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Keane VS Vieira : Old Rivalry Renewed!!

Started on 2 April 2016 by YazanBlueLions
Latest Reply on 6 April 2016 by Justice
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Welcome to my new story! Yes finally I am posting one.
I did one with Paris FC but sadly, the save file was
deleted and I couldn't find it. So what is this story about?

Story Information.

Well, from the title you should've known about this story, its
a story about the famous rivalry between the Arsenal legend and
the Manchester Unted legend. Yes, we're talking about Patrick Vieira
the frenchman and Roy Keane the irishman. This rivalry started when both
were players at both Arsenal and Manchester United, here's a photo.

In this story there rivalry will continue, but as a managerial form.
We saw their rivalry as players, now its time to see them as managers.

Their teams?

I can't tell you now, you will now later by the updates.
All I can tell is that.. Uhm.. They will have a lot of cash.
Nope, not Man City, neither PSG. Just wait and you will see.

How many seasons?

Well, I really don't know. You will decide when I shall stop this.


I don't know? Maybe a story of the month candidate hopefully.
Also yeah, I have such small targets because I dont expect everything
to happen in my favour.

So this is the Introduction have fun, and you will know the rest later.
Hopefully an update will be out real soon. Have fun with this story!!
This is the perfect story to do in a pair, interesting to see how you go by yourself!
One of English football's greatest rivalries in FM story form, what's not to love!? Interested to see how you get on with this, I always find it quite distracting to be overseeing 2 managerial careers but I've a short attention span :P

Good luck, will be following!
9:00 PM. Paris, France.

" Hello Vieira, how are you? "

" Hello, I'm fine, but who's with me? "

" This is Arsene Wenger "

" Oh, hello Wenger "

" I wanted to speak to you about something,
Could you fly to London tomorrow? "

" Yes sure "

- Vieira didn't know what's going on, Wenger sounded bad
on this phone call. What's wrong with Arsene?

* Red is Wenger : Blue is Vieira *


3:00 AM. Cork, Ireland.

* Phone rings *
" Oh, who's calling now? "
* looks at time *
" Wtf? Who would call? this time?! "

" Hello? Is this Roy Keane? "

" Yes who's speaking? "

" I'm Ed Woodward, sorry if I'm calling
at this late time, Roy "

" Hey Ed, what do you want? "

" We sacked Van Gaal! "

" Oh merry christmas! Now you sack him
after all dem poor results? "

" Yes, and we need you as a manager "

" Hell NO! I'm not qualified to manage
Manchester United !! "

" We need you Roy! Come on ! "

" I would take the job but only one season "

" Deal ! "

* Ed Woodward in Blue : Roy in Red *
nice update man, interesting idea...good luck!
10:26 AM. London, England.

" Welcome Vieira, come in "

" Hello Wenger, how are you? "

" I am fine, what about you? "

" Good, so what's so important that you
asked me to fly to here? "

" I'm retiring Vieira, and you will
be my replacement "

" What?!!!! Wenger you're a great manager
also you love Arsenal "

" A great story always have an ending, and
this is mine. Goodluck Vieira! "

" Ok Wenger, thanks for everything mate "

* Wenger in red : Vieira in Blue "

OFFICIAL : Roy Keane appointed as Man Utd. Manager

In a news that shocked the English football, the former Sunderland
manager Roy Keane, officially signed with his former club, United.
A 1-Year contract only with the Red Devils, Roy Keane looks forward
to manage the club.

The Irishman looks forward to win the league title, also reach
the Quarter Finals in the Champions League.

" I don't think I am *too* ambitious, we have the team that
could do it. The likes of Rooney, Martial, Bastian and Depay

The former Manchester United player, managed Sunderland.
He managed Sunderland when they were in a relegation zone
in Sky Bet Championship! He survived with them, infact he
gained Promotion. He got sacked and went to manage Ipswich
after getting sacked, AGAIN, he went to manage the IRISH
national team, which as usual he got sacked from. He became
the Assistant Manager of Aston Villa. Could he not get
sacked again from Manchester United?!
A United legend taking the team to the top again possibly, interesting!

OFFICIAL : Arsenal appoint Vieira as Arsenal Manager!!!!

Arsenal fans were there, in the Emirates Stadium. They were getting ready for an announcement.
Here comes out Arsene Wenger, tearing up, he spoke and said " Thank You ! "
Nobody knew what's going on, but after few seconds they realized. " He's retiring, stop him! "
Shouted a fan. It was late for the gunners, they lost him, but he said " I got a replacement "
" Welcome your new manager, Patrick Vieira! " Everyone were happy, but deep inside they were
tearing up. A manager for the history, never won a Champions League but won their HEARTS.

Will Vieira do the impossible, and get Arsenal their first PL title after 14 Years? A Champions League
for the club's history? We will wait and see.

Manchester United

The club known as the Red Devils, achieved the Champions League three times.
Also they are the most team that won the Premier League, with 20 trophies.
They also won the Club World Cup, Europe Winners and Super Cup of Europe once.
They have more trophies domestically, but I wanted to write the big ones.


The club known as the Gunners, achieved the Premier League 13 times.
They never won a Champions League, they won the Community Shield 13 times.
They also won a Europa League once. They won more domestically.

Two of the top three most successful clubs in English history, will certainly be a thrill to see how they compete against one another!

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