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[FM17] From Bandung with dream.

This is my story about managing PERSIB BANDUNG and INDONESIA National Team
Started on 4 January 2017 by ojand94
Latest Reply on 20 November 2017 by arga98
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Chapter I
The Begining

21 December 2015
It was a fine sunny afternoon in december, i just finish repairing my car when my agent show up at my front door.
He said that Persib Bandung are interested to sign me as they coach, and also i can apply for coaching possition in Indonesia National team as they need a new coach to upgrading their FIFA ranking position this year.
He also said that i need to give my decision for coaching persib at 20:00 as we will go to charity event held by Persib Foundation.

without much thinking i grab my coat and go to the gala with my agent.
we arrive around 19:30 and the event already start.
we find the chairman of persib and we discuss my contract at persib and many other thing, until we came up with an agreement.

26 December 2015

Today i will began my career as Persib Bandung Head coach, with the high expectation in my shoulder i go to see my player as they already doing some ligth training in the field.
I gather them all and i introduce my self, also i say my goal for this season and my plan on achieving them. All Player look agree with me and we begin the new era of football at Persib Bandung.

-Persib Info-

Persib is one of the top club in Indonesia. Located in the capitol city of West Java province, persib have a nick name Maung Bandung and the suppoerter called bobotoh and viking. Persib have one big rival Persija Jakarta and every match is matter of live and dead for them.
Persib hombase is at Jalak Harupat Stadium. with several key player like Vladimir Vujovic, Diogo ferreira, rudolf basna, sergio van dijk, and made wirawan.

1 January 2016

After a week in this club i get call from PSSI and says that i will take charge at National team of Indonesia. I say i want that post as long i can keep my role at persib, and they say i can keep both jobs as long as i can maintence a good work.
So i off to PSSI HQ and sign my contract there.

10 January 2016

After 2 weeks at Persib i do alot of change here. First i hire a new General Manager to help me building the team, next i hire few scout to upgrade my scouting range and few more staff for the first team resever and youth team. After my coaching staff complete i manage to strenghten my squad.
Mostly the player i sign is from free tranfers but with a good quality to help me achive my goal. With base formation of 4-2-2-2 and 4-2-4 i managed to sign bunch of attacking midfielder both left and right. And also i manage to sign some defender and couple striker. With ACL second preliminary round at 2nd February i hope this squad can get me to the next round
Also i released some of my player who i don't see any future in in my plan.

31 January 2016

It's been a month i take charge at Persib, now my squad are complete and i ready to take Suphanburi on my second preliminary round of ACL two days from now. I consulted with my coaching staff and we decide we will use 4-2-4 formation this time.

2 February 2016

It's a match day, we ready to beat them and we will i said in the dressing room. All player seem focus and we go out with much energy to burn.
The match played well for us they score first at the 27th minute and lead the way to the second half but my player is not giving up . Kim Kurniawan scored twice in the 45 minute and 58 minute to seal the deal bring persib a victory at my debut as head coach for Persib.
This mean wi will facing Osaka AC next week at playoff to take our chance playing in ACL.

9 February 2016

It's playoff night. With our win at thailand over Supanburi we go to Japan to face Osaka AC. We played well in the fisrt half, we can manage to stop their attack. Also in second half we manage to take control of the game. Unfortunatly they manage to steal a goal in the 73 minute and it take my team in great frustation.
we try to score in the remaining minute but we fail. at the end they send us out from ACL and send us to Confederation Cup.
Chapter II
Time To Focus

As we kicked out by Osaka AC from ACL now we playing in the Confederation Cup, Second tier Cup for club in Asia, its like Europa League in europe.
We entered this competition in group F alongside with South China, Mohun Bagan, anda Yadanarbon.

-First Conf.cup match And February Review-

First Conf.Cup group Stage match is an away match to Hongkong Stadium, in So kon po as we take on South China.
We Play well this match and ended it with a 4-0 win over the home team. Robertinho, samuel, kim jeffry and stanley ogunboye
are the scorer for persib.

The match with South china also close our journey in February with an impressing record we won 2 out 3 match and all the match is at asia level.
Its prove that our squad is ready to do something in asia level, and also to become the best in Indonesia once again.
- March Review-

We play our opening game in march at Bandung as we hosted for Conf.Cup Group F match day two againts Yadanarbon. We finish the game 3-0 as stanley and song ho young are the scorer for us.
We now lays in top spot with 6 point and 7 goals.

In the next three days we go to Cilacap as we attend Friendly match in our pre-season warmingup.
We beat them 3-1 as we try new tactics and rotate some player because i want to see my squad depth.

We also manage to win the next three match. We beat Mohun Bagan 2-0 at home. Persip 2-0 and Persires 2-0 all match is away and it just warming up.

This month also i manage my national team for the first time to face Hongkong and we doing fine by winning the match 3-0

-April Review-

We play our first match on april by defeating Persibo in Indonesia Super cup as the mark of begining the new season.
We win the match 3-0 at Gelora Bungkarno Staium. We also manage to win our theree first Indonesian league, we beat Madura United away, Perseru and Borneo FC at home.

And we maintain our unbeaten record at Conf.Cup with winning over South China with a one goal margin and Mohun Bagan with theree goal margin.
We Finish this month Unbeaten again. And i'm hoping this will continue till the end of this season.

30 April 2016

I gather my squad in our gym. I have some important thing to tell you. We lost our key man in the midfield xinho i injured and will out for the next 5 month. He suffer spinal Injury.
He will join our other Injured guy Mathias Lopez, Paolo Dantaz and Atep. All for player is expected to fit agian between 3-6 month. So With this Injury storm coming i hope the rest of yuo will take it easy on training and match
don't push your self to hard. I don't want to lose any of you again.

All of them seem understand my concern and i hope for them to the best.
Chapter II
Part II: Squad Registrasion

30 April 2016

After my meeting with my squad this afternoon, tonight i need to submit my final squad name to PSSI because today is the last Transfer windows day. It took me a while to read the rules about the squad registration and it get me headache because my squad is more than 30 man. So i called my assistant and my GM to my office and we discuss the best way to do it.

After 2 hour discussion we finally come up with 30 name to submit to PSSI

Goal Keeper

1. Ciao Venacio
29. Diogo Soria
78. Made Wirawan


3. Vladimir Vujovic
5. Samuel
6. Atila
12. Modibo Konte
13. Rudolf Basna
15. Alfin Tuasalamony
16. Tony Sucipto
19. Diego Ferreira
27. Rohit Chand
29. Diego Soria
30. Hermawan


7. Rodrigo Possebom
8. Xinho
10. Robertinho
11. Atep
20. Song Ho-young
22. Ricky Akbar ohorella
23. Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan
24. Hariono
25. Tonnie Cusell
28. Paolu Dantaz
31. Mathias Lopez
91. David Laly


9. Sergio van Dijk
14. Julio Cesar Alcorse
26. Stanley Ogunboye

Well thats it guys i hope we can do a great job with this squad.
Thats conclude the meeting and we are very happy with our squad.
Chapter III
Part I : Top of the League and Advancing Conf.Cup

May 1 2016

After a winning streak last month and we find our self advancing in Conf.cup, We start this month with away match to Lamongan.
My player are in good condition and we are ready to beat Persela. We Play with our traditional tactics, even we dominated the game
we can't score a goal, we play very hard to find a goal and to anticipated their movement. Despite all the hard work the match ended with adraw.
We are dispointed with this result, because we think we can win this match

4 May 2016

Theree days after our winning streak stopped by Persela in Lamongan we find our self in Padang to face Semen Padang at Haji Agus Salim Stadium
I made few chnge in the starting line up, Tonnie Cusell, Ohorella, Alfin, rohit chand and basna play they first game as starter. I make a gamble desicion and it worthit
We can score 3 goal in this game and also dominated the game. Julio Cesar Alcorse get his first PoM and score 2 goals and also find the nett for the first time.

"It was a good night for me and for the team, thanks to manager who have faith for me. I replay his faith with this two goals and now i'm aiming for regullar start", Says Julio to the press after the match.

7 May 2016

After a good result in padang we back home to face our next opponent PSM Makassar. We play well but we can find the nett in the first half. Entering the second half things aren't much diffrent we struggling finding the nett so
i make some subtitution replacing Robertinho with Sergio and playing more attacking football. Unfortunately Samuel Sent off in the 74 minute so we are one man short. They took advantage of it but they forgot to defend.
When everybody losing their hope and thinking it will end draw. Segio find the net in the last 40 seconds. It was a dramatic goal an very late goal to get our winning.

11 May 2016

Four day after our late winning match we travel again to Myanmar to face Yadanarbon as we play our last group F match of Conf.cup. We already qualify for the next round so i think no harm to do some rotation in this match.
Alfin and Rohit chand plays in wing back, the rest of the team is same as usual. So not need much time in the 10 minue we already find the net and we score 2 more in the second half. It was a really good match.

The next three match are a boring match. We win In Raja Ampat 3-1, In surabaya 4-0 and back home to smash Barito Putra 6-0.
We have no problem beat them and it was a really good match and now we are ready to face Global in our Conf.cup Second round match

25 May 2016

After the good run in last three match now we back to Asia level match on our journey to win the Conf. cup. We are ready to face Global team from Philippines. We are currently laying in he first position in our national league.

- "It will be a good match up between this two team. They are leading in their national League and now they will facing each other"-

We cannot believe they can score in the 2nd minute of the game but my player not giving it up. Julio Cesar Alcorse Score hattrick and that bring us to 2 goal lead in front of them. But mistake from Vujovic change the game, he sent off in the 43 minutes.
Global take advantage of it despite my attempt to stop them they push us to extra time. It was very fortunate for us Kim can get a goal in 95 minutes and we play defend ever since to secure our victory.

"It was a good hard game for us, we lost Vujovic We play extra time but in the end we win. It is fantastic win and we gain more confidence now to win the trophy" said Alcorse to media after the match.

The match with global ended our fantastic month in May. We advancing to the quarter final of Conf.cup and we still top of the league back home.
cuy caranya biar ikutan asia champions league gimana yak?

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