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Pas: Fighting Abroad

Started on 30 April 2016 by spurs2905
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The Interview

Hendro Martojo - "Ah yes, Mr Pas! Please have a seat"
Jamie Pas - "Thank you sir it's great to be here."
Hendro Martojo - "Now before we get started do you mind if I ask you to confirm your personal details included in your resume?
Jamie Pas - "Yeah no worries mate."
Hendro Martojo - *chuckles* "We Indonesians will have to start getting used to your Aussie slang!"
Hendro Martojo - "It says here you were born on the 29th of May 1980. Indeed you are quite a young prospect for the job. But if what I've heard about you is true you should have no trouble leading our team to glory in the future!"
Hendro Martojo - "Speaking of what I've heard, how did you possibly lead three different teams from as many different clubs to undefeated seasons consecutively with no coaching badges what so ever?"
Jamie Pas - "With all due respect sir, I don't believe in coaching badges and all that nonsense. You look at some of the so called greatest managers in the world who get picked up by bigger sides because they have all these qualifications, and yet here they are at the bottom of the pecking order 6 months later after being sacked due to poor performance."
Jamie Pas - "In my opinion, what makes a great manager is passion above all else and that's what i'm willing to bring to the table."

*Phone rings*
Hendro Martojo - "Ugh, i'm sorry Jamie I have to take this so we'll have to cut things short. I'll be sure to get back to you with our decision in the coming days."

The Job

Reporter - "Hi Jamie thank you for giving us the time to do this over the phone interview, we'll try not to waste your time so let's get right into it shall we. What made you choose managing in Indonesia over Australia?"
Jamie Pas - "I felt like a change. Obviously being an Aussie myself i'm in love with Australian football, it's come such a long way in the past 10 years ever since we qualified for the '06 World Cup. But to manage at the highest level over there is such a difficult task for that exact reason. Indonesian football still has a long way to go to reach that kind of level and I feel as though people such as myself who have witnessed magical, attractive football are the ones to step it up."
Reporter - "Interesting. What style of football are you looking on implementing?"
Jamie Pas - "The thing about football is that attractive football can be played under any format, as long as it's done right! It's impossible to stick to the same tactics week-in week-out as not every team you come up against is the same. As far as i'm concerned you play to win, not to keep possession in your own half whilst being two goals down because that is how you want to play. It's too predictable. Football changes, and you have improvise when that happens."
Reporter - "But what about teams like Bayern Munich and Barcelona? They play the same style of football in all their games and still win."
Jamie Pas - "The difference is at this club we don't have a Lionel Messi or Robert Lewandowski. You're comparing two of the strongest teams in the world to a second division Indonesian side. And I think you'll find that an in depth analysis of those two sides would show that they are always altering their gameplay. Football isn't just a TV show, it's a lot more concentrated than that."
Reporter - "Okay I think this interview has run it's course. Thank you for your time Jamie and congratulations."
really nice start mate! good luck!


Friendly Vs Adelaide United

Could not believe it! Terrific defensive performance from the team as a whole.
"Don't worry it's only a friendly" - Adelaide United supporters 2015

Friendly Vs Persenga Nganjuk

Should have won as we dominated the game against a far weaker side. Learning curve for the boys.

Friendly Vs PPSM Magelang

Finally a win in pre-season, and a comfortable one at that. Noor Hadi's opening goal created by a quick counter attack from our own penalty area, great stuff to watch!

Friendly Vs Persibas Banyumas

A bore draw against another weaker side. A lot of work to do still as we created very few chances.

Player of Pre-Season

The player of the pre-season is none other than the tricky South Korean, Han Dong-Won, who managed an average rating of 7.47 over all four games. Well done!
2016-04-30 22:00#230395 InfraRed : really nice start mate! good luck!
Cheers mate!

First Game Build-Up

Reporter 1 - "What are your thoughts on your pre-season as a whole?"
Jamie Pas - "I feel like the lads have been training really well. The coaching staff have certainly putting them through their paces, especially the fitness coaches. I think after the first fitness session half the first team were in the bushes throwing up. One of them came up to me and was worried they had food poisoning."
Reporter 1 - "What was your response to that?"
Jamie Pas - "I just said mate you're bloody unfit and if you want to be in my team you're gonna lose three kilo's before the season starts. Anyway Han Dong-Won hasn't complained about anything after that."
*Reporters chuckle*
Reporter 2 - "The players seem to have reacted well to Catur Rintang bearing the captain's armband throughout the pre-season games. Is this something that we'll see become permanent throughout the season?"
Jamie Pas - "I agree that the players have reacted well to the change and whilst it was originally a trial, I would officially like to announce that Catur Rintang is now the permanent club captain of Persijap Jepara Football Club."
*Reporters applaud*
Jamie Pas - "Catur accepted the role this morning so it's a good day for the him and the club. I would also like to add that it was entirely my decision and I am dealing with those who did not take the news too well."
Reporter 3 - "In regards to today's game, how are you planning on approaching the match?"
Jamie Pas - "PSS Sleman may not being backed too well by the bookies, but having finished first last season to earn promotion to this league requires terrific effort and teamwork. I saw them play a couple of times when I first arrived in the country so I know what to expect. As far as my gameplan, I'll let you guys wait and see for yourselves."


Game 1 Vs PSS Sleman

As I expected, not an easy game whatsoever. Fairly even match after dominating in the first 15 minutes. Very disappointing way to begin the season.

Game 2 Vs PSIM


Game 3 Vs Persikabo

What. A. Performance. Dominated for 90 minutes and kindly reflected in the scoreline.

October Review
Not the start to the season we were hoping for. Only managed 3 points from a possible 9, although the 4-0 win looks to have set us on our way. It's up to the team to take the win into November.

Trouble In Jepara

*After training*
Jamie Pas - "Mate can I have a word?"
Evaldo - "What's up?"
Jamie Pas - "There have been some rumours going around that you have been leaking information to the press. Tell me this isn't true."
Evaldo - "I can say what I like to whoever I want. As far as i'm concerned i'm not a valued member of this club since being stripped of the captaincy."
Jamie Pas - "Mate you're 41 years old! How can I continue to give you the armband when you can't even make the bench? I felt like Catur was a much more suitable option for the club as a whole. And why on earth would I allow someone who shares critical confidential information to whoever they wish lead this club? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tear up your contract on the spot."
Evaldo - "Hah, I couldn't care less about you or this club anymore. You're nothing without me!"
Jamie Pas - "You'll be biting your tongue once we win the league at the end of the season. Mark my words. Now get off my pitch!"


Game 4 Vs Pekanbaru

Our gameplan was to counter as they like to play a high line. Worked wonders.

Game 5 Vs Persiraja

HAT TRICK! From a central midfielder? Don't mind that at all.

Game 6 Vs Semarang

The early goal gave us a scare, luckily after that we woke up and knocked in 3 after the half time break.


FIRST! We finish off November in style, sitting on top with a goal difference of 13! Let's continue this form into December.

Three wins from three, solid month!
Another very different story which is great, looking forward to it. A great month to start as well.
2016-05-01 20:07#230461 Justice : Three wins from three, solid month!
Yeah mate I was cheerin! Let's see how next month goes

2016-05-01 23:42#230480 ScottT : Another very different story which is great, looking forward to it. A great month to start as well.
Thanks man, looking forward to playing it as well!
Great start to your career! hopefully you will remain there come the end of the season
Things are looking good, keep it up
2016-05-05 18:37#230780 Balik : Great start to your career! hopefully you will remain there come the end of the season

2016-05-05 21:00#230788 MJK46 : Things are looking good, keep it up

Cheers guys! New updates coming soon...

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