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Need Help With Advanced Rules

I'm trying to create a new continental competition to run alongside the existing competitions but cannot get it to work.
Started on 16 April 2016 by King_Tink
Latest Reply on 16 April 2016 by King_Tink
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Alright so I'm trying to create a competition which will be a sort of Champions League for the smaller nations in the game.

I want the competition to pull the winners of the 22 lowest ranked leagues in europe (ranked as in by Coefficients). Because they fluctuate, I don't want to lock in the current lowest 22 as the teams competing but I can't find a way to be certain it'll do what i want it to, the closest I've gotten is:


I don't know what exactly is causing this but the competition does not fire. It shows up, says it'll start on October 7th but is saying the same thing on October 8th...

This is the rules as I currently have them if anyone wants to take a closer look at them

Help would be very much appreciated
How you have selected teams there should do it as far as I know. With regards to the competition not existing in game is very confusing. Do you mean it displays but doesnt start or just that it doesnt start at all?
I mean the competition literally doesn't exist. I boot up, load the file, start a game, click in the search bar, type in Minnow, UEFA Minnow etc etc etc and no results pop up and, as a somewhat obvious result, the competition never starts
I think i might have found the moment whilst i make edits and test
I have never seen this issue before... I assume you created the competition in the normal way? if you did I see no reason from what you have described for it to this. The only thing i can possibly think of is the database your loading up is too small to display it baring in mind the size of the countries involved. Saying this though I have also never not seen a continental cup display..
initially I created the competition without setting the continent because I was going to run it with the rules having their continent set to World (long story) but I changed my mind but never went back to set the continent, type, etcetcetc so i think that might be it. Testing now.
Nope still not working...well this is aggravating.
I got it, crisis averted. Now just to see if it gets the right teams....

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