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Training Schedules?

Started on 4 December 2009 by saplingg
Latest Reply on 18 April 2010 by Gussin
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Can anyone recommend some training schedules to use or maybe upload?

What makes a good training schedule for a position? Strikers would be heavy on shooting, ball control, attacking i guess... but how about tactics? aerobics/strength training? Would I need to include that too? Can I leave defending to 0?
Training schedules will tend to vary depending on the kind of team you're managing and/or trying to build, imo. That said, there are some things that should be the same regardless - only the keeper training goalkeeping, for example. Here's the training schedule (taken from my City blog) I had in place from my 09 save as Man City; the same schedule I'm currently using in FM10:

Ball control, defending, shooting, set pieces - 0
Strength - 7
Aerobic, goalkeeping, tactics, attacking - 19
Goalkeeping, shooting, set pieces - 0
Ball control, attacking - 7
Strength, aerobic - 13
Tactics, defending - 19
Goalkeeping, shooting - 0
Ball control, attacking - 7
Strength, aerobic, tactics, set pieces - 13
Defending - 19
Goalkeeping, defending - 0
Strength, shooting - 7
Aerobic - 13
Tactics, ball control, attacking, set pieces - 19
Goalkeeping, set pieces - 0
Strength, defending - 7
Aerobic, tactics, attacking - 13
Ball control, shooting - 19
Goalkeeping, set pieces - 0
Tactics, attacking - 7
Strength, aerobic, shooting - 13
Ball control, defending - 19
Target Striker:
Goalkeeping, defending - 0
Set pieces - 7
Strength, aerobic, tactics, ball control, attacking, shooting - 13
Forward Center:
Goalkeeping, defending - 0
Strength - 7
Aerobic, tactics, set pieces - 13
Ball control, attacking, shooting - 19
Thanks for the responses!
i usually make my own training schedules depending on the position.for RWB and WM i use lots of strenth and aerobics because the men from the flanks need speed and the ones in the center(cd,cm)i use more tactics and technique...
RedArmy20 :

What folder do I put these into to use in my game? I presume they're for FM10?
they are for all fm's its the same place you put them in the documents sports interactive etc etc and there shouldd be a folder called "schedules" you put them there.
excellent, thanks.
when you write strength 7, etc etc. what does that mean?
wardy_83 : when you write strength 7, etc etc. what does that mean?

Move your sliders all the way to the left and assume that to be zero. Using strength as an example, I set it 7 clicks to the right.
Don't really how these trainings work for you but, keep in mind that training sessions depends on how capable your coaches are, it has nothing to do with your team!
First get some good coaches, for example good coaches are the ones with **** in their region of coaching!
Then, divide your coaching schedules to Pre-season which is the start of the season with really high fitness regions and low the rest regions!
End it when your team plays your first official match, and make schedules depending the position of the players,but, always remember to put fitness lower than the pre-s training sessions,cause you will deal with injuries and tiredness!
Check my training sessions:
I will post a second one to get the rest images, and remember to get training schedules for the youth team!
These are the rest schedules:
Giorgos : These are the rest schedules:

Thanks.. but what about reserves? do all ur reserves train with 1st team??

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