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Tecos FC - Back from the dead

Started on 14 June 2016 by mrtepig
Latest Reply on 6 August 2016 by mrtepig
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Mexican League System Restructured

On June 12th, Decio De María, president of the FEMEXFUT, after much dialogue with club owners and league presidents has announced that the professional league system in Mexico is to be restructured starting with the 15/16 season. De María announced that he hoped "the changes brought will help unify the four levels of the league system and boost the quality of football nationwide."

The changes will see Leones Negros, relegated after the 14/15 season, Dorados Sinaloa, relegated after the 15/16 season, and recently promoted team Necaxa to participate in the Liga MX thus expanding the number of teams to 20. Each season, the bottom team will be automatically relegated to "the silver division." The Ascenso MX will also be expanded to 20 teams. Each season, there will be three relegations into the Segunda División de Ascenso Premier, to be divided into three groups. The fourth and final tier will consist of 180 teams divided into 12 groups of 15 teams each with one single promotion from each group.

Tecos Fútbol Club

Founded in 1971, they became the first ever club to gain promotion from the third to first tier of Mexican football in 1975. They have won the league only once, in 1994. After being bought by Grupo Pachuca in 2014, they were moved to Zacatecas and had the franchise renamed, so the Tecos dissolved. In 2015, the Autonomous University of Guadalajara bought rights to the franchise and re-founded the team, they would play in the fourth tier of Mexican football. After the restructure, it was determined that Tecos will play in the fourth group of the Tercera División Their goal was to reach the Liga MX once again, within 5-6 years.
I love this story idea but please take it easy on my Xolos haha. Viva La Raza
@MJK46 No worries haha, they're the better team. For now, at least.
About the Manager

Rodrigo "Pony" Ruíz

Born in 1972 in Santiago, the capital of Chile, Ruíz made his debut playing for Chilean club Unión Española in 1992. He played for the "red fury" for two more years before earning a move to Mexican side, Puebla for the 94/95 season. In total, he played 65 games for the striped team before moving on to now extinct club Toros Neza. Before going to Santos Laguna in the year 2000, he played 132 games, scoring 32 goals for the bulls. At Santos, he won the league in 2001 and featured in 269 matches and scored 59 goals. After that, he had stints at Pachuca, Veracruz, Santos and Tecos where he finally retired in 2013. Internationally, he was not very successful, only playing 7 games for Chile. He made his debut in a friendly game against Spain in 1993. Chile lost 2-0. He scored hist first goal in Chile's 100 year tournament against New Zealand in a game that ended 3-1 in favor of the South American Team. He currently holds two records in Mexican football: the foreign player with most games in the first tier, 638, and the player with most assists in Mexican football history with 158. However, he only won the league once with Santos in 2001 as well as the Copa Chile twice.

About the save itself

Tecos is a team that wants to focus on things in the long run, and to do so I will also focus mainly on my youth and make only a couple of key signings and loans every season with the exception of the first season where we need to fill the team with actual players. With the inclusion of the Fuerzas Básicas(Academy) in the database, I will be hoping to give young players better chances in the first team.

You can expect the next update over the weekend, as a preseason review. Thanks.
Great start man
@MJK46 Thanks! :)
Loving the detailed updates mate, keep it up!
@BeanyUnited Thanks for the feedback :)
Bad News :(

Well, this is embarrassing. So, I was really excited to post the preseason review this weekend. The problem is that I had problems with my laptop and couldn't even play the game. So, because of that, the actual first post of this story has been delayed until further notice. I am really sorry about this and let's hope I can get the problem fixed soon enough.
Finally, after much waiting, I present to you: Tecos FC: Back from the dead

Preseason Review

As with almost every other lower leagues database, we begin with absolutely no players or staff.

So let's begin with the transfers:
I signed a total of 19 players, most on a free, and loaned in 3 players for a grand total of 22 squad members.


Vasyl Shpuk

Antonio Ilic

Ricardo Díaz


Camilo Jaimes

Jeff Clarke

Matías Losso

Nicholas Baisden

Gabriel Palmeros

Martín Penino

Brian Lescano

Gustavo Valle


Marcelo Natale

Francisco Arias

Catriel Ferreira
Out with a broken foot (3-4 months)

Jorge Osorio

Diego Jurado

Federico Barrientos

Bryan Leyva

Daniel Portilla


Cristian Insaurralde

Gonzalo Verderone

Diego Mendivil

Friendly Games
We played 4 friendly games before kicking off the season with the Lower Leagues Cup 1st Round(In the next update)

@ Nuevos Valores Ocotlán

N.V. de Ocotlán 1-1 Tecos FC

'73 Diego Mendivil
'84 Michelle Villalba

vs Loros Colima

Tecos FC 0-2 Loros Colima

'51 Juan Carlos Martínez
'55 Martín Ponce

@ León Independiente

León Independiente 2-3 Tecos FC

'5 Eric Granados
'7 Daniel Portilla
'31 Eric Granados
'36 Gonzalo Verderone
'62 Gonzalo Verderone

@ Mineros(3a)

Mineros(3a) 0-6 Tecos FC

'16 Bryan Leyva
'34 Nicholas Baisden
'38 Federico Barrientos
'48 Federico Barrientos
'50 Diego Mendivil
'62 Diego Mendivil

Overall a good preseason, the highlight being Diego Mendivil's 3 goals in 4 games, and I feel excited for the season ahead and hope we can do great.
A very, very good pre-season bud!

August/September Update

So, I think this is how it will go for now. I will update this thread every Wednesday and Saturday with a monthly update, with the exception of this one. This update will cover the first two months of competitive matches, involving the Lower Leagues Cup, the FA Cup, and the League.

Our first game was in the Lower Leagues Cup 1st Round:

@ San Juan del Río

San Juan del Río 1-3 Tecos FC
'14 Diego Mendivil
'23 Daniel Portilla
'25 Federico Barrientos
'61 Erick de Alba

Diego Mendivil

After that came our first league game and our first home game:

vs Reales Puebla

Tecos FC 4-0 Reales Puebla

'15 Diego Mendivil
'27 Gabriel Palmeros
'33 Gonzalo Verderone
'75 Gonzalo Verderone
Martín Penino

Matías Losso

@ La Tribu de Ciudad Juárez

La Tribu 0-1 Tecos FC

'65 Gonzalo Verderone
Camilo Jaimes
Diego Jurado
Bryan Leyva

Camilo Jaimes

vs Alebrijes B

Tecos FC 1-1 Alebrijes B

'67 Enrique Rojas
'77 Cristian Insaurralde
Martín Penino
Diego Jurado
Bryan Leyva
Gabriel Palmeros
Jeff Clarke
Jorge Osorio

Cristian Insaurralde

Afterward, we played our first Copa MX game in the Second Qualifying Round:

vs Puebla Premier

Tecos FC 1-4 Puebla Premier

'7 Juan Pablo Fassi
'9 Cristian Insaurralde
'54 Eduardo Pérez
'68 Emilio Yamín
'71 Omar Santos

Juan Pablo Fassi

Now back to the league games:

@ Iztacalco

Iztacalco 0-6 Tecos FC

'11 Daniel Portilla
'13 Gonzalo Verderone
'32 Daniel Portilla
'42 Gonzalo Verderone
pen '49 Daniel Portilla
'73 Diego Mendivil

Daniel Portilla

The next game saw us play the second round of the Lower Leagues Cup

@ Atlas Premier

Atlas Premier 0-1 Tecos FC

'97 Diego Jurado

Bryan Leyva

Our final game was the last league game of September:

@ Ameca

Ameca 0-3 Tecos FC

'17 Cristian Insaurralde
'41 Gonzalo Verderone
'61 Cristian Insaurralde

Cristian Insaurralde

Player of the Month(s)

Gonzalo Verderone

Overall, Gonzalo was racking up the goals for us and as a result of such, he is the team and the league top goalscorer. He is very consistent in his play, especially his offensive play as you can see below.

Squad Stats

All in all a very strong month, well done mate!
Solid month there bro!

October Update

This update will cover the six league games and the Lower Leagues Cup game played during October.

vs FC San José

Tecos FC 1-0 FC San José

'51 Federico Barrientos

vs Morelos Ecatepec

Tecos FC 2-0 Morelos Ecatepec

'9 Diego Mendivil
'53 Bryan Leyva

@ Dragones Xochimilco

Dragones 0-5 Tecos FC

'3 Cristian Insaurralde
'28 Federico Barrientos
'41 Gonzalo Verderone
'47 Daniel Portilla
'52 Matías Losso Out for 2 weeks due to a damaged heel
'88 Nicholas Baisden

vs Mezquital

Tecos FC 7-0 Mezquital

'8 Daniel Portilla
'15 Gustavo Valle
'39 Gonzalo Verderone
'47 Cristian Insaurralde
'57 Federico Barrientos
'59 Daniel Portilla

@ Santos Córdoba

Santos Córdoba 1-3 Tecos FC

'13 Arturo Sosa
'30 Daniel Portilla
'31 Diego Mendivil
'36 Federico Barrientos out for 3-4 weeks
'41 Diego Mendivil
'84 Diego Mendivil
'85 Juan Felipe Villalobos

Next, we played a Lower Leagues Cup game:

vs Atlético Cuernavaca

Tecos FC 0-1 Atlético Cuernavaca

'10 Guillermo de la Mora
'18 Nicholas Baisden
'19 Gonzalo Verderone
'57 Alan Jiménez
'92 Cristian Insaurralde

We'll be playing Mineros de Fresnillo in the 4th Round.

vs Universidad de Monterrey

Tecos FC 2-1 Universidad de Monterrey

'2 Gerson Collazo
'35 Bryan Leyva
'65 Diego Mendivil

League Table
Here's the league table, sorry I forgot to put it in the last update:

Player of the Month

Camilo Jaimes

Camilo Jaimes is a great player, both defensively and offensively. As you can see, he's been getting a lot of assists and he's on fire in both the league and the cup.

Squad Stats

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