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The JourneyMan

A JourneyMan save where young manager Roger Speed tries to work his way up the international Football ladder.
Started on 3 May 2017 by Len
Latest Reply on 13 June 2017 by InvertedWingbacks
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Len's avatar Group Len
6 yearsEdited
Been enjoying my JourneyMan save for some weeks now. Decided to start a story with it as well.
For a first post I will bring you up to speed from my season, will be continuing in a more graphical style from my 2nd post.

As usual I started unemployed and loaded a bunch of leagues (actually every possible FIFA Nation, made possible by the awesome Claassen pack). With these 216 nations I decided to go on holiday and let the game apply for me. After I did a bunch of interviews I got some job offers, and I picked the job at Internacional de Madrid.

There weren't any high expectations at the club, with the board demanding a mid-table position at the end of the season. Our start was much better than we expected and after being undefeated for the first 12 games, we even were on top of the table for a short period of time. Unfortunately we had a bad run of results in november and december which resulted in a drop on the table, even outside the play-offs. Luckily we have been getting some good results in the new year and we are still battling for a position in the top 10, with a chance of reaching 4th place.

From the next update I will take you with me on my journey. So I hope you enjoy the story and enjoy the read!
Len's avatar Group Len
6 yearsEdited

Len's avatar Group Len
6 yearsEdited

In a much better position than you were 4 games ago. The points dropped at Villanueva have certainly hurt, but anything can happen in football, so just keep battling to get your side of the job done, and hopefully the rest will fall in to place in your quest for a top four finish!
Amazing story so far and your presentation is very professional
Len's avatar Group Len
6 yearsEdited

Cheers guys for the comments and feedback! Much appreciated!
Ahhh, so close! :(

Unlucky Len, I know you'll certainly be making the cut next season!
Len's avatar Group Len
6 yearsEdited

Cheers for the comment Justice! What makes it even more unlucky is the amount of unneeded draws. At least 5 games we controled but still gave away a solid lead in the final third. If we only would have won 2 of those.... sigh!
Would have to be satisfied with the board's response to the season. Managed expectations very well, and I'm sure they, along with the fans, will back you to reach even greater heights next season!

Cheers for the comment Justice. Decided to leave the club, the interview explains why I hope.

Plenty of clubs across the globe vying for your signature, good look at Guernsey!
I have to say these are by far and away the best graphics I've seen yet - great work

Cheers lads for the comments and feedback!
For a team from Guernsey, there is a huge lack of sheep in your squad!

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