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Poll: Story of the Month: May

Started on 28 March 2017 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 1 June 2017 by MJK46
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Who do you think had the best story in May? (16 votes)
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Story of the Month: May 2017

Congrats to Justice and his story Ryan Ferguson: The Unorthodox Approach for winning the May edition of Story of the Month!!!!

Ryan Ferguson: The Unorthodox Approach by Justice

Previous Winners:


Paris FC: Une Ambition Capitale by MJK46


Born and Bred: Colchester United by ScottT

Well, you have those sunny days where everything is going your way. You go outside and the sun nearly burns the skin of your face, whilst it was raining the day before. You run back inside for the sunblock, and see that your wife has left you a plate of brownies. Opening the kitchen drawer for a fork, you see a note which says: "I'm out with the girls for the day, grab yourself a beer and watch the game."

Yeah, sometimes, just sometimes, you have a lucky winning streak, where everything comes your way. And it is clear that MJK has it this month, as he winst Story of the Month March.

Congratulations MJK, hope you continue your story for a long long time!
Well donne bro! well deserved!

and well done to everyone who was nominated; some top writing this month
Well done mate , well deserved
I'm gonna have to vote for Jack on this one. Absolutely tremendous writing this month!
its an honour to be nominated this month, but I have to agree with Justice: Jacks Writing has been incredible this month, so my vote goes there
Congrats to Mr. ScottT
Very tough call this month. I could easily vote for either ScottT, MJK46 or mgriffin2012, as they all deserve it. All have displayed some superb story writing over the last month.

Sorry to those who I didn't vote for, as you all deserve it, but my vote has to go to ScottT this month. He just about edges it in my eyes, by about 0.000000001%. I hope other people do vote for the other stories, as they deserve as much recognition as possible. Congratulations to whoever does win it, as it will certainly be deserved!
Congrats to Justice, ScottT and Mgriffin2012 on making it to the vote!! Each one of you have amazing stories. Like Justice I will spoil my vote, I decided to vote for Mgriffin2012. He has always been a strong writer just like the rest but for me the thing that edges him from the rest are the amazing graphics.

Once again congratulations and good good luck everyone!
Congratulations to all the nominees, have been some amazing stories this month and it amazing to have been nominated again! A lot of hard work goes into all of the stories and all of them deserve the award.

Was a very hard decision but my vote goes to Justice and his Ryan Ferguson story.
Hey everyone I just want to remind you all that Voting is still going on and will end either June 1st or 2nd!!
I would like to say Congrats Justice on winning this month!!

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