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Assistant help?!?!

Started on 13 January 2010 by M1D
Latest Reply on 14 January 2010 by xtremeganesh
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Can anyone help me with this problem I am having. Why when I go to start a match and in the opposition instruction section where you can normally set a few instructions like the closing down of certain players etc. it will not allow me to ask my assistant to do this for me, either making me do it manually or not at all!?!?!

Please help.:con Thanks
Do you have an assistant manager on your staff? :D
Yer, I can still use all the other features of a assistant manager but just that one wont work and I would like it to :con
what team are you if ya dont mind me askin, coz when i was tranmere the assistant wouldnt do it. But i signed a better assistant and he was able to.
your assistant manager must have high tactical knowledge
When you look at a staff member in your inbox, this shows you three stats below their name which the game considers to be core abilities for that staff role. In the case of Assistant Manager I believe that is Adaptability, Discipline and Motivation.

Personally, firstly I make sure they have good Motivation as a ask him to do team talks now and again. I then make sure his coaching style and playing style suit my own, because Ive come to believe this will effect his media interviews. I look for an assistant manager who likes a level of attacking football, as this transfers to the reserves when I ask him to manage them, and to my players if I ever have to sit out or ask his opinion on tactics.

Asside from these, I look for a reasonable stat in Determination, Discipline and Motivation because these are the core mental stats which boost his coaching ability.

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