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Poll: What constitutes cheating in FM?

There are lists, and tools that will help you, but what constitutes cheating?
Started on 24 October 2016 by seabas3
Latest Reply on 1 November 2016 by safc73
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What do you consider cheating? (211 votes)
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FM is loaded with help in game, your scouts and so on. But we all know that there is a lot more out there like on this site and other places that can aid you in your save.

The big question...ARE YOU CHEATING?


Cheating is in the eye of the beholder, lines will vary...
Penetrative sex only.
i personally dont cheat but if i had to i would only do it for a youtube video
It's a game not a true representation of real life. It really shows in the interaction with players etc. the options are so limited and so gamey.

So why bother with what is cheating. Altering the game is imo one way to make it more realistic. For example how often have I not have to wait to the last minute for the board to set the finances for the upcoming season etc. Why let the players wait and wait for a reasonable contract when we all know the money will be there eventually (very late) - missing out of players or the will demand a lot more.

And... you can play out fantasies, what if..? A lot more fun than playing Barcelona.
I went for the following :

-Network : Most of the stuff that are not usually considered cheating (by my standards at least), can be in Multiplayer. The simple fact that only the host can use the in game editor or the scout (w/e they are used for), is clearly a cheat

-Editor : for the editor(s) as well, not every use could be labelled cheating. I think it's fair (sometimes) to just max out your players' knowledge of your tactic, you don't wanna pay the price too hard for changing tactic mid season sometimes. On the same note, checking CA/PA in the pre-game editor is just the same as using the scout (less effective tho). BUT, changing attributes, constantly removing injuries, bans etc, can be considered cheating. In the same way, changing stuff on the pre-game editor to have an easier time is also some kind of cheat, obviously.

-Save/Reload : I think this speaks for itself :p unhappy with a loss ? reload. It's easy, it's tempting, but losing is part of the game, even when it's infuriating. Nobody likes to lose 1-0 in the CL finals when the opponent hasn't even made a single shot, but their cross at the 92min just happened to hit your defender on the head while he wasn't looking and it went in. But it's part of it. FM wouldn't be FM without the rage inducing gameplay.

-Add manager : Adding managers ingame to buy/sell players is probably the easiest way to cheat. You can get money and the team of your dreams this way, but, however you look at it, it is clearly a cheat to do so :p
When i was playing Belluno in around 2008year. i have been already top club in italy/europe but i wanna more and more great youngsters so i used Genie Scout ...and since that time i know its no make sense to buy a game like FM and after use GS ... i just stop playing after didn't have any reason to play , i lose like half year of playing cuz i didnt wanna come back to cheating ., since that time i'm against Genie Scout , sorry just "No, Thank You" ;) but talking to real people about palyers i concider as ok thing , cuz even in rl had exp. when coatch talk about who they like who is really good etc. etc .
i used to guilty of adding managers to buy/sell players but i don't do that now.

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