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Aarhus, In The Middle Of Our Street

Started on 9 May 2016 by Jack / First Post
Latest Reply on 15 May 2016 by Justice / Last Post

'Fabian,' my boss shouted over to me. 'Can you come into my office please?' he looked quite concerned.

'Yes boss, I'll be right over,' I took off my earpiece which allowed me to talk to customers.

I worked at Vestas' office in Aarhus, Denmark. It was a beautiful piece of architecture. Vestas were a multinational company who have manufactured, sold, installed and serviced millions of the worlds wind turbines.

My role was to take complaints from consumers and pass them onto authority - in this case the man who was calling me into his office, Gregor Dahl.

Bloody hell, another dodgy complaint I thought to myself, reminding myself of the time a business called up and I failed to pass it onto Gregor for whatever reason. I must have been half-asleep.

'Hi Fabian,' he smiled at me, 'Take a seat,'

I pulled the chair up behind me. It was a tough job here seeing as though Aarhus was where Vestas' headquarters was based. Nearly 60% of international complaints were forwarded to our offices.

'Fabian, it's really tough to say this, but I promise you that you aren't the only one,' he said, his eyebrows narrowing as if he was a policeman informing me of a family member's death. 'We are going to have to make you redundant, Mr Andersen.'

I was fixed in my seat. I wasn't sure what emotion I was supposed to be feeling. This was the only job I'd ever had. I have never experienced a redundancy before. I lived on my own, I had a mortgage to pay, I had to feed myself. All sorts of negative impulses were being sent to my brain just because of that sentence.

I wasn't even listening to my boss anymore. I was thinking about what he had just said.

'... going through a tough time recently and we are having to offload a lot of people, you are just one of the unfortunate ones,' he said.

I was just nodding my head distantly. F*ck you. F*ck your silly little business. You have ruined my life.
Great start, if this is as good as your other I will be so happy. You know you got a follower
I'm with MJK on this, if this is as good as your BPA story, we are all in for a real treat!
MJK46: Thanks man!

mgriffin2012: Thanks mate, I'm hoping it will be just as good (and also hoping my Bradford PA save will work!)
Hahaha, after reading about what happened with your other save, that title was just what I needed to put a smile back on my dial!

Good luck mate, sure this will be epic!
Love the name, looks like a great read!
You named this story after the one song that consistently gets stuck in my head... haha
Great start man, exact reaction I'd have haha.
HOW DARE HE SAYS YOU ARE NOT WANTED!!! When you have money, buy the company and fire that guy!
Good luck with this new adventure, Jack!
C.J.Lippo: I must say I'm quite proud of the creativity that went into that ;)

joshleedsfan: Cheers Josh!

Griffo: I'm guilty of that to, you're not the only one :P

ScottT: I wouldn't be a happy bunny tbh

Balik: Considering Vestas' revenue is £7billion per year, it'll take a fair few years :))

Justice: Cheers Justice! :)

Aarhus GF 1 - 1 FC Copenhagen

Yet another boring home game for us. Time to hit the pub, as is the case every bloody weekend these days. I have got myself a new job since my sacking from Vestas back in December. What a time to sack me as well, right before Christmas.

Anyway, we nicked a vital point against one of the best teams in the league in the form of FC Copenhagen. Jesper Lange, who had come on for Danny Olsen in the 78th minute scored from short-range in the very last minute of the game to secure a point for us. That was in reply to Andreas Cornelius' opener only fifteen minutes beforehand.

It's definitely not been our best season so far at all. We've just come back after the long winter break and this result put us in the same position before the match - 8th.

I went to Highlanders Bar afterwards on my own for a quiet drink, little did I know that half of today's Aarhus team was visiting for a drink. Seven of them, Casper Sloth, Anders Kure, Jens Jonsson, Arthur Sorin, Stephan Petersen, Osarna Akharraz and the club manager, Peter Sorensen all came marching through the door in that particular order.

To my surprise, they hadn't reserved the corporate lounge in the bar - they had just taken the seats on the couch available to everybody.

Peter Sorensen was the first to the bar. 'The usual please, Franz,' he said to the man behind the counter.

'No worries, boss,' he said as he poured out four pints of Tuborg, two pints of Carlsberg and a glass of red wine, probably for Sorensen himself. 'That'll come to €28.50, Mr Sorensen,' I reflected on how expensive beer was in Denmark at that moment, it was so much cheaper in England, Germany and France compared to here.

'Thank you, Franz,' Sorensen said as he handed over the cash.

'Good game today?' Franz the barman asked.

Sorensen gritted his teeth, 'It wasn't awful. I just don't think I'll be here much longer, Franz,' he looked down. 'It wasn't dreadful today by any stretch, it's just Fornais is constantly looking over me - I think he's wanting a bit more,'

He was talking about the club chairman, Lars Fournais. He had been the head of the club since August 2008. I must say, I felt bad for Sorensen. Aarhus has never been a team 'up there' with the best in our league ever since the downfall in the 1997/98 season.

I pretended that I hadn't heard any of what Sorensen had said about Fournais to not sound nosey. 'Hi, Peter,' I approached him. 'Great game today, my friend. We looked really good out there today, you've done yourself proud.'

'Haha, thanks!' he said, holding out his hand for a handshake.

'No problem, it's Fabian by the way. Fabian Andersen.' I introduced myself.

'Nice to meet you, Fabian. Do you feel like having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?' he chuckled.

'Sure,' I smiled. 'I'd love to!'

'Fancy coming over to sit with us?' he looked over to the squad who were laughing and chatting away at each other. 'I need a bit of a fan's opinion on things,' Petersen winked at me.

'It would be my pleasure.'
Now every time I open this story it gets stuck in my head... this murderous cycle must come to an end!
Fantastic update again mate, really liking where this is going :D
Griffo: Let's hope it's stuck permanently in there the amount of times you read the story ;)

mgriffin2012: Cheers, I just can't wait to really get going!

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