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Mitchell owens adventure in football management

my story in football manager
Started on 29 April 2016 by mitch_0n_Twitch
Latest Reply on 4 May 2016 by mitch_0n_Twitch
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My name is Mitchell and this is my first story on FM scout and i hope it goes well and you all like it anyway i shall begin (ps some of this is true some of this is made up just for RP). once i learn how to make the story laid out better i will but this will have to do for now.

My name is MItchell Owen i was born in Colchester on the 25th April 1977 and my whole life all i wanted to do was be a footballer. at a young age i move to a small town in Essex and started to try out for some Sunday league football teams before eventually playing for a semi professional team called Grays Athletic.

One day my life changed when a i decided to try out for some professional teams like Queens Park Rangers and Luton Town but disaster struck a few days before my tryouts. Whilst I was training and getting ready i trained too hard and tore both of my Achilles and my playing career was over.

I later went back help my friend and be an assistant manager at his Sunday League team and this is when i realized that i didnt have to be a footballer i just wanted to be part of the game so i started to take some coaching classes to get better at coaching and decided to start looking for some Jobs.....

Thats it for this update if anyone has any ways for me to make it better please reply cause i want to make this as enjoyable as possible for every one reading and for my self too. And if people can help me find a way to lay the text out better that would be great too. Thanks
Good luck
July 1st 2015
i finally decided it was time for me to take my first job in football management. Obviously as it was my first job i wasn't very qualified and i decided not to manage in my home country as i would struggle to get a job there but i though i wanted to stay in Europe in the most part.

So I did my research into some clubs in Europe that currently had not job and i originally applied for teams in the Irish leagues and the low Belgium leagues and some low dutch teams.
Loughall in Northern Ireland, CM Hamme and Rupel Boom in belgium and FC Emmen in Holland.
I got offered interviews at all of these clubs but sadly didn't get the job but I decided to try again.

Months went by without and email until the first of October when a small club in Poland Emailed me. The offered me an interview and everything went really well I thought even though I Don't speak Polish but i gave it my all. Eventually we had agreed what each of us would do if I got the job. I promised to survive from relegation and he promised to find me an Senior affiliate so that we can improve the squad with loans and potential players.

After a long chat with Jacek Bojarowski he decided to offer me a 9 month contract with a promotion extension clause for 575 Euros a week at Olimpia Grudziadz in the polish second divison

Thats all for this part of the story hope you enjoyed and I will Update it as much as possible
Good Luck!
Good luck man, Poland is a very difficult nation to manage in at first but hopefully you can find your feet :)
Thanks for the support already guys ive never managed in poland but it will be a challenge
Good luck mate! Poland can be tough, gotta find your feet fast
Interesting start, cant say that i know too much about Polish football so this'll be an education!
Good luck! This is an adventure which I will look forward to with great interest!
Meeting the team and first match

I didn't have much time so settle in to Poland before my assistant and the chairman came and spoke to me and they told me a little bit about the club as I never Heard of it before. they told me they almost got promoted last season finishing in third place but that they were struggling a lot this season thanks to a horrible start in the league winning two in thirteen games.

They also told me a little bit about the league and the club itself saying that the top two teams go to the Elkstraklasa with the bottom three automatically going down, which was where we were at the moment. They told me that the club was doing very well they won the third and second division trophies withing three years and now they were almost pushing for the title already. They told me that zitko was my best player, a Polish Centre Back and that i needed to use him as much as possible

Later that day was my First ever match, I know right hardly anytime to settle in at all, against 13th place bytovia a winnable game but we weren't the favourites. I started using a 4-3-1-2 formation before changing to the basic 4-4-2.

The match started and after 20 minutes nothing happened only one shot from us but we were dominating possesion and that was it until half time, in the 60th minute we found ourselves behind one nil so i decided to make some changes. putting on two wingers instead of the four centre midfielders i had on before. This changed the game as in the 80th minute Dawid Jancyzk scored. I thought that the team would settle for a draw but then in the 89th minute Kurowski put in a beautiful cross with Jancyzk volleying it into the top corner to give me my first ever win, and I was over the moon after such an amazing comeback. POTM was Jancyzk but Michal PIter-Bucko our other centre back made 23 interceptions and that helped a lot

That's all for this update the matches wont always be in this much detail unless you like it it's just my first game and i wanted to write lots thanks for reading
I sincerely apologies but my game crashed after i finished the previous update and now i need to play it again to get a result. sorry
First few matches

I didn't have a a lot of time to make tactics for Olimpia Grudziadz so for the first game i decided to use a basic 4-4-2 vs Bytovia. However after a extremely boring first half where nothing really happened it was 0-0. At half time I told the guys that they were doing well but they need to improve still. And I automatically regretted it as Bytovia took the lead with a very simple goal. And that was pretty much it for the match and we lost my first game 1-0. I was disappointed but I took a lot out of the game that we could improve on for the next game.

The next match was against Chrobry and I decided to change my tactics up a bit and played a 4-2-3-1 and it seemed to work well when cielinski put the ball in the bottom corner in the 19th minute to make it 1-0. That filled us with confidence as we hit the bar in the 38th minute and then that was half time. We continued to play well in the second half and late in the game Lewandowski put a long ball over the defense with Jancyzk taking the ball past the keeper and putting in to the bottom corner to win us the game 2-0.

The last game of the month was against Stomil and we were full of confidence after the last match but that changed win Zitko got sent off after 30 seconds for what looked like an elbow in the back so i decided that we would park the bus until we could regroup, and it worked as at the break it was 0-0. I decided to play counter attacking in the second half but it didn't work as the game ended 0-0 and we were now 3 points away from safety.
I appealed against Zitko's red card but the Polish FA decided to extend his ban to three games instead of taking away the ban. so we were without out best center back for a month. and after next month we had a four month break, and didnt restart until march.

Thats it for this update hope you all enjoyed it
A mixed start to your managerial career, hopefully you can pick up some consistent form in the coming months!
November Matches

At the beginning of the month we sat in 17th place three points away from safety, and this month we had a mixture of quality opponents and the first match was against Zawisza our local rivals i was sticking with the 4-2-3-1 tactic as it seemed to be working at the moment however after 13 minutes we found our self behind. So I decided to go more attacking and it seemed to work less as they scored again in the and then 5 minutes later we found ourselves 3-0 down at half time. I took of Nildo our striker as it didnt seem to be working and put on Jancyzk. The team talk went well and in the 76th minuted Kaczmarek scored to make it 3-1 and then Jancyzk scored an amazing overhead kick to make it 3-2 two minutes later. And in the final minute the comeback was complete when Bielawski put a beautiful cross into the box with Skorecki heading it in to finish the game 3-3. I was proud of the lads for bringing back to a draw. We also set a new attendance record in this match of almost 5,000 people.

Match two was against Pogon Siedlce and if we won we would go above them. However after a good start we found ourselves behind as usual even though the keeper almost kept it out. But after some great play Zigon managed to put the bull into the bottom corner to make it 1-1. And two minutes later we scored a practically identical goal with Zigon scoring again. 2-1 to us. And that was how it ended as nothing else seemed to happen for the rest of the game and we were now into 14th place and out of the relegation zone.

Our last match was against Dolcan Zabki and we were finally the favourites in a match. And after us constantly putting on the pressur Nildo scored his first goal in ages even though it was put as an own goal he will claim it. 1-0 in 15 minutes. but in the 65th minute and the 69th minute they scored two practically identical goals from corners. 2-1 Dolcan. Two minutes later we scored from a corner and it ended 2-2.

At the end of the month we had risen 4 places into 13th place and we safer for now. As we went into the winter break. there were three between now and the next match so i had to schedule some friendlies so the team were match fit after winter.

That's it for this update hope you enjoyed it i'll update again soon.
Congrats on getting out of the relegation zone

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