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FC Emmen - Holland's New Glory

Winning with only the greatest country in the world
Started on 28 March 2017 by Michael
Latest Reply on 13 April 2017 by Michael

Holy fucking moly. I didnt expect this month to be that good. I knew FC Emmen wasa sleeping giant, but to be in control of the league whilst I'm asked to be 10th was a nice surprise. But of course. I am always full of suprises, crazy games, and just plain lunatic behaviour.

In the league I'm doing well above expectations. I'm asked to play midtable. but I'm currently leading the pack, as I always feel like I should do. I may be 9km away from the stadium, but the club is gonna be huge (insert string of words from Trump here, such as, we're great, we're the best club in Holland)

We managed to easily get the 1st of 4 periods, so no matter how badly we do now, we will get a spot in the play-offs. But o course I dont like that, so my goal is becoming champion, although the board doesnt know it yet

The only really difficult match was against SC Genemuiden. We barely scraped a 3-2 win, and we were lucky to get it. We were poor, we played badly, but luckily our striker did where he was payed for, and we managed to scrape a 3-2 win.

Next month we need to keep up with our performerances, otherwise we make a hige drop in our position. And FC Groningwn, how much I love them, they are gonna be smashed. It is my duty to completely kill the team I love, and so I will do that.

The monthly games:
Still looking strong
Some good results in there mate, this is looking good :D

Well, well, well. No, Im not trying to summon a well, just reflecting on my performerances of last month. There were some nice games, but the highlight was my Cupmatch. Being paired against local rivals and better known as the Green Powerhouse, in probably the most violent struck city in the Netherlands in an alternate universe, I managed to get a 1-0 win vs. FC Groningen.

In the league, I had some fun opponents too, of course we had FC Eindhoven, where I went to visit my good friends at PSV on De Herdgang too, but also our main Rivals and at that point the no 1 of the league SC Veendam. We had them at home first, but it's gonna be a huge match in Stadion aan de Langeleegte.

But the best thing happening this month is that I won the first period and got a Bronze Calf. Of course a nice winstreak did the trick for me, but regardless of how bad I will do this season, I already have a place in the play-offs for Promotion. Add to that that I'm expected to finish 10th.

But hey, gotta go, I hear a car coming into the driveway, maybe Case is coming back for his headphones, which he left here at the team-BBQ. That boy could eat as much as he can score, so I needed to buy some extra meat for him alone.

I'm very happy with the FCG result, Roda JC is the next opponent

Nice victory over FCG

Slap me with a pogostick, and call me a beercan. Halfway throughout the season, and I'm on top. 18 matches played, 12 missed points and a gap of 3 points towards the no 2. Technically I could still finish last, but technically I could have Scarlett Johansson as my girlfriend tomorrow, and I think the odds are about the same.

As we are nearing the transferperiod I am looking to strenghten our squad. I've been looking at our trainingsfield, and Veerman is from having a great start to becoming a great disappointment, so Ill need to find myself a new leftwinger with potential. Also, my 1st Central defender is already 36 years old, so I may need to invest in a player for that position too. Also my midfield could do with an extra player.

2nd period was just outside of my reach, but hey, I still can become champion, so screw those periodtitles. The only other title I want is that of topscorer, and Case is currently tied 4th with 11 goals, just 2 behind the no 1, so that should be easibly solvable.

Well, I'm going back to Cafe Groothuis, I could use a few drinks and it's always filled with MILF's, so I probably get a nice view too. See you in a bit.

November matches:
Damn dude you are on fire, hopefully the MILFS start to notice you
Great month... but MILF's? You never fail Michael.

I can say 2 things for sure. I put the hot in psychotic and my team puts the space in therapist. Holy guacamole, what a very strange run I'm on. I'm used to be the team which scores ridiculous amounts of goals, playing with the "Score more than your opponent" style. Seems like I have abondoned all that is known, and started to adapt a new style: "Concede less than your opponent, or god help me"

Well, clearly I had some divine intervention with my team. The results of this month, and the opponents who dropped more points than Trump signs orders, have me lifted towards the top of the league with a margin MJK would kill for with his Paris game. We are already unbeaten since 28-9 and we are now starting with January.

Besides being in the league on top, my cuprun is going well too. I did had a lot of unexpected problems with SC Genemuiden, an old friend from an old talentgame, and after that I was playing FC Groningen, the one and only Mean Green Machine. In the 4th round I was facing Roda JC, and I scored trice. Final ending? 2-1 win for me. but with how the chances were a 7-1 would have been possible. But yeah, I cant ask my now 15y old to score as much as Greco as 24y old. The semi finals are within reach, as we play Cambuur from the same league in the quarterfinals.

Very impressive results there man!! You will go far when you get promoted
Nice results Michael, love the story your age and in your surroundings they usually would be GILFS ;-) Most MILFS already left the surroundings.....But beating a club that officially went bankrupt on the 25th of March 2013...and calling them your rivals....:-p However your cup results and your competition results show potential so keep it going man :-D

Well, with the winterbreak over, it was time to reflect on the choices for my team. I always had that nagging feeling that my leftside was a horrible mess, most of my goals against came from there, and after Veerman decided to become a horrible mess with his performerances, I felt that I needed a few new players.

First we were looking for a Leftback who could play attacking, and after searching whole of Europe, we came back to Heerenveen, and bought their leftback. Well, leftback is not the word, as he can play on that side on the field from front to back.

2nd stop was finding a LCM, as we were definitely very short in midfielders (5 guys for 3 positions). Again, my scouts were send far and wide for a player who wanted to come, but at the end we still ended up at our parentclub. So we bought Maarten de Roon, die all positions on midfield.

Well, and then we still have the 3rd position which needed to be filled, a new LW, so Veerman can warm the bench, and the toiletseat. This time my scouts came up with something way unexpected. Diego Biseswar from Kayserispor was unhappy and wanted to come back to Holland. it was an oppurtinity which I decided was too good to let pass, and he came in immidiately.

Off course we also had a few matches, the 2 leaguematches against FC Oss and Sparta were just leaguematches, where I have a 14 point lead with 12 matches to go, so that is not even important, as long as I dont let my performerance down. The cupmatch against Sc Cambuur was important tho. SC Cambuur (or DKV as I shall refer to them from now on) is the main rival of my motherclub, and with them getting knocked out by Vitesse, I had to step up my game and win. Luckily I did that and won 2-5 in their stadium. Next stop in the semifinal: PSV Eindhoven

Fantastic results. De Roon looks very promising, and strength in depth is also getting better with the other players too! Onto the Semi-Final!
Pretty good month there and I hope to see you win the cup this year
@Jack: De Roon is doing quite well

@MJK: I wish to win the cup. Semi will be PSV, Final will be either Ajax or Vitesse

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