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Hometown Boy Club

A story of a boy who grew up and grew up to become the manager.
Started on 6 April 2016 by YazanBlueLions
Latest Reply on 13 April 2016 by Live For FM
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Hometown Boy Club

Welcome guys to my new story, the story of Keane and Vieira will continue. I just had this idea stuck and it was good. STORY WILL START NOOOW !!!

My name is Yazan, a Syrian boy who grew up outside the country, but I always loved the Syrian
football. During the war they would support their club, the passion they have is unbelieveable.
I loved this one team, my hometown team. All of the players were homegrown, they loved
the club the same way the fans did. AL JAISH was the team. They were in the third division
they struggled big time. Now they are in continental fight in Asia. They fought for the club.
Now, I always wished to play for them but wasn't able to do it. Currently I am a Business man.
I thought of taking over the club, but I didn't want to be called the Arabian Man City, or the Syrian
Pari$. I want to manage the club but I don't know how to apply. I don't know if I can. I mean I can
play Football Manager, that's something I guess. I just want to be known in my country as the
Hometown Boy Club.
Nice start and good luck
Good start, looking forward to this.
Good luck!
Looking forward to this man, should be really interesting!

Finally, here I am, in my beautiful country. When I was in the UK, I would always be
shocked on how my mother or my father know everyone, everything, every single detail
in their town. One day they told me a story, about a man who lived in the third floor, who
was the manager of my team. I was shocked! I told them who is he? What is his name?
They told him about him, where he lives now. I packed my bags, and booked a flight.
I wanted to meet him, to know how to become the next manager.

I finally arrived. Here I am, this is my photo. To be honest, there is hot ladies there, but
I really had one love, Alex.

I loved the nature there, the beauty. I loved how everyone where friends.
I booked in the hotel, Four Seasons, and it was fantastic. I never thought we
would have sick hotels, apparently, we had. Couldn't believe it! During my stay
in the hotel, I watched the Quarter Finals of the Champions League, Benfica knocked
out Barcelona! It was a nightmare to Lionel Messi, Luis Enrique. The Champs, are out!!
An interesting start to the story, I like it!
Good update, looking forward to what happens next :)
Hey guys. Sorry for not updating, the weather was horrible.
Non stop rain for 5 days and the internet just turned baad.
Hopefully I will update a lot today guys. Sorry again.
great start

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