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How to generate funds

Started on 5 January 2010 by bryn
Latest Reply on 5 January 2010 by bryn
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I am currently notts forest and im still in the championship :( second season.
I am finding it hard to generate funds and find myself always in the RED with my financial reports that come in every month.
i always create as many friendly's as possible to create some cash, but always by the middle and end of the year i am low and this means i have low funds for the next season.

Can anyone help, all sugestions will be helpful.
Many thanks!!
my guess is that you should sell players with high wages. replace them with playars with lower demands.

all in all it's not easy, especially if you manage club with bank loans.
Let's start the game Bryn! First you need to make up yout mind which players you will keep at your team, get rid of your loaned players who don't belong to you, get the rest players who are really poor transfer listed, try to get loan instead of buy a player, make sure you don't have overwhelming contracts with players who don't worth the bill!
The rest are known it is better to spend money on coaches in your team rather than try to buy players!Try to get coaches who are not in a contract and free!
FM 2010 has really corrected the department of transfers and listed, you can sell really easy any player!
Cheer's gessle & giorgos. I just missed out on the playoffs in second season, now in third and i have had to sell most good players, i have generated 15million+ but they droped my wage bugget by 30k and i was only getting 5% of transfers so ment i only just covered up my wages each month, i have loaned a lot of players and got one or 2 on free's but now my best players of the current side have there contracts running out and they all want extra pay, i cant afford them! this might mean selling them as well!
I am a bit stuck at the moment, hope i can push for the playoffs or even promotion!
A player you want to keep, if his contract has more than a year to end... don't consider renewing if you can't afford it. But if you really can't afford him with slightly more than 6 months left, then you should sell him or you risk losing him for free.

You should also check upon your wage budget often, and make necessary adjustments to it, because it can have big difference with allowed wages and % of transfer revenue generated for you. So, if you have 1M for transfers and you are over your wage budget, consider using this 1M to cover the wage difference; I think it's more important than it seems.

And a tip for generating funds. I usually sign players on a free (with ending contracts) and sell them upon arrival. Just make sure those players are 29 years old max, because after they reach their 30s, it's hard to sell for decent price.

Note that if you try to sell a player by the time he arrives, you can only loan him out with option to sell, and not sell directly. But that's OK, because it's an actual investment for next year and his wage should be covered by the team loaning him.

This is how I mainly got 120M transfer budget for my Las Palmas team on my 5th season in the game.

Some players won't want to be sold or go out on loan of course, but that's a risk you take. For example, if I bring and try to sell 15 players, 3-4 of them wouldn't generate any interest on their 1st season, but will do on their 2nd.
Have you tried making Commercial links in the USA or Asia. Forest has a lot of history so this may help?
Thanks stam, i have got the players coming up for 6 months remaining and i just can afford them so will have to sell, or sell others to keep the star players. I have also put all of my transfer money into my wage budget!

I like your idea of selling on so quick, i have done this in the past but i have only done it once with forest, i got a forward on free sold him in the summer for 2.5 million.
Great tranfer budget for las palmas, how did u generate that much! how many have u bought and sold to generate that much!!!

Godman, i havnt yet tried to get commercial links yet, but great idea i will try and ask the board when i play next. Many thanks!
I'll write that up on my Las Palmas blog eventually, when I return to Athens (next Monday) I'll resume blogging.
look forward to it! shud get some ideas

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