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Leeds United-Time To Rise Again

Started on 11 July 2016 by TheLFCFan
Latest Reply on 19 July 2016 by TheLFCFan
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Leeds owner Massimo Cellino has made yet another controversial decision at Leeds United.

[size=10](Massimo Cellino, Leeds Owner has today sacked Uwe Rösler)

Uwe Rösler was only announced as Leeds manager 41, days ago, on the 20th of May yet after the short period in charge he has today been sacked. Former Southampton and West Bromwich Albion (Loan) player and more recently Brentford and Wigan manager. Rösler was expected to take Leeds first Pre season training session today but after a brief meeting with the Chairman he was told to pack his bags.

(Uwe Rösler pictured at Wigan, leaves Leeds without taking a training session.)

Since taking over as Leeds owner on 5th April 2014, after an appeal, Cellino has had 5 managers employed and then sacked or left due to mutual consent under his reign.

Firstly Brian McDermott was the first to leave under Cellino in a crazy period of time. McDermott was supposedly sacked by Cellino whilst the takeover was still going through in January 2014 and McDermott even missed a 1-1 draw to Huddersfield before he was back to work the following week. It was the first of many shocks under Cellino. Eventually McDermott left the club by mutual consent, which many suppose was him stepping down without being sacked, on 30th May 2014 following a 15th placed finish that season.

( Brian McDermott the first manager to leave Leeds under the Italian)

Next up was Dave Hockaday, the man who had previously only had a 4 year stint at Forest Green Rovers, who play in the Conference Premier, was put in charge at Elland Road. Six games on and 70 days later he was the second manager to leave and the first of Cellino’s sackings.

(Massimo Cellino and Dave Hockaday after Hockaday was announced as new Head Coach.)

Darko Milanic, the first non-British manager of Leeds, was the third man to work under Cellino and was also the man who stayed the shortest time at Leeds. In total 32 days was all that Milanic lasted. 6 games without a win didn’t impress the owner and was therefore sacked. Cellino told the media “The fans deserve better”

(The first non British manager at Leeds didn’t last long at the club)

The fourth man in was Neil Redfearn and after having the shortest manager in charge before him under Massimo Cellino, Redfearn became the longest lasting man. In relative to those before him he lasted a somewhat miraculous 200 days in the hot seat. But his departure left sour grapes in everyone’s mouth. After guiding Leeds to a decent 15th place, Cellino reportedly employed Uwe Rösler as the new head coach before sacking Redfearn and calling him a “baby”

(Even though he lasted the longest in charge under Cellino Redfearn never got a full season as the boss)

Finally we have Uwe Rösler the man who Cellino replaced Refearn with without telling him. Yet Rösler didn’t even make it to Pre-season as Cellino sacked him today after a short meeting before the first pre-season training session of the season.

With the first Pre-season game for Leeds scheduled against Ards, a Northen Irish side, for 11th July, the question is who will be next at Leeds? [/size]
Ahhh Leeds will be a tough challenge, best of luck mate
As a Leeds fan I'm accustomed to some bizarre decisions, so try your best to shock me ;)
@BeanyUnited Thanks Bro! They will be tough but have some great youngsters in the squad so hopefully we can develop them well!

@Jack Might not be as bizarre as some of Massimo's choices in real life :)) but it's still quite different to what many might be expecting. Thanks for the comment!

Who will become the new Leeds manager?

That’s the question on every Leeds fans lips as Owner Massimo Cellino sacked Uwe Rosler yesterday.

We took to the streets of Elland Road to ask the fans who they wanted to take charge of their club.

The first fan we spoke to was Alex, 52 told us “I want Rio in if I’m honest, yes he hasn’t got any managerial experience but that really doesn’t bother me. He has played for the club, he knows the club and he had a decent 2 years at us and was even captain before his big money move to United. Not only that but he isn’t a man to be pushed around and I’m sure him and Cellino would some how find some sort of mutual respect.”

((Rio Ferdinand as Captain at Leeds)

Rio Ferdinand

Many fans, despite his links to rivals Manchester United, called for the former Leeds United Captain. Along with Ferdinand’s playing career at Manchester United the Leeds fans also ignored the fact he hasn’t managed at any capacity after retiring at the end of the past season.Could Rio be the man to lead Leeds to former glory?

Playing Career:

The next suggestion came from Mark, 22 who gave more of a playful answer before letting his true emotions show, “Paulo Di Canio! That’s the man surely, I mean who else? Mr Controversial himself? Cellino and Di Canio! We can become a proper laughing stock when those to come together cant we! Yes that’s how I feel now as a Leeds fan. This man supposedly wants to take us back to European football but how can he if he cant make his mind up on who he wants a a manager? Oh and then when he does he gives them 50 days if they are lucky! He needs to go, he really needs to go!”

(Paulo Di Canio shows his emotions as Sunderland manager)

Paulo Di Canio

Not sure if it’s a true suggestion or not we decided to include it. Paulo Di Canio has had two spells as a manger at Swindon and Sunderland. The Italian Is just as controversial as his countrymen and Leeds Owner Massimo Cellino. Having a long and well documented career Di Canio became a legend in England during a 7 year spell playing at Sheffield Wednesday, West Ham and Charlton. After hanging up his boots he got his first job at Swindon Town in 2011 lasting 2 years in the hot seat before resigning due to financial difficulties at the club. Later that year Di Canio took the reigns at Sunderland keeping them in the Premier League that season. Yet after a poor start to the 2013-2014 season he was sacked.Paulo has a lot of heart and passion which may be what Leeds need to take them back to the Premier League.

Playing Career

Managerial Career

The penultimate suggestion came from many fans, including Mary,38, Joe, 71, and Dylan,30. This quote comes from Charlie, 47, “Harry Kewell is the man for me! The Aussie man, he made his playing career name at us and now I believe he should make his managerial name with us! A real, true fan favourite at this club and I truly believe he can become a legend at the club and guide us to so much glory as the manager!”

(Harry Kewell celebrates a goal at Leeds during his youth years at the club)

Harry Kewell

The second to last name on the list is Harry Kewell, a man who made his name as a talented winger at the club before getting a big move to Liverpool. Recently retired Kewell is a young man in terms of most managers at just 37 years old.The Australian however, has only just signed a contract as Watford u21 manager so he may be a hard man to pry away. The Aussie that suffered so many injuries throughout his career could be the man to take the reigns at Leeds and bring them success from a young fresh perspective.

Playing Career

Finally a single suggestion but probably the one that makes the most sense came from Dianna,46, “The big man from South Africa is who I want! Lucas Radebe. He played over 200 games for us and became a legend to us! Captaining us during our European adventures and some of our best recent years! I’d love to see him back at the club!”

(Lucas Radebe Clapping the Leeds Faithful)

Lucas Radebe

A legend at Leeds was a suggestion we weren’t expecting but once we heard it we realised how great it could be! Radebe had a great career at Leeds, even captaining them to a Champions League semi-final.The second former captain of Leeds on the list, was a massive presence under George Grahm following a move from South African side Kaizer Cheifs until a career ending knee injury ended it for him. However, it all could have been different if his takeover bid was accepted in 2013 as he along with a group of many others put forward a £7 million bid for the club which was turned down. What could have been if Radebe had become the owner in 2013? What could happen if he became manager in the near future?

Playing Career

Who do you think should be the new man in charge? Let us know using the following #'s:

For Rio Ferdinand #SSNHQRF
For Paulo Di Canio #SSNHQPDC
For Harry Kewell #SSNHQHK
For Lucas Radebe #SSNHQLR

Or give us your thoughts on who it should be using #SSNHQLeeds
My bet is Radebe will be the new man in charge at Elland road. Good luck whoever it is though
@Ninjaskill thanks for the comment! who knows it may just be him! Im reading through your story at the moment…At the bit where you've just played your first game!
Liking the build up here Seb! Best of luck
I can tell you now, Kewell is far, far from a Leeds United legend - he's quite the opposite after THAT move to Galatasaray! #NoToKewell is the way forward :P
@BeanyUnited Thanks mate! The new man will be announced later today!

@Jack What can i say #FakeFans #Fanswhohavenoideawhattheyonabout
;) Thanks for the comment :D

Leeds United have today announced John Barnes as their new manager. The 52 year old was announced as the new manager across Leeds website and multiple other social media platforms.

A press Conference has been announced for 10:00am today which you can catch live on Sky Sports News.

Authors Note:Be kind on the graphics! My first attempt at making anything like them :)) Thanks for reading!
I am liking the attempt of all the graphics, I can't do them at all myself so I am impressed mate :) Big choice in Barnes I believe it can work well!
@BeanyUnited Thanks Bro! It's the first time I've tried making graphics so I'm pretty pleased with a couple of them. I wanted somebody a bit unusual, who's played at the highest level whilst also managing before so Barnes ticked all the boxes. Hopefully he can do the job for Leeds!

Massimo Cellino: Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome our new manager Mr John Barnes.

John Barnes: Thank you Mr Cellino. Im looking forward to my time at this great club and will take some questions regarding my appointment and future here now.

Nick Collins: Welcome to Leeds John. What convinced you to take this job?

John Barnes: Well Leeds were one of the biggest clubs in England when I was a youngster. I think they won the league the league before I moved to England. So they were a big club in my youth. Now a days they aren’t doing as well but I believe with the players we have here and the foundations in place we can become a massive force once again.

Elliott Bretland: Elliott Brettland here reporting for Daily Mail. John you mentioned Leeds history what do you make of the recent sackings of managers under Owner Mr. Massimo Cellino?

Massimo Cellino: I’ll interrupt there please. None of that has anything to do with you or anyone else in this room. They were relived of their duties for reasons that I have. If John gets the results I want he will have a job. We will build a relationship together to make this club great again! Me and John share an ambition of getting into Europe. We want to get this done together! So if you want to stay in this press conference i suggest you refrain from questions that include Leeds past under me.

James Ducker: James Ducker, reporting for The Telegraph here. Good Morning and Welcome to Leeds John. What sort of style will you be looking to implement here at Leeds?

John Barnes: Well my most successful period of time as a player was at Liverpool and whilst at Liverpool we loved playing short passing possession football. So that is what I want to put into play here. We want to play the game beautifully.

Leon Wobschall: Hello Mr Barnes and welcome to Yorkshire and Leeds United. I’m Leon Wobschall reporting for the Yorkshire Post. The last time Leeds were in the Premier league was the 2003/04 season. How long do you think it’ll be until they are back to the top division?

John Barnes: Well this year we are going to aim for a solid mid-table position possibly challenging the top half. The last two seasons we have finished 15th so we are looking to improve on that. Next season is when we want to be pushing on and aiming for play offs and potentially promotion but defiantly by season 3 of my reign. It’ll take a lot of hard work and determination but I believe we can do it.

Elliott Brettland: You say you want to be in the Premier league in the next 3 years. Mr Cellino is that something you agree with?

Massimo Cellino: For me I want to be there as soon as possible. But from what John has told me and his plans for the club, yes three years is fine with me.

Nick Collins: John you enjoyed a great career with England playing in 79 games and scoring 11 goals from midfield. Can you identify anyone in this current Leeds squad who could go on and play for England in the future?

John Barnes: This squad is full of talent and especially young English talent. We have Lewis Cook whos been getting a lot of attention recently, Alex Mowatt, Charlie Taylor and Kalvin Phillips just to name a few. Then we have a couple of players in our youth squads who look like they could go on to become future stars such as Jack Vann and Will Huffer. So yes I believe that all of my players could go onto play for their national teams and I believe England has a lot of Leeds players to look forward to in the coming years.

Leon Wobschall: You mentioned Lewis Cook in there John. As you said he has received a lot of attention recently from some big English teams playing in the premier league. Realistically do you think you have any chance of keeping Lewis at the club?

John Barnes: Yes. I know how much this club mean to him as he came through the ranks here so I’m sure once we’ve had a chat he will be happy to stay on and become a world class player under our guidance.

Massimo Cellino: Right last question please as the boss has to go and speak to his new team.

Nick Collins: What do you make of the backroom staff here at Leeds United?

John Barnes: I believe we have a decent group of staff here. We need to make some additions as its not very large so we will be looking at that soon. I will have a chat with each member and we will discuss our thoughts on the club and what the plans are going forward. Thank You everyone, I’m sure I’ll see you all soon.

So there you have it John Barnes first interview as Leeds manager. How do you think he will fare at Elland road?Let us know using the #BarnesatLeeds
Super start to this mate! I'm just hoping that you don't get too popular with the fans otherwise Cellino will sack you like he did with Redfearn! Good luck with the season ahead bro :)

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