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The Fountain of Youth

Restructured Destruction
Hawko93's avatar Group Hawko93 2016-08-11 04:09
00 1 posts joined Aug 08, 2016
Hi Guys,

Been an avid reader of stories for a while and love the outlay of detail some of you guys go into.

So ive decided to try and do my own!
It will follow a similar structure to Beanies Dortmund story that is killing it at the moment, so a mixture of first person and game/stats/player overview etc.

So who Will I be?
Myself of course.

Bit of background, I've gone with creating my own club, called Brisbane Olympic, and it will have a huge emphasis on youth, namely, seeing how far a team of wonderkids can really go!

so a couple of rules shall we?
- I can't buy any player over the age of 24, and most of the transfer funds will be on buying young scouted talent (so my scouts need to be top notch, as well as my coaches).
- I'll be starting in the English championship and replacing a team from that division, but don't worry I'll be providing a bit of brilliant story that will link it all together!
- I need to win the EPL or Euro cup within 4 years with a young, quick, wonderkind team!
a bit of backstory perhaps?

Cheers guys!
BeanyUnited's avatar Group BeanyUnited 2016-08-11 10:08
gb 1687 posts 133 likes joined Apr 13, 2012
First of all thanks a lot for the mention on my story means a lot dude, glad I have avid fans ;)

Very interesting and hard challenge this being a new side + a youth challenge so will defo be following :)
Check out, read and comment on my story. Hope you enjoy :)

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