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The Unemployment Challenge

Started on 8 April 2016 by kab0409
Latest Reply on 19 April 2016 by kab0409
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8 yearsEdited

After months of playing FM16 I needed a challenge. So I decided to try The Unemplyment Challenge, most of you have probably heard about it before. The rules are simple, you start without coachingbadges and experience to Sunday League Footballer. The goal is to become the best manager in the world. The road to the top is very long. If you are lucky the way there will be "simple", most likely it's going to take years before you get a job with one of the top clubs in the world.

Manager Profile:


Australia - A-League
Brazil - 3rd Division
Denmark - 2nd Divison
England - Vanarama National League North/South
France - French CFA
Germany - 3rd Division
Italy - Serie C
Netherlands - Jupiler League
Norway - 2nd Divison
Portugal - National Championships
Russia - 1st Division
Scotland - League 2
South Africa - 1st Division
Spain - 2nd Division B
Sweden - 2nd Division
Switzerland - Challenge League
United States - MLS


- Get a job, haha
- Win promotion
- Win the top league
- Win a cup
- Get a job in one of the major leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain)
- Win the league in one of the five major leagues
- Win the Cup in any of the five major leagues
- Win the Europa League
- Win the Champions League
- Win a national team tournament
- Win the club WC
- Win the WC
- Win the Olympics
- Become the best manager of all time (Hall of Fame)

I've started the save and I am looking for my first job. I started the save in June 2015.
The first job

After a few weeks of job hunting, I was invited to interviews in England, Russia and Sweden. My first job interviews went really good, but I was quite nervous. It went so well that I was offered several jobs. I decided not to move too far from Norway. I'm moving to neighboring Sweden. The club I will lead this season is Selånger FK, they play on the fourth level in Sweden. The club is located in Sundsvall which is a 4 hour drive from Stockholm. The club is currently on a 7th place after 12 played matches and has 17 points. (4W 5D 3L)

I've got a contract that ends in November 2016 and a salary of £ 375 per week. The Board expects that I end in the top half this season.

The Club:

Founded: 1921
Professional status: Semi - professional
Stadium: Bergåkers IP (capacity: 500)
Finances: Okay
Estimated value: £26K

The club has only won one trophy, in 2012 they won the 2nd division in Sweden.

Haha, I forgot to tell you what my managers name is, his name is Thomas Hansen ;)

Season 2015:

Hudiksvalls FF 3-0 Selångers FK

Begnåsets AIK 1-2 Selångers FK
Selångers FK 3-1 Gållivare Malmbergets FF
IFK Østersund 0-0 Selångers FK
Bodens BK 2-2 Selångers FK

Selångers FK 3-4 Team TG FF
Selångers FK 0-0 Ånge IF
Sollefteå GIF 1-3 Selångers FK
Selångers FK 2-1 Skellefteå FF
Anundsjø IF 2-0 Selångers FK

Selångers FK 1-0 Valbo FF
Selångers FK 1-2 Hudiksvalls FF
Hårnøsands FF 2-0 Selångers FK
Selångers FK 2-2 Søderhamns FF

League Table:

1. Hudiksvalls FF 57P
2. Bodens BK 52P
3. Anundsjø IF 42P
4. Skellefteå FF 42P
5. Hårnøsands FF 40P
6. IFK Østersund 38P
7. Selångers FK 36P
8. Team TG FF 35P
9. Valbo FF 31P
10. Søderhamns FF 28P
11. Sollefteå GIF 27P
12. Gållivare Malmbergets FF 25P
13. Ånger FF 22P
14. Bergnåsets AIK 14P

So we ended on a 7th place, we managed to reach the target for the season. But I feel that we could perform better this season. We've played some very good games, where we were the best team. Most players are equally good, but there are a few players that pulls the rest of the team down. It's frustrating. I feel that the team don`t have what it takes to improve themselv,

It is now a week since th league was completed. And I've been sitting in my apartment last week and thought a lot about my future. I have thought about leaving the club, I feel that my time is over here. So I called the chairman, to tell him something. After long and nice conversation I told him that I will resign as manager. I packed my bag to go home to Norway for a little vacation.
Best of luck on your journey
Good luck on your quest!
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8 yearsEdited
The search for a new job

I've been home in Norway for a few weeks now, and I have thought a lot on my first managerial job. I think that I did well considering it was my first job. Have got some experience now. I spent the time at home to recharge and learn more. I've seen lots of football, a lot of English football. Liverpool is my favorite team, the dream is to lead Liverpool to a league title. Home in Norway i watched the friendly between Norway and Italy at Ullevaal Stadium. The match ended 1-1 after goals from Martin Ødegaard and Mario Balotelli. Taking Norway the European Championship or to the World Cup is also a dream I have. The last time Norway was in a championship was in the European Championship in 2000. It is a long time ago.

After a few weeks at home, I began to submit applications. I searched all of the jobs that were available. I got lots of offers from 4 level clubs in Sweden and clubs at the lowest level in England, I rejected them. Right after New Year I was summoned to an interview. team I was interviewed by is far down on the table, and I felt that I had what was needed to save the team from relegation. A week after the interview I was contacted again by the club, they wanted me as manager.

I'm going to Russia, and Saint Petersburg. I got the job in Zenit St. Petersburg. Not the first team, but the B-team. Being given a job at Zenit is absolutely sick, I can not wait to lead the team in the coming months. I've got foot inside a big club, this can be the start of an adventure.

The team is currently on a 16th place in the league after 27 games played and they have 32 points. There are 20 teams in the league, the teams that occupy the last 5 spots will be relegated. I have a big squad with lots of young players. There are 4 players who are over 23 years, the rest are youngsters who need to play football, which eventually will get the chance in the first team. the first team is on a 4th place after 21 games, 12 points behind league leader CSKA Moscow.

The club is one of the richest clubs in Europe, the first team has won's Russian top flight three times over the past five years. the B team were promoted before this season to level 2 in Russia. The media has predicted that we will be relegated this season. The Board expects us to fight bravely against relegation.
Zenit St. Petersburg would be a great place to manage
11 games

Players in

Jose Embalo - Free

Shinnik 1-3 Zenit
Zenit 0-0 Baltika
Zenit 1-1 Sibir

SKA Khabarovsk 2-2 Zenit
Zenit 0-1 Volgar
Torpedo Armavir 2-1 Zenit
Zenit 2-1 FC Tosno

Luch 1-1 Zenit
Zenit 1-1 FC Tyumen
KamAZ 3-3 Zenit
Zenit 0-1 Volga NN

League Table:

1. Tom - 79P
2. Fakel - 69P
3. Volgar - 65P
4. Gazovik - Orenburg 63P
5. Arsenal Tuba - 62P
6. Sokol - 59P
7. Volga NN - 59P
14. KamAZ - 49P
15. Sibir - 47P
16. Zenit - 44P
17. Spartak M 2 - 43P
18. Baltika - 41 P
19. Luch - 26P
20. Baikal - 14P

I got the perfect start with Zenit, a 3-1 victory. The new guy Jose Embalo scored 2 goals in his first game. We played six draw, in every single match we deserved to win. But in the end we wasn`t god enough infront of the goal. The new guy Embalo played 8 gaes and scored 6 goals. Emablo got injured two times, we lost him for 1 month in total. I think that was the difference between relegation and to stay in the league. We won 2 of 11 games, just not good enough. Sadly we lost the figth against relegation.

I got sacked right after the Baikal game, I did not reach the boards expectation. So I am unemployed again. I hope I can get the chance to manage a club for a whole season.
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8 yearsEdited
I'm home again

After I got fired in Zenit I went back home to Norway. I think I did a lot right things in Russia. The tactic worked, morale was good while I was there, signing of Embalo was a huge success. But we had a lot of bad luck. We played several games where we were the better team, which we failed to win. Embola injured for 1 month, and it was disappointing and frustrating.

But I'm ready for a new challenge. My reputation has not gotten any better. I still haven´t started studying for a coaching license, I hope I can do it in the next team I take over, if I get the job then. I'm sitting at home and writing job applications. There are some jobs that I'm interested in. I hope I get a job soon.

It has been 2 months now, and I have sent lots of job applications. I have been contacted by several clubs in the lower divisions in Norway, Sweden, England, Portugal and other countries. None of the clubs tempted me much. I've thought a lot about what kind of club I want. I'm not ready to lead a team at the top level yet, I think I need a few more seasons at level 2 or 3. Suddenly I was approached by clubs in Spain, at level 3. I've always liked Spain and the football there. So I took a trip to Spain, I was there for a week and I was on a 6-7 interviews. On the flight home to Norway I had a good feeling.

One week after I came home from Spain the phone rang several times. I was offered five jobs in Spain. I was so happy and excited. But now I had to take a tough choice, which club I should sign for. One thing is certain, I moving to Spain.
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8 yearsEdited
Unknown Norwegian manager ready for Spanish club

The young unknown Norwegian manager Thomas Hansen (22) has been given the job as manager in the Spanish club Almeria. He will not be the manager of the first team, but the club's B team. The club has informed about it on their own website. Almeria B plays on level 3 In Spain, the first team plays on level 2. Hansen has signed a one year contract.

We did an interview with Thomas Hansen a few hours after the news broke.

"The news that you have been given the job for Almeria B came as a surprise to many, do you think you have what it takes to succeed in the club?" - TV2 (Norwegian TV Channel)

"I know it came as a surprise. But I am very happy to be here, it's a great club with many young and good players. I can not wait to start the season "- Hansen

"You've had two quite short periods in Sweden and Russia, you plan to be in Almeria over a longer period?" - TV2

"As manager so you can never plan how long you should be in a club. I can be here for one year or 10 years, you never know what the future holds "- Hansen

"You have many young players in your squad, do you think that the team can compete in the league with so many inexperienced players?" - TV2

"I look forward to working with the great talent we have in the team. The team is quite good, I think we get high up on the table this season. My job is to develop players who will eventually get the chance in the first team. Most players are the same age as me so this season can be fun. "- Hansen

"Have you thought about what kind of tactics you want the team to play?" - TV2

"I have not come that far yet, it is something we need to work on in the coming weeks. But I want to play offensive and attractive football. Offensive football is part of my philosophy. "- Hansen

"Thanks for the chat and good luck with the season." - TV2

"Thank you, nice that you took the time to interview me." - Hansen
The Club & Preseason

The Club:

The B team was founded in 2001. The team plays its games at Municipal Juan Rojas, and has a capacity of 12,000. The B team was promoted to Level 3 in 2010. They have finished in 3rd place in the past two seasons. First team has moved up and down from the Liga BBVA in recent seasons. The B team has been predicted on the 7th place by the media. The Board expects that the team should avoiding relegation.

I have a total of 30 players in the squad, and I have a very young squad. There are only four players who are elder than 23 years, the oldest is 28 years. The team is actually pretty good, the defense is one of the best in the league. I'm not going to be active in the transfer market, but I need a new striker. With a new striker can this team do very well in the league.

Level 3 In Spain is divided into 4 sections (B1, B2, B3, B4). The top four teams in each division must play Qualifications to win promotion. Play off system is quite complex, I'm going to explain it if we reach the play-offs. If we qualify for the play-offs the first team also need to win promotion for us to have a chance of being promoted. As a first team and a B team can not play in the same division.


Players in

Franco Acosta – Loan

We've got Acosta from Villarreal on loan. He is 20 years old and has the potential to become a good Liga BBVA striker. We had to have a new striker, and we have obtained a very good striker. He can shoot us to a league title.


I've decided to go for a 4-2-3-1 formation. I've made two versions of it. One for home games and one for away games. I want the team to play with a high tempo and a high defensive line. The team will play out of defense and working the ball in to the box. Home strategy is offensive, while away strategy is based on counterattacks.


Almeria B 2-1 C.E. Sabadell
Eldense 1-1 Alemria B
El Palo 1-1 Almeria B
Novelda 0-2 Almeria B
Hellin 1-5 Almeria B

A very good preseason. We've played some good matches, especially against C.E. Sabadell and Novelda. Acosta scored 5 goals, just what we need from him. The tactic works very well, it will still take a few weeks before everything sits. But we are well on our way, if we continue like that, I think we can fight for promotion.

I have begun studies for national c coaching license.
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Season 2016/17
Part 1

Almeria B 3-0 Granada B

The season could not have started better. We win deserved 3-0. Franco Acosta injured himself a few days before the game and is out for three weeks.

Melilla 0-1 Alemria B
Almeria B 0-1 Cadiz
Real Betis B 0-0 Almeria B
Almeria B 3-1 C.D. Alcala
Merida A.D. 1-2 Almeria B
Almeria B 2-1 La Hoya

We lose our first game this season against Cadiz. We win the last three games this month, Acosta scored 5 goals in the last 3 games. Many players who were injured this month, fortunately no serious injuries.

UCAM 0-0 Almeria B
Almeria B 3-2 Lucena
Murcia 1-1 Almeria B
Almeria B 2-0 Diter Zafra
Marbella 1-2 Almeria B

We take 11 of 15 points this month, a very good month for us. 9 straight games without a loss now, hope it continues. Again lots of injuries, hope it soon comes to an end soon.

Almeria B 2-1 Recreativo
Eclja 3-0 Almeria B
Almeria B 0-0 Linense
Cacereno 0-3 Almeria B

There were 10 straight games without a loss. We lose 3-0 against a team I believe we should beat. We manage to shake off the loss and takes 4 points in the last two games. We get a few injuries this month too.

Sevilla Atletico 2-1 Almeria B
Almeria B 3-0 Cartagena
Jaen 1-0 Almeria B

We lose two matches and win 1 match. Happy with the victory, we run over Cartagena. But we lose two games, not satisfied with that.

League Table after 19 games (19 games left):

1. Recreativo – 39P
2. Almeria B – 37P
3. Eclja – 36P
4. Granada B – 36 P
5. La Hoya – 36P
6. Cadiz – 36P
7. Jaen – 33P
8. Murcia – 26P

We are located on a 2 place halfway through the season. I am very happy with the season so far. But it is very steady in the top.

The first team is on a 5th place and play off spot with 32 points.

The Board is very satisfied so far.

The top 5 players so far:

1. Jose Cruz (28 years old)
The right back and oldest man has played all games this season and has been our best player so far. He has an average rating of 7, 86, second best in the league and 2 assists.

2. Javi Perez (21)
The attacking midfielder has also been very good this season, played every game. He has scored 2 goals and 5 assists and average rating of 7.62.

3. Adri Castellano (22)
The left back has been good, played 18 games so far and has an average rating of 7.43. Has 2 goals and 1 assists.

4. Franco Acosta (20)
The new signing has delivered the goods, played 16 games so far and has a avarge rating of 7.26. He has scored 10 goals, fourth best in the league and he also has 2 assists.

5. Nano (19)
The young striker has been used as right wing this season has been very good, has an average rating of 7.26. He has scored 6 goals and 2 assists.
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Season 2016/17
Part 2

Novelda 0-0 Almeria B

Granada B 3-1 Almeria B
Almeria B 0-0 Melilla
Cadiz 0-0 Almeria B
Almeria B 3-1 Real Betis B

2017 could not have started worse. We play a bad game against Granada. 2 draws and a win, not entirely happy with the month of January. We got injuries on Javi Perez and Nuno, two of the best players this season. Perez is out in 5-6 months, while Nano is out for 4-5 weeks. Our goalkeeper was also injured, out in 5-6 weeks. I have extended my contract with 1 year.

C.D. Alcala 2-2 Almeria B
Almeria B 0-0 Merida A.D.
La Hoya 1-1 Almeria B
Almeria B 2-0 UCAM

3 draws and a victory in February. We play bad this month. But we are still in the fight for promotion. Kiu the south Korean, WHO HAS BEEN playing some very good games this season, got injured early in February. He is out for 3-4 weeks. The injuries just will not stop. Ivan Martos, Josema, Ruben Sanchez, Nano and Franco Acosta was injured. All out in a minimum of 4 weeks. It's tough for us to lose Acosta, he is out in 6-7 weeks.

Lucena 0-0 Almeria B
Almeria B 3-1 Murcia
Diter Zafra 0-0 Almeria B
Almeria B 2-1 Marbella

8 of 12 points this month, a good month for us. Considering that we have so many injuries. We have now played 11 games in a row without losing. It's positive. What is not so positive is that we have played seven of 11 games draw. We are still in the fight for promotion, April is going to be the season's most important month. Cristo Diaz got injured, 5-6 weeks. Nuno injured again, out for 4-5 weeks. Fatah and Manu Aleman Also got injured. The Injuries just won`t stop.

Recreativo 4-1 Almeria B
Almeria B 1-0 Eclja
Linense 1-4 Almeria B
Almeria B 0-0 Cacereno
Almeria B 0-1 Sevilla Atletico
Cartagena 1-1 Almeria B

2 points in the last 3 games this month means that we are not able to reach the play-offs. Still lots of damage. One game left to play.

Almeria B 1-1 Jaen

We finished the season on a fifth place, with 65 points. Cadiz came on a 4 place with 69 points. The season was ruined by injuries. Franco Acosta was top scorer in the club with 15 goals in 31 games. Kiu got most assists with 12 assists in 34 games. 24 players were injured this season, and there were a total of 52 injuries this season !!! I asked the board to hire more physio, but the club's financial situation made this impossible. We won 17 games, played 14 draws and lost 7 matches, a win percentage of 44. We scored 50 goals in 38 games and conceded 33. Not good enough. The First team finished in 7th place in Liga Adelante with 59 points, they were unable to get a play off spot.

I feel that my time in the club is over. Being the manager of a B team is difficult. there is no control over which players who will play for the different teams, you have limited money. You are completely dependent on the first team, and how they do it in the league. I'm going to terminate my contract with the club.
Thomas Hansen is ready for Switzerland U19

The news came today that Thomas Hansen has agreed a deal with the Swiss Football Association to take over Switzerland's U19 national team.

It is a month since Hansen left Almeria B. He delivered a good season in Spain, but felt that it was right to leave the club. Hansen told to us in TV2 a few weeks ago that he needed a new challenge, he gets thats with Switzerland U19.

We called Hansen and he said he is looking forward to lead Switzerland U19. Once again he will work with young players, it seems like it's something he likes. He also said that he is going to try to get a club job too, since it does not take so much time to lead a U19 national team.

The Swiss Football Association is based in Bern, Switzerland.
Thomas Hansen stays in Spain

Arroyo C.P. has announced that Thomas Hansen (23) has written a one year contract with the club. The club plays at level 3 In Spain, Second Divison B4. The young manager stays in Spain, it means he will get a reunion with his former club Almeria B.

Hansen was appointed coach for Switzerland U19 a few weeks ago, he's going to continue with that job even though he is now ready for a new club.

The club is located in Arroyo de la Luz, a small town in province of Caceres. A 3 hour drive from Madrid. The small village has about 6500 inhabitants. The stadium seats 3,000 people, half the city. Thomas Hansen has made an exciting career choice, and the small town is hoping that Hansen can take the team to new heights.

We in TV2 called Hansen after the news broke.

"Hey, it's TV2. Congratulations on the new job! What do you think about the upcoming season? "- TV2

"Hey, thanks a lot! I'm looking forward to the season. The experts think we're going to be relegated, it's not going to happen. "- Hansen

"You have led the three teams the past two years. Do you think you're going to have an equally short stay in Arroyo CP also? " - TV2

"It's hard to say, but I've been able to build a club from scratch. The squad is pretty thin, we need to sign some players. Also, I am the only one who is employed in the coaching team right now, so I must have new people there too. This is perhaps the biggest challenge I've got, and it motivates me. "- Hansen

"Last season came the club on a 18th place, do you think you can do better this season?" - TV2

"One always wants to do better than last season. With a little luck I believe we can do it. The league is fairly even, I think it's an advantage for us. "- Hansen

"Thanks for the chat and good luck with the season." - TV2

"Thank you!" - Hansen
The Club, Transfers & Pre-Season

Founded: 1968
Nickname: Los Arroyanos
Stadium: Municipal (Capacity: 3000)
Professional Status: Professional
Finances: Okay
Owner Status: Enjoying life at the club
Estimated Value: 160K
Division: Spanish Second Division B4
Media Prediction: 20th
Fierce Rivals: None
Other Rivals: Cacereno (Local)

Having enjoyed success as recently as 2012, Los Arroyanos are a club with growing a history. Arroyo won the Spanish 4th tier for the only time in 2012.
Players in:

Paisa - GK - 20 - Loan - from Racing Club de Ferrol SAD
Andres Garin - CM – 17 - Loan - from Real Racing Club SAD
Fran Guirando - CB - 21 - Loan - from C.D. El Palo
Youssouf Cisse t - CM - 21 - Loan - from Eclja
Hector Cartagena - CM - 19 - Loan - from C.D. Eldense

Berto – GK – 33 –
Paisa – GK – 20 –
Hilario Merino – GK – 16 –

Jose Carlos Gil – RB – 32 –
Juan Manuel Lobato – RB – 29 –
Julian Martinez – Rb – 18 –
Carmelo Hernandez – RB – 18 –
Junalu – LB – 31 –
Oscar Ortega – LB – 17 –
Alberto Rendo – CB – 27 –
Fran Guirado – CB – 21 –
Abraham Camacho – CB – 17 –

Juan Pablo Gargiulo – RM – 25 –
Jonathan – LM – 33 –
Ernesto Gomez – LM – 23 –
Youssouf Cisse – CM – 21 –
Hector Cartagena – CM – 19 –
Andres Garin – CM – 17 –
Fernando sanchez – CM – 18 –
Raul Rodrigo – AMR – 24 –
Pedro Santamaria – AML – 17 –
Jose Mari – AMC – 33 –

Manolo Bleda – ST – 27 –
Isma Casado – ST – 21 -
Felix Miguel – ST – 17 –

We have a fairly thin squad. Got 5 players on loan to strengthen the team a little . The youngsters on the team is not very good . The goal for the season is to avoiding relegation. We must fight hard to reach that goal. If it's more money, I'll try to bring in some players for free .

Amora 1-3 Arroyo
Coruchense 1-1 Arroyo
Fabril do Barreiro 2-1 Arroyo
Arroyo 2-1 Caldas
Arroyo 3-0 Colunga
Arroya 5-0 Rapitenca

I took over the team 13 August 2017. As the first 4 games I was not the manager. Satisfied with the two first matches under my leadership. We win quite deserved In both matches. I opted to go for the same tactic that I used in Almeria B. It has worked pretty well so far. I have gained national C coaching license, and I have started with national B Coaching license.

We have been predicted on a last place. The team is not very good, but if we are lucky this can be a good season. I have checked how the previous seasons have passed, and one should have 50 points to remain in the league. That is many points, but it is quite possible to get as much points. The bottom four teams are relegated. The team on 16th place must play relegation qualifications. the 15th place has the last two season gained 46 points and 45 points.

The Board expects us to fight bravely against relegation in the league and get to the first round in the cup.

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