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FM16 Redvee's Story. St Helens Favourite Son Returns

St Helens Town. Local Hero Returns
redvee35's avatar Group redvee35 2017-04-11 21:45
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My name is Stephen Giggs. I am 38 years old and I am from St Helens in merseyside. St Helens is a big town and they are famous for St Helens RLFC and Glass making. Rugby league is the main sport in St Helens and they have a very strong rivalry with Wigan RLFC and Wigan Athlectic FC.

A little football history.

St Helens Town where founded in 1901. Many football legends have played for them over there years in football.

Bernhard Carl "Bert" Trautmann ex Manchester City legend. He moved from St Helens in 1949

Bill Foulkes ex Manchester United legend was born in St Helens

John Michael Connelly born in St Helens ex Manchester United

Bernhard Carl "Bert" Trautmann is more famous for breaking his neck and still playing in the Fa Cup final for Manchester City.

This is a story about a local coming home to his roots and taking over St Helens Town.
redvee35's avatar Group redvee35 2017-04-12 19:39
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Having accepted the job of Manager of St Helen's Town AFC. I now have the job of meeting my chairman and signing the contract. Myself I am excited and nervous. What happens if I blow this and make the people of St Helen's hate me.

I grew up half a mile down the road from the old ground. Hoghton Road. I loved going there as a young boy. All I could hear at the ground Red and White Army chants and the atmosphere was tense. I know St Helen's Town who are they. A small team in St Helens who the community loved.

I arrived off the train in St Helen's Central. Sweat pouring off me. I went outside to the taxi rank and I got in a Black taxi. The taxi driver asked " Where to " and I replied" Ruskin Drive Sports Ground". We drove there it's about 10 minutes in a car but walking, would take 30 minutes. I would be too late for my meeting if I walked. We arrived taxi driver said"£3.40". I paid him and walked in.

Inside a receptionist knew who I was."Mr McKiernan will see you know ". I walked in and I sat talking with Mr McKiernan for about an hour. As the meeting finished he asked"Would you like to meet your staff now or tomorrow". I said " Today please i want my staff installed and a Captain and Vice Captain in place".

I have had very little experience so I am working from the bottom up. It's going to be hard and long but I know I can do this job.
ScottT's avatar Group ScottT 2017-04-12 20:41
gb 1081 posts 140 likes joined Apr 04, 2016
Interesting choice of team, St Helens are very much down the bottom end of the footballing pyramid so let's hope you can take them all the way up it.
redvee35's avatar Group redvee35 2017-04-12 23:46
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I have met my assistant Jay Bull. I have also met my Captain Paul Casey. We chatted long and hard and we came to the understanding if I finish bottom, I lose my job. We have our first match against Ossett Town and I am very nervous.

Stephen Giggs Returns to his hometown as manager of St Helen's Town

We spoke to people of St Helen's and asked them " What do you think of St Helen's Town's chances of success" and fans of the team said " We are really happy a hometown man wants to make a difference" and then there where the old fans who said " It is a very slim chance they will get anything undersomeone who has no experience".

And on a happy note Mr Giggs has already signed two players.

and Joshua Home Jackson ex Sunderland AFC player
redvee35's avatar Group redvee35 2017-04-17 18:12
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Pre season Friendly's.

The First three friendly's have been hard games and we are not performing well.

I have asked my assistant manager Jak Bull into my office and It;s time for the talk.

Jak Bull came in and he knew what was coming. Jak already had his resignation letter in his hand.

" You wanted to see me boss " he replied nervously.

I said " Three pre season games down and we have played terribly"

Jak replied " I know we are playing bad, the players are trying"

I asked him " Why was you late yesterday for training"

We are a part time team. My players have jobs and they play for us also.

Jak knew he was in trouble and before I got a reply he said" I had an interview for a new job, as manager of Bridlington FC "

I replied " I know you did because I have had a phone call from them asking for your details"

I told him ,that as a member of my staff I need commitment. After our chat he resigned and walked out. I know I need early into my job and he leaves.

I have been looking for a new one and straight away I saw an add by Karl Connolly. So I had a chat with him on videophone.

" Hi my name is Stephen Giggs and I am the manager of St Helen's Town, we would like to offer you the job of assistant manager".

Karl said in a deep scouse accent " I would love to, when do I start"

Karl is from Liverpool and Liverpool is very close to St Helens. So I said " please start tomorrow at 11.00 am"

The next day Karl came and we talked and he signed.

Karl is very keen to get started. So we went to the training ground and met the players and then the hardwork will start. I want to change this clubs misfortunes and to do that I need to be strong and firm.
redvee35's avatar Group redvee35 2017-04-18 23:51
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The day has come and it's the first game of the season. I am so nervous,my hands are shaking. I have had loads of coffee and I am feeling the pressure. I had a phone call the other day and to my surprise It was my friend and St Helens celebrity Johnny Vegas.

Johnny Vegas said" Hello pal, hows things?, I haven't seen you in years".

I replied" Hello mate. I am very well but nervous about the start of the season".

I had a thought while I was chatting to Johnny, why don't I invite him to be a guest at our first home game next week.

I asked Johnny" How would you like to be our guest at our first home game".

I thought he was going to say no. In St Helen's the biggest team is St Helen's RLFC and he has been a big supporter for them.

Out of the blue, he said" I would love to be ".

After I finished the conversation, I got ready for our trip to Bacup which is about an half an hours drive from St Helen's.

I arrived at our ground because our coach was waiting.

Off we drove to Bacup in Lancashire. I was sat with Karl and our laptop with formations and tactics. All of a sudden our coach broke down on the m62 near Eccles. I thought we are going to be late. After a while the mechanic came and fixed the coach. We drove to the ground and we all got off and went in the changing rooms. I had to speak with the referee and explain but I was in look as we where there just in time.

The team came out and we lost badly 2-1. I know at least we scored. The goal we got was a penalty.Rob Lenagan scored his first goal for us. Steve Jagielka was injured and it looks like he is out for 12 days with a groin strain.
redvee35's avatar Group redvee35 2017-04-20 16:44
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It was the morning before our first home match. I was sat in my living room and I was watching the sports channels and then there it was Johnny Vegas saying "I will be at St Helen's Town AFC first home game against Cheadle and I am looking forward to having a pint with GIggs".

The news broadcaster asked Johnny" Johnny do you rate the chances of a turnaround in fortunes at the club".

Johnny replied and said " I rate Giggs, he is more than capable of changing the team but he is limited in funds".

I was very touched that a man I call friend would say things like that about me

Matchday St Helens Town AFC vs Cheadle

I arrived at the stadium for 12 o'clock , early I know but I needed to speak with my staff. Karl Connolly is my assistant and I wanted to know on the possibility of using Darren Gascoigne ( No relation to Gazza). Gascoigne is 16 and has been playing well for the reserves an average of 6.7 in games better than my two main keepers. Sam Daily and a youth goalkeeper Mark Cross.

So I asked Gascoigne to come in my office and I gave him the news.

I said" Please sit down Darren"

He sat down and I could see him shaking and sweating. I l went to my water dispenser and I gave him a cup of water.

" Darren do you know why I asked you to come in early" I asked.

He replied " No boss sorry, I have been working hard in the reserves and in training".

I told him " How would you like to play in the first team today"

So having dropped the bombshell. I walked down to the dressing room and announced the team.

1. Darren Gascoigne (GK) (16 year old Debut)

2. Karl Short (RB)

3. Paul Casey (Club Captain)(LB)

4. Sam Dawson (CB)

5. Russell Gillespie (CB) (16 year old Debut)

6. Leon Welsh (Def Mid)

7. Daryl White (Right Mid)

8. John Bates (Attacking Mid)

9. Joshua Home Jackson (ex Sunderland striker) (1)

10. Sean Newby (Striker)

11. Rob Lenagan (Left Mid)

12. Sam Daily (First team Goalkeeper)

13. Connor Neville (Loanee from Congleton) (CB)

14. Simon Wharton (Def Mid)

15. Jonathan Hylands (Striker)

16. Liam Bradbury (Left Winger or Left mid)

(1) means Goal.

We managed a draw 1-1 against Cheadle.

Our next game is away at Stockport Town and I think we need to keep the same team.

redvee35's avatar Group redvee35 2017-04-21 00:09
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Matchday Away to Stockport Town.

It was our next game and I really want us to win. I need a win to inspire us and the fans. Before kickoff I received an email stating our finances are down badly and we need an injection of cash. So a investor gave our team £26,000 for running costs.

Our team was unchanged from our last match apart from Stephen Jagielka coming in for Connor Neville.

1. Darren Gascoigne (GK) (17 year old now)

2. Karl Short (RB)

3. Paul Casey (Club Captain)(LB)

4. Sam Dawson (CB)

5. Russell Gillespie (CB) (16 year old Debut)

6. Leon Welsh (Def Mid)

7. Daryl White (Right Mid)

8. John Bates (Attacking Mid) (1)

9. Joshua Home Jackson (ex Sunderland striker) (1)

10. Sean Newby (Striker)

11. Rob Lenagan (Left Mid)

12. Sam Daily (First team Goalkeeper)

13. Stephen Jagielka (Central Midfield and Debut)

14. Simon Wharton (Def Mid)

15. Jonathan Hylands (Striker)

16. Liam Bradbury (Left Winger or Left mid)

(1) means Goal.

We won 1-2 and finally I have a smile on my face. There are still a few players I need to find the right place for in my team.
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redvee35's avatar Group redvee35 2017-04-21 23:34
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The day after our win, I needed the team in training to build our confidence and belief. We need more training if we want to turn it around. Karl and I are working on a new tactic. A possibility of playing 5-4-1 which is a unusual tactic for me.

I left the training ground and got in my car and drove home. The radio was on Radio Merseyside.

"We will be chatting to fans of St Helens Town AFC and asking them about there manager Stephen Giggs" they said on the radio.

St Helens Fan " I thought,not a newbie manager. Where is the hopes for the future".

Radio presenter" Wasn't that unfair. do you think"

St Helens Fan " I have changed my mind now. He is a good manager, he also signs autographs, whenever he has the time"

I was thinking fans are coming round. I wish I could get promoted this season but thats doubtful.

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