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Get rid of new-gen players & coaches?

Started on 8 January 2010 by mizie
Latest Reply on 9 January 2010 by gngr
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I hate new-gen players and coaches.

There are players mainly from Brazil who's CA is 100-120 at the age of 17-18, and have 150-180 PA and they only cost 10k-500k...

I don't buy any new-gen players or coaches but they're ruining my game as other teams buy them for like nothing.

Is there any chance to get rid of them (any options with editors or xml files...)?

I know that if they wouldn't exist the database would get "older" but I don't care :)

please help !
I don't understand why you would want to remove regens unless you only play for a handful of seasons and then start over.
You're right but some of them have too high CA at the beginning of the game.

The other problem is that if I'm in a lower division (avg CA is 100), the other teams are buying these regens and boost their squads with a little spending.

So it makes the game unrealistic from my point of view.
What are you talking about????? O.O
I have been playing manager since 2000 I have always been waiting for database to get the level of regens that FM 2010 has!!!
This is all what this game is for!
If you don't like it go play some PRO - FIFA!
Go play CM4 which was my favorite manager back in CM, and there you will see your players getting old and "die" and you will have no players to sub them! Cause the game regens no players, with Florentia Viola started in 2002 and dropped the game in 2017!
The rest is trivial!
This is the most important thing which you don't want anymore. I think, you couldn't understand Fm's logic. However, you are right about a lot of players that have lower CA. They have to be in game because U18 and U20 teams need them. Also, I've seen players that retire early ages if they aren't wanted.
Thanks for the kind words my friend :)

Anyway do you know any options to make MY game enjoyable for MYSELF?
Data base is needed which includes regen!!!!
If you wanna play mate a game when the data base is not needed check the worst manager of all times CM10!!!
To be in joy with the game try lan game with other people, this is the most fun of all with this game!
I think I can understand the philosophy of a game when I have been spending most of my free time to play it mate! Since CM2!! The philosophy stays the same with the programmers who own the data base and divided from the jerks who did the graphics and textures of EIDOS!
I cannot understand your point of how these players ruin your game, do you miss the chance to buy them first?

Please explain your philosophy of the game? Do you manage a team for a couple of years and then start a new game?

If this is your view, then I think that you miss the whole point of the game. I think that you must set a goal before choosing a team, i.e. you choose Leverkusen, because they have never won the championship, so you try to win it again and again, you choose Juventus and set the goal to win more champions league trophies than Real Madrid. Another point may be to reach the first position in the hall of fame table.

So in order to achieve the goals you have set, you cannot manage a team only 2-3 years (Real Madrid is an exception, as they have won their league and cl most of the times)

Also I think that PA is not the most important stat, but the percentage of the players to play in the required position (rating). i.e. Fazio has PA 165 but a 87.21% as a CB, while Zapata has PA 177 and his rating is only 83.04%.

Of course the point is, can a player reach his potential? Genie scout will tell you this. i.e he can reach till 150 and not 180 which is the maximum, however if you keep him playing, then he will. Same applies to the coaches, If you do not have good coaches, how the players' stats will be developed?

I do beleieve that newgens is the most important thing, if you want to stick on a team for some years, if not, then you do not bother about them, because you do not need them.
Get a few seasons in and it balances out nicely.

Not meaning to be rude but you should quit whining. Spend a little more time scouting the staff market and then buy the coaches yourself???
If you have a good computer, you can select 3 or 4 nation and their leagues. Then, you start game with a lower team that you know. For example, in Turkey, Sivasspor can be selected but i think you don't know about it so if you start to play a team like that, you have to learn all things related to club. If you don't know, you won't enjoy. Next, i think the game involves cheats so you can use, FMRTE or Genie Scout. Also, you can save the game before the matches; if there is a problem about the team after the matches, you can return and play back. :)

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