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Kolo! Kolo, Kolo...

Started on 21 July 2016 by sTedDarzZ
Latest Reply on 27 July 2016 by ninjaskill
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Hi All! My first story since FM13 (I think) is on the way! The premise of the story is (yes, you guessed it) to take Big Kolo's limitless charm and enthusiasm into the managerial arena. Sink or swim I aim to embody everyone's favourite Ivorian as he steps into management, making decisions on what I think he himself would do in reality in spite of personal preferences (yes, this may even mean managing Boring & Lucky - Arsenal FC somewhere down the line *shudders*)!

A few things you should know before we really get going:

1. I am using the latest update of pr0's database. It includes, transfers, relegations/promotions (and finances therein) and alterations of ability/potential of some unexpected stars of 2015/16 (looking at you Mr. Rashford). If you wanna know more about this before you read on or think it sounds like something you could use here it is... I encourage you to check it out it's extremely well done!

2. The only other use of the editor is to remove Kolo the player so that I can recreate him as a manager.

3. The story will pick up where reality leaves us, Kolo is out of contract and getting to the end of his career...the twist being that in my interpretation Kolo takes on management rather than seeking a new club.

4. I will be starting with a Continental B License, which KT studied for this season whilst at Liverpool and my past-experience will be International Footballer.

The next post will begin the story and from here on out it'll more or less be in character (unless circumstances need me to add anything), let's see where enthusiasm and grit can take us!

Kolo! Kolo, Kolo...
Good luck. Hopefully Kolo can conquer all as a manager and hear the chant you have not You're getting sacked in the morning :P
Thanks man! Update coming later today to get this thing going :)

Loving the graphics man well done! Interesting story as well
sTedDarzZ's avatar Group sTedDarzZ
4 yearsEdited

Life was looking up for Kolo. New life. New people. New experiences. New adventure. He was revelling in it. The french media adored him, his can do way of looking at things, his genuine way of speaking, his child like excitement for football. Soon his family would follow him to Marseille and they would all be together in this new paradise he'd created for them.

Kolo placed his steaming mug of chai latte down on the table, smiled at the thought and turned back to his book. The cool evening light just enough to read by. The chai spices danced their way to his nostrils - the smell of home. Kolo simply couldn't get enough of that smell, his mother's own recipe, the gentle milky texture swirled delicately with nutmeg, cinnamon, aniseed. His constant pre-bed companion. Tomorrow was the day. The day this could all begin to sink, or swim. The french adventure, this new life, it all depended on his work. Kolo felt the pressure intensely, not from the media, or the fans, but from himself. He had uprooted a happy family, happy in the country they'd called home for well over a decade, moved them hundreds of miles away, all for his ambition. If he did not succeed it would all be worthless, they'd have to move again. He wouldn't let that happen, his family needed stability and he was determined to give it to them.

Kolo thought back on his interview with the board, the promises he'd made. Europa League qualification - was it possible? A host of youthful signings? Doubts filled his head. Youth costs. For top young players you had to pay the premium rate and money would hardly be free flowing from what the chairman had said. The team needs investment, with the current crop Europa League was a fantasy. And yet, the words of his former coach Jürgen Klopp were interspersed with his doubts, pinning them down, holding them back. Becoming a part of him, his new way, his style.

When Kolo had told Klopp his news the big German had burst into his deep booming laugh, grinned like a Cheshire cat and embraced him in one of his trade mark bear hugs..."Good luck Kolo! Remember, with proper training and hard work, anything is possible, it is not all about the money. Ring me if you ever need a friendly ear." Kolo stared wistfully at his phone, picked it up from the table and punched in a few digits, he stared at the screen, then back at the note of paper Klopp had handed him on that last day. Double checking. Triple checking. Kolo's thumb hovered over the call button, suddenly the doubts were gone. Klopp's words mixed with those he'd lived his life by mingling into a rhythmic chant, like that of a tribal burial in his homeland "Proper training, hard work, ne jamais dire mourir jusqu'à ce que vous êtes mort." Over and over they went, and now he said allowed his personal mantra, in English now... "Never say die till your dead!"

A fire burned in his eyes as they returned to his mobile screen. Not yet, not before he'd even got going. Klopp was there to talk football, not about the voices in his head. Kolo highlighted the number, and typed. A second later a monotonous voice came from his mobile "New contacts saved, Jürgen Norbert Klopp."

Kolo flicked open the lid of his notebook, opened his email account and began to type...

A few days past and Kolo settled into a routine. Up. Eat. Drive. Train. Eat. Train. Phone Calls. Drive. Eat. Sleep. First things first, he needed to assemble a killer backroom team, filled with the experience he lacked but sharing in his enthusiasm for playing, and playing in the right way. After a week or so, he was satisfied. Sitting back one evening Kolo stumbled upon a Sky Sports article, documenting his work thus far. He read slowly, and smiled gently, the ball was rolling...

Great choice in my opinion great story panning out here
OMG! Dude, no joke I've got a legit hard on for this. Graphics are dope, banter on point. Dude DON'T manage Assnal FC I shudder at the thought of it!!!!

Your roleplaying aspect on the story is truly inspiring, have you had any experience prior to this? Yaya's mail address had me rofling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't fucking wait for the next installment Ted, i'll be glued to the screen till the next one :D
Good start, would be good to see the Toure brothers combine

The squad had few standouts. Rémy Cabella returning to France from an uninspiring spell in England was the obvious match winner. A solid defensive unit of Dória, Karim Rekik, Henri Bedimo, Rolando, Brice Dja Djédjé and Hiroki Sakai gave the squad a good base. At 20 years old and already a stalwart at centre half Dória was a valuable asset, and Kolo knew it. Besides that all the squad really had to offer was the experience of Lass Diarra and Abou Diaby in central midfield, the prospect of Georges-Kévin Nkoudou and a distinct lack of depth. The gaping hole in the squad was up front, with academy boys all that Les Olympiques had to offer - priority no.1

Since his departure from the UK, Kolo had grown attached to his email exchanges with his brother Yaya. Funny how distance can bring people closer together. They'd been in contact almost daily, Kolo had dubbed Yaya his 'Online Assistant Manager', offering him advice on squad building, tactics and training. The one person in the world Kolo could talk to without fear of a leak.

Often, Kolo would contact Yaya in the evenings over his Chai Latte, set against the atmospheric coolness of the twilight blue. But today, Kolo is being different. He is sat at the breakfast bar in his modern apartment, drinking a strong black coffee, the steam rising in whisps and disappearing into the fresh morning air. It is 07:00am, Kolo writes...

A few days later the news broke, like water blsdting through a crack in a dam OM's quiet summer suddenly got busy...

Pre-season trundled along slowly. Kolo itched for the season, the eternal optimism of the opening day and yet a thought nagged in the back of his head, like an itch he couldn't scratch. The team just didn't seem to be getting to grips with his new style, despite all his efforts in training they seemed unfamiliar with it, disjointed in their roles. But there was nothing for it, no one can slow the sands of time. The season was fast approaching, and with it Girondins de Bourdeaux.
DUDE, I'm loving it, don't stop!! Banging these out like a horny pedo in a park!!!
I'm really liking this, just not as much as Zunn I think :P

Alessandri is good so hopefully the money you got from him was spent well
sTedDarzZ's avatar Group sTedDarzZ
4 yearsEdited
@ninjaskill yes i rate him myself actually but I know irl nkoudou has been great for OM so i wanted to give him more of a chance as he's only 20.
I reate Nkoudou tbh

A small document titled 'L'OM Bi-Monthly meeting of the Board' sat in front of Kolo, it's edges perfectly square with the table and the chair he was sat on.

A late middle aged man with a speckled beard and a pair of thin rimmed glasses on sat in the dimly lit room. The room had windows on all sides making it bright an airy in the day, but with the nights already beginning to draw in the room seemed quite different to Kolo that night. A single lamp sits in the middle of the round table, casting an eery glow over the faces of those sat around it. All eyes seemingly on Kolo. The man in the glasses began to speak slowly...."Welcome all to this our first bi-monthly meeting of the board, i would like to welcom Kolo to this, his first of such meetings" the man turned to look at Kolo, staring intently into his eyes..."Throughout the course of the season we have traditionally held board meetings, the manager is required to attend. Today is your first so welcome. You will see infront of you gentlemen, as usual a dossier of information containing information on the team's progress, along with thoughts from myself and Kolo. We will work through the dossier, questions are welcome at all points..." It was almost as if the man was reading from a script, his tone was robotic and formal "Now let us begin, please turn to Page 1." Kolo opened the booklet and immediately recognised the words he had emailed the chairman just days before.

"So, results have been somewhat up and down, but considering Kolo's short time with us I am pleased with the progress made. As you can see, only one real disappointment, against Caen. Overall a good couple of months by all accounts..." He was interrupted by a gruff voice. "Could be better." Kolo looked in the direction of the voice, a man sat diagonally across from him appeared to be it's owner. He was an overweight man with a thin black moustache, most of his features were obscured by the dark and the swirling smoke of cigars. Is this a meeting or a gentleman's club? Kolo thought quietly. "Now now, Antoine. Give the guy a break"The original speaker responded. 'Antoine' shrugged disapprovingly but said no more. "I would now invite you all to turn to Page 2 as we discuss transfer activity..." The man, who Kolo knew to be the chairman glanced at hime out of the corner of his eye, he had warned Kolo his best bet was to stay quiet unless directly questioned, particularly at this point in the meeting. "As I'm sure you are all aware the club and Kolo have made a commitment to invest in youth. This is a long term commitment, in the short term it has been deemed unrealistic. However as you can see from the information, we will be further pursuing this in the next window..." He was interrupted by a flurry of whispers and mutters. It had been years since Kolo had spoken French regularly and while he was fluent, he was also rusty. He strained his ears to tune into what was being said but the meeting had seemingly broken off into a series of smaller ones, groups of 2 or 3 whispered quickly to each other, the room became a sea of voices. the chairman once again glanced at Kolo but this time he ignored it, he stood to his feet and began to speak..."I will keep this short. Trust me." He sat down and tried to ingore the shocked faces looking at him, staring in unison, slow motion evenbefore returning to their rapidly, hyper speed conversations. "Can we please return to the meeting?" Labrune said loudly. Gentlemen! Let us return to what we came for! You may well disagree with some of these decisions, if so, please send your concerns to me via email and Kolo and I will discuss them in the near future."

With that the chairman hastened the speed of his lexicon, as if accelerating away from the scene of a car accident "Our third and final topic is the league table. We sit in 5th place and both Kolo and I are pleased with this, we hope to secure this position before looking to climb the table. Ths is our final topic, are there any questions?" a few men got up to leave but just as they were pulling the door a voice cut in "what about the takeover?" "Ah, I thought you'd all have heard. Talks have collapsed, however the owner is still open to offers so watch this space."

With that the board members left, just as the last few, who had stayed to finish their whiskies were leaving Kolo heard a voice waft down the hallway "We were top 2 weeks ago, what the hell happened?" Kolo knew he wasn't meant to hear the comment, it was directed to another of the board members, the words cut into him like broken glass underfoot. "Shit!" he muttered.

You are reading "Kolo! Kolo, Kolo...".

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