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Boots to Brains

Started on 13 May 2016 by Balik
Latest Reply on 14 May 2016 by Balik
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The blood spilled

'AHHHHHHH, MY LEG!' I screamed as the thunder throughout the stadium silenced by the blood spilled across the ground. Physios from both teams ran across towards the 25 man ring around me. Both managers ran behind them as the sub sprinted beside them. A mistimed shot resulted my leg striking the post leaving bones shattered in pieces and my dreams crushed....

3 months later....

'Alex, you need to announce it to the press, the chairman is still holding his tongue because he gave you 3 months to decide if you want to continue with recovery' Katey told me as I laid across the hospital bed staring at my x-ray. 'I do, you know football has always been my life' I spoke as I tried to hold back the tears. 'Look your recovery will take you till late 2016 and by that time Jess won't have you on the books, you need to call it now' My brother told me as he gave me my phone.

A week later....

'Today is a sad day for me, as I'm officially hanging my boots up as my Injury 3 months ago cannot be healed by the start of the following season. I want to thank the club, my fellow players, my manager and my fans for standing behind me through this. This is not the end of me, but the start of a new journey' I cried towards the cameras and the journalists in my last ever press conference as a player
'So, you hung your boots' A strange figure across the bar asked as they poured me a drink and walked towards me trying not to spill it.

'Thanks' I replied as I grabbed the drink and took a sip from it before adding 'The recovery would've forced me out of play till December 2019 and by then I would be 29, so no use on me pushing myself and risking a career ending injury'

'Well you can focus on the bar with me baby brother' Katey joking added throwing a towel at me. 'Ya, a crippled bartender surrounded by glass, not dangerous at all! And mom won't let me' I happily said before pouring my sister a drink.

'Kid, you know the ins and outs of football, apply to be a pundit at Sky, they are always welcoming to you, you're a part of their family' The strange figure spoke as he walked out of the bar and into the cold night as cheers and roars echoed towards The Wolves Den a home to FC MIdjtylland fans that come to celebrate the teams hard fought victory, or drown themselves after a loss.

'You can go to the game if you want, no need to keep me company' Katey said as she chucked a bottle of expired soda across the room and into the bin . 'Na, want to watch it here and greet the players after the match, and still didn't add the elevator so I can't go to my box' I said as I went towards the couch and lied down to sleep...

2 hours later....

Fans rushed in cheering and chanting as my sister and the rest of the staff poured drinks preparing for their orders. The players came in half an hour later and walked towards the bar while being cheered and clapped by the faithful fans. 'Katey, one the usual please! And 4 burgers also' Jakob Poulsen told Katey while giving her 100 Euros paying for it... I followed him back with the beers while he was carrying the burgers to Andre Romer and Jakob Haugaard. We sat their jugging our beers and stuffing our faces in food as fans left the bar drunker then ever.

'You heard back from Jess?' Poulsen asked me as he leaned back and texted on his phone, 'Na, but I'm sure he'll answer back, Katey has being calling him non-stop'....I replied, 'Anyways boys, I'm off, see you tomorrow at training' I added before heading out of the bar.

I drove for 40 minutes trying to avoid home as my Father-in-law is here and well...we have a rough relationship. I parked outside a local football pitch for the kids that we built. The sight of the ball being kicked around with passion got to me, It reminded me of my firsts in football, my first game as a first game as a senior first goal, my first card, my first international game and of injury. Tears ran down my face as the horrific memory haunted me...'WHY!!!' I questioned myself as I slammed my head down onto the steering wheel and started watering the seat...'why me god, why me....'

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