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64BIt - RAM

64BIt - RAM, How does it help?
Cheb's avatar Group Cheb 2016-10-25 19:07
gb 2 posts joined Oct 20, 2016
Hi All,

The 64bit version is supposed to be a lot quicker, and when asked we keep getting told more RAM the better.

Has anyone tested this?
Or can say they have noticed a notable difference with more RAM?

Specifically where does having more RAM help?
  • Quicker loading?
  • Quicker time between matches?
  • Just Quicker everywhere?
ZakNikFMP's avatar Group ZakNikFMP 2016-10-25 22:31
hr 62 posts 7 likes joined Oct 12, 2016
Game is faster even with all leagues then on FM 16 with just 5-10 leagues
Cheb's avatar Group Cheb 2016-10-26 09:35
gb 2 posts joined Oct 20, 2016
Thats good news.
How much RAM does your system have?
Fearless1885's avatar Group Fearless1885 2016-10-26 15:07
00 6 posts joined Nov 07, 2014
So, just to give you an idea,

32bit operating system has a capped limit on RAM.
64bit operating system is pretty much uncapped.

The more RAM the better. RAM stores memory from your HDD/SSD.
RAM helps load the databases quicker aswell as speeds the game time up especially when its calculating and processing all the other games in the back ground.

I currently have 16GB ram. Probably overkill if i were to just play FM17 on my PC.

Hope this slight insight helps you out
downloadkct's avatar Group downloadkct 2016-10-26 16:16
br 4 posts 13 likes joined Mar 31, 2013
Ok so heres my thoughts
FM17 64bits is WAYYYYYYYY faster, it kills any kind of flaws in this game, this is actually the only reason i bought FM this year.
A week loads within 15~20 seconds with 8 leagues enabled, it used to take 40~1m+ on FM16 with database on big.

32GB 1600mhz ram
FX8350 8-core
W10 x64
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