match!!!!

We are speaking 29th of january. Justin Case walks into the FCP Stadium, looking around him. He got a text from his frenemy Balik, that he just got of a plane and went to play. The manager urged him to get inside, but Justin didnt feel like it: "eat your shorts, im waiting for Balik". And there he was: Baik, in shining new FCP armour, walking up to Justin. "Hey Mate, lets blow their minds." "justleave that up to me" Said Justin whilst smiling. And arm to arm they walking nto the stadium, for their first ever senior clash-up.

Until next time guys!
Wll, time flies (or Im just a time-teleporter). We are alredy at may 31st of 2014. We ae anxiously waiting for jury number 12 for Lewie.

A Miracle has happened, no injuries for haalf a year. Not much appearances tho

He is in the Portugal Squad, will he get to the World Cup?

And the winner of the Championship Young player of the year is..........

After the big loss against Case he isnt getting much playingtime...

Still no injury for this guy, and he is in the cupfinal and won the league over Balik on Goaldifference.
i like balik the best. I think Case is not very good :))
Superquick Newsflaash:

Balik loaned to Sion

Ben Dover got homegrown

Lewie and Juan made their national team debuts.

And Case? he'll just grab a title or 2:
Starlet News

We are back after technical difficulties that lasted for 2 years (Marc don't you dare download anymore malware) and the two most anticipated players (Balik and Case) fought at it in the O Clássico, Case's team won the game 4-1 with him scoring a brace, Balik didn't have enough time to make an impact like Case did as he was subbed on in the dire minutes of the match. Reports have been leaked saying that no blows have been exchanged only kind words. Case has told us that 'he wants to play with him in the near future' the Inter Milan loanee didn't have time to speak to us, as his season loan ended and needed to catch the plane to Switzerland.

Lewis Roberts has been silent in the club level but he has impressed the Welsh NT manager in the unders and got called up to the big leagues.

Juan has played for Barcelona on 3 occasions in the season leaving a mark in Portugal ahead of the Brazil 2014 World Cup

The skybet championship young player of the year man Ben Dover has only missed one league game and starting the rest. The leftback/left midfielder/central midfielder has picked up 1 goal, 9 assists and 10 MOTM.

Hasta la vista.... time for some Pizza
Well, it is time for the next update. 3.5y in, let's check how eeryone is doing..

He FINALLY made his debut, but got loaned out again. he made just a few appearances. Also, he got a new injury

He got himself a new deal at Barca, and some first team appearances

Well, Ben Dover got his first red. He took it a bit too serious when his manager said he wanted to see it tightened up in the back at HT, leading to a shock performerance, and some traumatized supporters.

Balik finally knows how to be quiet for a while, also he stubbed his pinky toe.

It seems that Case wants to leave SLB, although he is doing quite well.

See you all at the end of the season!
Well, end of sseason 4 already, time flies.

Ever since losing against Case, he has been out of the spotlights. His stats are amazing btw.

Well, Lewie got hit by his 12th injury, a record. his time out on loan bij Notts County was pleasant for him :)

The guy wins young player of the year back to back,breaks the Milwall record for most MotM performerances and got 2 reds in a season? Appearently he thinks Making it hard for the attackers means something else.

A busy year for Juan, 22 appearances, and he got through into the Barca Squad. He did got a damaged heel.

He is doing well, but wnts to leave. but please, no Sampdoria or Stoke.

See you next time, Ashley is visiting.
Well, I'll do a quick newsflash before I go to sleep:

Dover did move too, but to whom?

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