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FM Scout : find players for little club?

Started on 2 January 2010 by Denis
Latest Reply on 26 August 2010 by stortfordblue
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I'm playing with a little club in a low division. It's rather difficult to attract good players, so I've decide to ask help to FM Genie Scout 2010 (thanks for this utilities by the way, it's... genious!)

But I don't know if it's possible to filter on FM Scout only the few players who would maybe accept to reach my team? I mean just like when you ask your assistant coach to "choose only possible players" or something like that.

How can I do this? Is there a thing to filter by, which would give me only reachables players for my little club?

Thank you very much,

Excuse my english if there are mistakes ;-)

I used to make a search ingame with my assistant manager and to put all players on my shortlist. Then I exported it and loaded it in Genie.

I never found a way to select it directly in Genie.
The way i do it is to use genie to find a list of players that fit your criteria, save the shortlist, open it in fm, click filter, edit filter, then in the bottom left corner there's a button that say's "ask assistant to filter out unrealistic targets" click that & you'll have a list of players that fit your criteria & are prepared to sign for your club.

P.S. Remember that when you import the shortlist, every player on it will be "subscribed" to in your news & messages so unless you want news items relating to hundreds of players that your not interested in, make sure you unsubscribe to all of them as soon as you import the shortlist.
I am having the same problem! I have tryed what you have sugested by search on football manager and save a short list. When i open the shortlist in genie scout i have all the players in the game. Please can you help with this.
You have to save it, then click on the shortlist button & it'll bring up a drop down menu, click on the shortlist that you have just saved then export it. Exporting it saves it OUTSIDE of fm so that you can load it in genie. Hope this helps.

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