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GS Role rating vs FM Role ability

Huge differencies
mizie's avatar Group mizie 2017-03-08 07:53
hu 55 posts 5 likes joined Jan 08, 2010
So It's going on for a while now.

Genie Scout showing different rating than the game itself.

The game changed position names that's ok but I think "Defensive Centre Back" is "Limited Defender" in GS.

So the problem is for instance I have "Shane Long" a regen. Genie shows that currently he is best in the role of Limited def, but the game shows only 8/10 on this position and 10/10 on central def.

Here's the screenshot:

So what is the most accurate? Genie scout or the game itself?
mizie's avatar Group mizie 2017-05-14 08:21
hu 55 posts 5 likes joined Jan 08, 2010
It'd be really helpful if someone could reply as this is one of the foundation why I use GS
Genie's avatar Group Genie 2017-07-01 09:57
ua 324 posts 97 likes joined Mar 01, 2009
GS 17 estimates role ratings differently than FM. It will be re-assessed in GS 18, including the naming.

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