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YouTube Competition

Are you the next DoctorBenjy or FullTimeFM?
Started on 15 May 2016 by ImDonkey
Latest Reply on 15 May 2016 by ImDonkey
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Recently there has been a lot of talk between a couple of us Moderators and Stam. We believe that there might be a few hidden gems out there in the community and we are going to make a task of finding them. We are looking for someone to help with the burden of the YouTube channel. A 'Content Creator' if you will.

The ideal person would be; Creative, Determined and Confident. Granted, we are not looking for someone who devote their life to the YouTube channel. We are just looking for someone to add a bit of an element of surprise. The candidate will work with the already fantastic team we have. But we feel while the current staff and contribution is amazing, we feel it would be unfair for us not to give an opportunity or an olive branch if you will. To a new content creator.

How are we going to decide who to hire? Simple, A Competition. We want you to create a YouTube video. It can be anything, well not anything it has to be Football Manager related. But it can be a challenge, a tactic or anything. We just want to look for someone who is confident and thinks outside the box. So try be confident and maybe introduce yourself in a video, try not to say too many ideas in your video if any. Just to save anyone potentially copying as we won't be able to really tell whose idea it actually is.

What will you do with the video? We want you to post it to your personal YouTube channel, if you don't have one create one. Then you can send me (ImDonkey) a private message. The private message should contain a few things.

  • The link to your video (Essential)
  • Your name (Username and first name) (Essential)
  • A bit about you (Desirable)
  • A couple of ideas for potential videos (Desirable)

It's not much to include and you don't need to include a bit about yourself or potential ideas for videos, but it might help.

How will we decide? A few of the staff will be judges. We will then discuss and vote for a winner and the winner will join our already fantastic Video Producers Team!

So what are you waiting for?


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