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FM Complaints and Suggestions

Started on 6 January 2010 by Stam
Latest Reply on 6 January 2010 by FM_MUFC
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What about a page where we can complain about things we don't like or we want improved in FM... and another one with ideas about next FM.

A list of complaints and a list of suggestions.
It;s not a major complaint but I would like FM to get all the player faces on their profile especially in the Premier league. Also stuff like badges on kits. So basically rights to use clubs logos and other stuff e.g sponsor name.

Apart from that FM is almost flawless
that probably wouldn't fit in a dvd mate and i doubt they will ever make it. maybe for premier league only... maybe...
though i guess, a series of seperate official facepacks, logos and kits would be nice.
I agree, also it might just be me but some regens have really weird generated faces and some dont appear. I reckon they could fix generated faces.
i hate regens, i wish they didn't exist.
stam : i hate regens, i wish they didn't exist.

If they didn't exist the game just imagine having a 40 year old dream team of ronny,messi and co. At the end of day we still need them & why do you hate them?
who the hell plays after 2020?
i don't :p
Fair enough, I say every year but I never do it, I'm gonna try an all-seasoner. It;s 30 or 15 max but I can't remember. But the game does lose its touch when you don't know any players by name
i want tricks n flicks animation.. like zidane turn, whatever. u know... rather than just running with the ball
That would look amazing but I'm not if they would be able to do it with the current 3D match engine.

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