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Oliver Madsen: From Unknown To Famous

Started on 26 March 2016 by OlleM13
Latest Reply on 19 June 2016 by mgriffin2012
Madsen Makes Charity

Oliver Madsen recently had one of the most “magical days” of his life, and it had nothing to do with being carried up the Great Wall of China or publicly peeing in a bucket.

On Sunday, the day after his team played in Oxford, Madsen headed back home to Denmark to an impoverished area named Langeland which is a litte island with about 10 thousand citizens, and no money, they are the poorest city in Denmark.

He helped them build a hospital as their was about 35 minutes to the nearest hospital from Langeland, and you cant even drive over there.The Oxford Manager, was helicoptered in and immediately stripped off his shirt and got to work on helping with the project.

He pushed around a wheelbarrow and bonded with the local children. At one point, Madsen opened his briefcase where there was his old signed football shoes and gave them to a local child in need.

He then reflected on the experience in a video he posted to his facebook page, to share the bleak conditions he witnessed these kids face and to also let the world know how volunteering in Denmark and other countries has changed him.

'It was just a wake-up call for me,” Madsen said. “Any problem that I have, Is nothing compared to that this kids have here. They dont even have a hospital, thats cruel. I had myself a bad childhood and i dont want this kids to have it the same way, thats why im doing it.' Madsen said.
The other thing Madsen did was to make Langeland FC to an affliate for Oxford United, so Oxford will now pay Langeland FC money on a yearly basis

' I know how hard is it for a small club to get money, i managed one myself.. We had no money and nearly no wage. This people here has no money and no wage. So i just want to help them' Madsen said.

'I cant thank him enough! I know he is a huge idol for those kids living here. We are beware that we are the poorest city in Denmark, so its pretty nice with some money, to the city. Madsen is now a member of the club and now i hope we can establish a good working relationship with Oxford United. Hopefully and i say hopefully we can loan some of the young players in Oxford, if we get a no i wouldnt be disappointed. ' Says the mayor of Langeland with a little laugh.'

Reports are saying that Oxford are giving 426782 DKK which is about 57253,90 Euro.

We asked a Oxford fan about what he felt about this and he said: ' I think its a great idea as long as we dont give too much money to other club, i think more managers should do this.'

So it seems like Madsen already is a fan favourite.
Nice little update man! Keep it up!
New Partnership Between Spurs And Oxford United

Spurs and Oxford United, has today in a press conference, announced that Oxford is a new member to the affliated clubs at Tottenham. Spurs is set to pay Oxford 831246 DKK which is 111513,70 Euro on a yearly basis.

'' I'm so happy, this could be a great partnership for us. It would be lovely to loan some of those young talented players at Spurs, and i cant thank them enough for this opportunity.'' Says Madsen.

'' We are greatful for this opportunity, we chose Oxford, because we can see potential in the club and their future. They have some good ideas, like hiring an unexperienced manager. Plus he is also making charity, and we have announced that Spurs are in it too, because we want to help Madsen, and all the poor cities around the world.''

Spurs are also set to construct new houses around Oxford, as some of them near the stadium is old, and ugly, they are set to start tomorrow, and will be finish mid 2017.

We asked a fan of Oxford, and neighbour to the stadium:
''I think its a great idea! As long as i get my house back in a better stand i am happy. Madsen has already done alot to us and we love him for that.''
Oxford United Loans Spurs Player Luke McGee

20-year old goalkeeper Luke McGee has announced that he are happy to join Oxford United.
He is set to join them on a 1-year loan, and Spurs pays all his wage.
Luke McGee has played for Spurs in 3 years with his debut still yet to come.

They just made a partnership yesterday, and now they are already making transfer? Great partnership i would say. Oxford United has an average age on 28, which is really high but it seems that Madsen tries to get some youngsters, but only on loan, and not buying them.

' When i first came here, i started with 200k€ and wage budget in minus, and i changed that around, and it ended up budget in 0, so therefore i cant buy anyone, unless its free transfers.' Says Madsen.

A repoters asks Madsen: ' but your average age is 28? Isnt that a bit high, in a few years they retire, and what will you do then?'

' i know its high, and im trying to do something about it, but it is hard with no budget isnt it? I hope after this season we can get some money, because its not looking that good for the future.'

Luke McGee who is named as the next David Seaman had some talks about this loan deal:
' I am greatful for finally getting 1st-team football, as i think im good enough to that. I hope when i come back i have proved to Pochettino that im the right man to be in goal.'
OlleM13's avatar Group OlleM13
6 yearsEdited
Monthly Preview
September 2015

Monthly Results:

Wow, what the heck it going on here? From 5 wins in 5 games to 1 win in 5 games? First game we came up against Bristol Rovers, who is predicted 18th, and we got dominated! They had 16 shots we only had 8, fair play to them. Next up against Northampton, who is quite good, we had the lead from 20th minute to 73rd minute, where they scored 2 goals in no time! Absolutely gutted!

Next up we had mighty Portsmouth, we were underdogs, and they dominated us. Still mad about that result, as i thought we could win it. Then we were up against Morecambe which i knew it was a must win, they got the goal in 63th minute, and we were pretty even, it could have been everyones match, but today it was Morecambes match.

Last game of the month we had York who was in 4th. And Oh. My. God, what a game it was absolutely fantastic, we started out bad coming behind 1-0 but we scored in 40th minute and 41st minute to get us the lead. And then we just banged it home. But a shit month really, i dont know what has happened.

Player Of The Month:

Luke McGee: He's only played 4 out of 5, but he was amazing in goal, he was outstanding, we lost most of our games, but man he helped the team not getting beaten 5-6 nil. Great Job Luke.

League Table:

Despite to have such a bad month we are still 4th, and in it to win it, and hopefully with a win, and the top 3 loses we are even closer.
Notts County who is predicted 4th, in the league continues to struggle after losing 5, drawing 4 and only won 1. Their Manager is under pressure for sure!

Injury Report:
David Bowery: David Is still injuried after he damaged his achilles tendon, in a pre-season match against Celtic. Bowery is expecting to be out for 2-3 months still.
Callum O'Dowda: Callum has been out for 2-3 weeks after getting injured in a match against Luton and are still expected to be out for 1-3 days.

Upcoming Fixtures:

Leyton Orient, is the hardest one but the others seems fine, but if we are playing like we were the other games, we are getting smashed!
Wow, Spurs is one hell of a link to have!
Rough month there but still looking good on the table at least!
2016-03-28 19:32#228025 Griffo : Wow, Spurs is one hell of a link to have!
Ye, i know right! I was suprised too!
2016-03-28 21:13#228034 C.J.Lippo : Rough month there but still looking good on the table at least!
ye, i know, just want to forget that month, but hopefully i can turn it around :)
Nice to see a dane with a story... and it's awesome!! Really nice work, but would have loved a Taastrup story ;)
2016-03-28 21:41#228037 AudereEstFacere : Nice to see a dane with a story... and it's awesome!! Really nice work, but would have loved a Taastrup story ;)
haha, remember to follow it then, Next story will be a lower league in Denmark i promise :p

Oxford United Loans Jorge Grant

Oxford United Snap Up Nottingham Forest Midfielder

Oxford United have completed the signing of Nottingham Forest midfielder Jorge Grant till end of season.
Jorge is a 21-year old midfielder who played youth football for Reading before joining Nottingham Forest The five foot nine midfielder has only played one game for The Forest

Manager Oliver Madsen said:

“Jorge has been on a lot of people’s radar for a while. He is a good player and has a physical presence in the mid but he also makes assist as he showed at his youth days in Reading.

"We have one or two knocks at the moment and Jorge provides us with a different sort of threat and a bit more competition for places over the next month or so.”

Jorge will set to be number 19 in the United squad
Nice update man, hope this transfer pays off for you!
Monthly Preview:
October 2015

Monthly Results:

What a shit month again.. Only 3 wins the last two months.. First up we are against Accrington who were on 23rd place, and we lose 3-1! How the hell? We were really shit that game, we couldnt even make a single pass! Next up against Northampton in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy, and we were amazing, our defend was sitting tight. Offensive wise, it could have been better. When i just thought it would be better we lose to Wimbledon at HOME! I was so pissed that game, as they only had 3 shots but still managed to win...

Next up against Leyton Orient, we were underdogs. And we saw that when we lost 3-1... Next up we were against number 1 Plymouth, and i had made some tactical changes, and we up drawing 3-3 entertaining game. We then won over newly promoted Barnet 2-0 which i was glad about, because if we had lost that we would be on 16th place.. Last game of the month we draw against Stevenage away from home, which is not that bad, but still not impressed!

Overall it has been a shit month again, and i really hope with the new tactic that we are going to see improvements!

Player Of The Month:

Liam Sercombe: Our experienced midfielder Liam, has been named Player Of The Month, because he saved our ass, in the 3-3 game against Plymouth and as a midfielder scored half of our goals in this month, i really hope he keeps his form!

League Table:

Despite being 9th i still see us getting that play-off spot atleast with a win and some other results goes our way we could get to 6th place, which i hope we do. Notts County still continues to struggle, and they will soon have to sack their manager, if they dont get results soon as possible.

Injury Report:

Jordan Bowery is still out for 4 weeks – 2 months, after he got injured in a friendly against Scottish Celtic.

Luke McGee
is injured after he twisted his ankle in a training drill last week he is expected to be out for 3-4 weeks

Danny Hylton is also injured after he twisted his ankle in the last match against Stevenage and he is also expected to be out for 3-4 weeks.

Upcoming Fixtures:

After seeing this program i am expect to get atleast 9 points from the 4 league matches, i really want to progress in the FA Cup and Johnstone's Paint Trophy, so I'm expecting best squad.

The only team i think can beat us this month is Cambridge, they are really looking strong, and of course, anyone can beat us but if we play well i only think that it will be Cambridge who can challenge us!

Starting Eleven:

So you guys havent seen my Starting Eleven yet, and now i decided to show you.. I think its a good Starting Eleven with good quality, we're just hitting a bad run right now i hope..
Not that bad a month mate, hopefully some new faces in the next window will help you close in on that play off spot!

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