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Started on 9 January 2010 by Bouncy_bounce
Latest Reply on 9 January 2010 by saplingg
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Sorry if i've posted in the wrong place :)

After a very sucessful start to my season with Cardiff City (above expectations to say the least) my players have now started to get injured/bans etc so i've went from 5th place to dropping down to 13th. Board are certainly not happy as are many of the players. I've tried changing tactics/players but nothing is working.

Anyone got any idea's of how to get my team out of this ruck?!

Ok, You can do a few things to get yourself out of this.

Your main target is to keep the board happy as you don't want to lose your job. If you are under your wage budget by a large margin they will be happy and obviously you'll need to win games to get them happy.

If your missing a player in a position or all your players in that position are injured try to sign somebody on a free, although try and get the best you can to act as a team boost and increase fan support. If your board let you try and request a "parent club" in case more injuries come in and you find yourself in a tough position

Team morale is essential so make sure you attend all your press conferences and give positive answers.

As for your tactics, try and build a regular squad so your team harmony is good and make every home game count as to start a good run of form you will need the fans behind the players and try to get them motivated by praising them (but not unnecessarily or too much)

Last piece of advice is just concentrate on the pitch the most and hopefully results will follow. Try to analyse the play more and make the right decisions.

Good Luck :wink
Hell no, you reminded me a case where I managed Newcastle, and I did not rotate the team, so after christams, the team collapsed...almost all players who played all the time were injured, I was managing a hospital... not a football team. I was 2nd before christmas, and I finished...9th at the end of the season.

I agree on the above remarks, however, you have to keep an eye on the training, if your workload is heavy, then try to reduce it. If it is ok, then reduce the physical training, as some players may get exhausted. Regarding bans, keep an eye on the tackings, or watch the referee's stats before the game, if he is strict, then try cautious tacklings, if not, then... kill them.

Another point will be to make rotation, keep a regular squad, i.e. your "strong" team and the "reserve" team, so the first will play in the important matches and the away matches, and the other in the "easy" games, i.e. home matches against the 13-18th. I suggest you not to rotate the gk.

Therefore all the team will be happy and the will play all and not the half of them, so you reduce injuries, all players will be ready and they will not complain. However, in the reserve team, watch out the players' squad status, set it to either backup or rotation.

In the difficult matches try to protect your defence by putting 1-2 dm in front of them and play with 1 striker with counterattack and direct passes, offside trap and more pressing.

Regarding the teams's praise, I always use well done, when I win, because I have noticed that If I tell them that I am elated to them they become complacent. Also do not fear to get anger with them on the half-time, sometimes it helps, they can turn the game around, but most of the times, encourage them, even if they win, to keep pushing.
Me & bandura should make a guide lol :beer
Some good advice here I think also look for easy fixtures which you can really dominate - scoring goals helps to build team morale.

I've never tried this out but has anyone ever tried arranging a friendly against a much smaller team just so you can rape them and your players can get a little confidence back? Logically it would work because I think friendlies do affect morale too

On my team selection screen I like to insert a column on the players fitness (General -> Fitness), tired players should NOT be played if you can help it, let them rest one match and they will be back to full fitness.

If you have players lacking match fitness, it means your pre season preparation was not good.

Pre season arrange friendlies every 4-5 days, and make sure you actually select the squad for these and rotate your players (keep an eye on the fitness column, those severely lacking match practice/needs match practice before the season must be played). This helps to bring in some gate receipts too, I love friendlies

You can get a loan report from your assistant manager (should be on the squad -> assistant advice screen), to see prospective loans that can help you through your injury crisis.

Also, what is very important when looking at players for loan is their wage. Your board is not going to let you loan someone at 100k p/w wages, but if they're 20k p/w you have a much higher chance of getting the loan deal.

That's all I can think of for now, good luck getting out of your rut

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