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Wanted: Judges for FMScout's Story of the Month

Started on 12 December 2016 by InvertedWingbacks
Latest Reply on 15 December 2016 by Justice
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With a new round of Stories, on a new version of FM, Now seems like a good time to refresh the Story of the Month panel. You, the users, create these stories, and it's only fair that you, the users, help decide who makes the final poll. Of course, there can only be a few who make these decisions, but that few should not be picked by just one person.

So, that being said, if you would like to be considered for the SotM judging panel, please, drop me a PM with the following details

Username (will be obvious from your message)
All-Time Favourite FM Story:
What you look for in a Story:
Why you think you'd be a good judge:
One Random Fact about yourself:

I'll assemble the panel starting on the 19th of December, and you'll know by the 21st at the latest if you're on the panel.

Of course, there are expectations if you make it: Each month, I would require 5 nominations, ranked from most favourite to not as most favourite (1-5) by no later than the 25th; and ideally I don't want to be chasing people for them. Panel members must be active in the story section - that doesn't mean writing, but I would be looking for activity through commenting on posts and promoting content creation.

There's also a certain level of behaviour; Users who are consistently rude and unwelcoming to members of the community will not be considered, and panel members who display these traits will be removed. This community is a warm, welcoming one, and the SotM judges should encourage and foster that environment.

Applications are open, so let me know if you're interested!
All-Time Favourite FM Story: Anything written by Neal
What you look for in a Story: good graphics, good content and a story that captures my vivid imagination
Why you think you'd be a good judge: I read almost every story and I am regulary on here and if im not on chat im always reading stories even when at work
One Random Fact about yourself: I have once been a stand up comedian, it last 5 minutes.......... I was ACE!
All-Time Favourite FM Story: David Healy: Hardboiled by ArchMon

What you look for in a Story: Balance. I don't like a story dominated by graphics, or a story with too much writing, or a story with too much storyline. A story needs quality writing, quality presentation and quality FM - a good balance.

Why you think you'd be a good judge: I have experience around the site, and I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment..

One Random Fact about yourself: My nickname is the Wet Weather King.
All-Time Favorite FM Story: Any of mine or the David Beckham Zero to Hero story
What you look for in a Story: Lots of good content that includes graphics, descriptions and a narrative when possible. I want the person writing it to be invested in it and not just to post just to post and won't give up when things go south.
Why you think you'd be a good judge: Because I have been a judge and I kick ass at it ;)
One Random Fact about yourself: I love Vietnamese foof
All-Time Favourite FM Story: Christian Schäfer - Der Professor by Justice
What you look for in a Story: Storyline driven, I want to know the behind the scene of a manager from their first to their last day. I also want to see good writing, going into depth with the FM updates
Why you think you'd be a good judge: I'm open minded and I read stories secretly leaving a comment here and there
One Random Fact about yourself: I was once thrown into a the middle of the winter
All-Time Favourite FM Story: [FM13] Giuseppe Bergomi - The King of Calcio (by Neal)

What you look for in a Story: Passion. It is very easy to tell, as a reader, whether the writer is passionate about what they're writing. If they're not giving it their all, or they're writing for the sake of writing, it can be quite apparent. I want to see the enthusiasm of the writer transferred in to his work. Because true writing is about expressing yourself freely and with no boundaries. Don't hold back.

Why you think you'd be a good judge: I don't think I would be a good judge, but I'll throw my name in the mix anyway. I consider myself to be fairly open-minded, and I analyse things differently to most others. Perhaps that would be appreciated.

One Random Fact about yourself: I don't really like FM, but I'm addicted!

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