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Alessio Nicolosi - Managerial Buy-Out

Started on 18 April 2016 by Balik
Latest Reply on 15 May 2016 by Justice
Balik's avatar Group Balik
8 yearsEdited
Chapter One

'Basta! Basta!' Maximilian Adriatico shouted to his goons, 'listen here bastardo, you will leave the club to me and leave Italy.' he ordered towards the poor old man. 'Boss, just end this already, Marco's birthday is soon and Alessio won't like it if we are late again, even though he agreed to sign up as manager' Luca cautiously told Max. 'Shoot him' Max said as he got into his limo and watched Alfredo pull out his pistol and put one through the poor man's head....

'Marco! Uncle Maxi is here' I shouted as I greeted my brother-in-law. 'fratello, you finished the job, the season is near and we need to make it official. I spoke in a serious tone. 'Alessio, my friend! Don't worry, just enjoy this party and leave the rest to me, we are now.....making it offical with FIFA as we speak'


'Sig. Blatter, I work for Frosione FC and we would like to inform FIFA about our out' Luca spoke giving Sepp a bag full of money. 'Yes, please follow me to my office so we can finalize the deal' Sepp said as he lead the way....'Now the papers are right' Sepp was caught short as his mouth met the barrel of Alfredo's pistol. 'Listen here grasso, Sicilian Mafia ucciso il presidente e ha assunto the club and we are demanding that we do what we want without any remorse from you, understand' Luca barked at him. 'Yes I do.....please let me live' Sepp begged to Luca and Alfredo.

The Sicilian Mafia were dirty, but they don't kill for nothing, they walked out of the office and texted me 'It's done, congrats Fratello'. I stood up at the party and shouted 'La mafia siciliana vedrà il dominio del mondo , e il calcio è l'inizio di esso!'


Basta! - Enough!
Bastardo - Bastard
Fratello - Brother
Sig. - Mr.
Grasso- Fatty
ucciso il presidente e ha assunto - killed the chairman and took over
La mafia siciliana vedrà il dominio del mondo! , e il calcio è l'inizio di esso! - The Sicilian Mafia will see world domination! and football is the start of it!
Well, I think on gonnaa keep count:

Deaths: 1
Threaths: 1
Injured: 0


After an unbeaten run in the pre-season I finally decided to meet my players and staffs at the training ground.

'I'm no pushover, so don't you fucking dare to try and fool me by doing nothing. We will be strict with any Stronzo we see fucking around.....By strict I mean my fellow fratellos will put a gun e di colpo la testa, capire?' I barked at the 76 players and the 32 staffs, 'So you can see that we are not mocking around....Luca will show our "Thank you good-bye" to the previous manager'

Roberto Stellone was dragged out in front of the 108 terrified people, my bodyguard Alfredo pulled out a glock and aimed at at the skull of Roberto. 'This is what we do to cowards' I spoke as blood splattered all around the room and tears broke out from the 108 witnesses... 'Non scopare con me , farò la vita miserabile' I shouted as I left the room....

First-Team Squad

August + September Fixtures

Well, thats another dead body....

Deaths 2:
treaths: 109
injured; 0
Amazing preseason and interesting start
You and Michael are too f*cking alike ;)
Michael - Haha, the threats rose a ton!
MJK - Thanks, really glad to see we will start the season on a high.
Scott - Well he inspired me for this story, but I'll make it unqiue in the near future, just wait. ;)
Balik's avatar Group Balik
8 yearsEdited
Season opener away at Torino

A match that left us surprised La Gazzaetta dello Sport

Goals galore as Jeff passes out from excitement! Sky Sports

The match of the season! Sky Italia

All of these renowned sports media outlets talked about us against Torino. The fans praised us as we made our way back home! I was in tears after that goal, the goal that made the critics eat their own words. It was all done by one man, Massimiliano Carlini he found the hole in Torino's vicious attacks in the second half. But Federico Dionisi and Luca Paganini cannot be forgotten, their passion inspired the rest of my players, my sons.

9th minute: Ciro Immoblie collides with an Obi corner heading a floater past Francesco Bardi given Torino an early lead in this season opener. 1-0

21st Minute: Federico Dionisi puts the ball into the middle left from the spot with a smooth finish past Daniele Padelli pulling one back. 1-1

32nd Minute: Ciro Immobile gets his second of the day as Obi plays a long ball to him and putting it via the near post. 2-1

33rd Minute: Luca Paganini scores 23 seconds after conceding a goal with a rebound shot after Danilo Soddimo's shot is deflected onto Luca's foot. 2-2

40th Minute: Josef Martinez completes a quick counter attack after a bad corner from Frosinone with an inside foot finish. 3-2

70th Minute: Massimiliano Carlini completes a failed clearance by Pontus Sven Gustav Jansoon as he goes past Daniele Padelli and easily taps it in. 3-3

Great update man!!!
I feel Tony Soprano would support this team!
Interesting start and a good point at Torino but, I really want to see a player demanding a transfer that will take a lot of courage
MJK46 - Thanks! Decided to do an update when I play an important match or something major happens
Griffo - All Italians should support us! Including the fictional ones!
Ninjaskill - They'll fucking rot in the reserves XD
The battle of the weak

3 games into the season and we are in the relegation area....what went wrong?!? We had a great pre-season with 4 wins out of 5; we also kicked off the season with a TIM Cup game. But after the Torino game....we slipped up vs Inter and Napoli, losing 1-0 and 3-1. We are in trouble and Adriatico is angry!
Our next game vs Bologna is a must win for us to escape, we need to win or else!

24th Minute: Mattia Destro scores a rebound after Anthony Mounier's shot is blocked by Bardi

39th Minute: Frosinone claws one back after Danilo Soddimo scores the loose ball after Robert Gucher is fouled but the advantage was played.

50th Minute: Danilo Soddimo gets his second of the day after he jumps higher then all of Bologna's defence and heads it past Mirante.

69th Minute: Federico Dionisi puts the ball in the top right corner from the spot as he seals the victory.

Next Update: Winter is coming
Great start to this story mate and a good win against Bologna! Keep it up!
Balik's avatar Group Balik
8 yearsEdited
The rough winter

After my player's win vs Bologna at home, we were on a high!

We went on 4 game undefeated run! We won big away at Empoli, kept at bay by Atlanta at their ground, and won at home twice vs Palermo and Chievo. We had Lazio next....we all wanted to continue our run..but...

3rd Minute: Blade Keita gave Lazio an early lead with a near post finish completing a Felipe Anderson through ball.

90th + 1 Minute: Lazio's Felipe Anderson broke through and headed the ball past Bardi after completing a Candreva cross.

22nd Minute: Our right-back Matteo Ciofani spotted Buffon off his line and tried an impossible shot which landed in the top corner!

83rd Minute: A late equalizer saw our hard fought effort for 3 points stepped on as Dybala scores a long-range screamer!


39th Minute: Federico Dionisi's close range finish gives us the lead as the ball sails into the bottom corner

84th Minute: A late equalizer saw our hard fought effort for 3 points stepped again for the second time in two games! as Menez strikes it near post and is deflected in

30th Minute: Christian Tello hits it far post with an outside-foot finish scoring the first and only goal of the game

A horrible run of games for us, not winning a game out of 6, It's just embarrassing.... Given up the lead twice in the dying minutes, we need to win again or the fans will be angry!

Next update: The rematch

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