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Fm 17 Redvee35's new story. Redvee's unemployed challenge

This is a story of starting from the bottom and working my way up
Started on 14 June 2017 by redvee35
Latest Reply on 27 June 2017 by mgriffin2012
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1. Start with the bottom settings for experience

2. Start unemployed

3. Leagues list is.

England to Lower level tier

Scotland to League 2

Northern Ireland set to the lowest

Repuplic of Ireland also lowest

Wales is set to Welsh Premier League
be interesting to see where you end up mate: good luck!
Hopefully you start in the Republic!! Good luck

My name is Stephen Ellis. I am 38 years old from St Helens. I have no experience in football managing. I played football for a pub team in St Helens Hare and Hounds. After a while of playing Sunday league football my knees were playing up and I was in so much pain every day. I decided no more playing football.

I have appiled to Manage Chester le Street in the north east of england. I sent my application of and after a few months they came with a invitation for a interview.

I jumped in my Ford Fiesta and drove to Chester le Street. After arriving at Moor Park I got out and a man called Joe Burlison asked me to come to his office and we started our interview.

Joe started to ask "Why do you want to work for us here"

I replied and I told the truth" I can no longer play football anymore and I heard that Chester le Street after wanting someone to keep them out of the relegation zone"

Joe replied "If we gave the job to you, can you do it on a little money"

I replied " Of course I can"

Joe " Thank you for coming up and we will let you know".

After I drove home. I stopped at Wetherby service station for coffee and a sandwich. I sat at my table and I was reading emails on my tablet and one came from Joe.

The email said Dear Stephen

We would like to offer you the job as manager of our club. Your contract will include a clause that will say. If a big club want you and you want the job. You can go for 20% of the compensation.

Avoid relegation

After a week I arranged for a house In Sunderland and for my belongings to be driven up there. We settled in to our new home. My wife and I are very happy and I got changed into my training gear and drove to work.

A known fact about Chester le Street. Bryan Robson ex Manchester United legend played and is from Chester le Street.

Day 1 and the first day at my new club. Things to do today. Meet my staff and players and then take part in training. First of all find my assistant manager
Tommy Gooden.

Tommy Gooden was standing in reception talking to the receptionist. "Tommy Gooden can I have a word" I said calmly.

Tommy turned round " Yes and who's asking" he said

I replied " I am " " your new manager" i said. He looked shocked like he didn't know they had appointed anybody.

After a while we talked and I managed to make him happy that he was a part of my team.

Both Tommy and I walked into the changing room and he introduced me as there manager.

I have a player on my radar who I need and because of that reason I haven't got a captain yet. Matt Draper from Monkseaton is a ex player for Lincoln city and his experience and leadership is what I need.

After meeting everybody it was training day. We put everybody through there paces and I checked who had skills. There isnt a good player there at all. So I think it's time to look around for new blood.

Day 2. I sent a email to Monkseaton for Matt Draper and they said yes to the transfer. I arranged for Matt Draper to come over to us and he did. When he arrived we sat down and sorted his contract and he went for his medical.

Whilst I was waiting for the results I managed to also contact Sunderland RCA
about Joshua Home Jackson.

I also got a message from Monkseaton about another player Lee Miller.

So I may have possible of three signings soon.

Matt Draper - Centre Back - Free transfer

Joshua Home Jackson - Striker - Free transfer

Lee Miller - 16 year old - Centre Back - Free Transfer

all signed today. We managed to get them today because they where all close by.


Chester Le Street will play Northwich 1847 at Barton Stadium Winsford Cheshire

After a few friendly games with a record of 1 win out of 5. We got drawn against Northwich 1874. We had our work cut out. Players weren't playing good and I had a few injuries to sort before the game.

Matt Draper is now club captain and he has been tutoring Lee Miller.

I decided to go 4-4-2 against Northwich 1874.

We attacked them with everything we had and then luck struck. A stunning goal from nowhere Sam Allen struck the ball and it went in bottom left corner and the fans cheered. I being calm on the bench lept from my seat and grabbed my assistant manager and we jumped up and down.

2nd Half and it was all Northwich . 10 minutes from time Northwich had a penalty.

Penalty missed and I had one change to make. Joshua Homes Jackson was playing striker but just to speed the attack abit. He was moved to the right wing and for the rest of the half we attacked but no more goals. We won and we move into the next round.

A few days after our win against Northwich 1874. Our chairman Joe Burlison called me in. I thought to myself " Well thats you unemployed again ".

He sat me down with a coffee and told me.

Joe" I just wanted to let you know, the fans are buzzing with the result and we got our prize money"

I said " Few I thought I was getting the sack ". We laughed and joked then we got a email from the league with our first fixture.

We play Consett at home in our first game. For people who don't know Consett is outside Durham and very close to Chester Le Street. So you could say a derby game.

Shortly after another email and this time it was our next FA Cup Preliminary round. Beaconsfield at home in the cup. I thought a possible win. If we do we go into the Fa Cup draw for the first time.

We concluded our talk and I went to training and we worked on Tactics and individual training.

Our first game in the league was coming and we had a busy few days training. Most of the players are doing other jobs. We are a team of Part Timers. So fitting training and working in our schedule is really hard. The first game against Consett will have a special quest.

Danny Graham Blackburn Striker. He played for Chester Le Street before become professional. 2003-2004 he left to join Middlesborough but he has said Chester Le Street will always be apart of him.

Chester Le Street vs Consett 3pm Tickets on sale £10

Matchday Game 1 At home against Consett

We where underdogs but we didn't care.

Mark Simpson kept us in the game after 10 minutes in Penalty and he saved it.

It was 0-0 at half time. I told them how proud of them I was but I needed to move a player round. Joshua Homes Jackson he moved to right wing and I brought Sam Allen on for Craig Anderson the Right winger. He wasn't giving enough.

66 minutes in and Sam Allen dribbled down the wing and crossed the ball for
Paul Nixon my left back but for some strange reason he came off his wing and scored.

Mark Simpson carried on saving and Sam Allen was providing service to Jarrett Preece my other striker but he just couldn't score.

We won and Nixon got Man of the match but we all knew it should of been Simpson. So after the game I praised Simpson for keeping us in the game.

Wednesday will be Matchday 2 at Washington. (Washington in the North East of England)

Matchday 2 Washington away game.

Washington are tipped to be champions this season and we are tipped for relegation. Washington are odds on favourite's to win.

Sam Allen and Paul Nixon are the only ones with goals so far with 1 each.

Pressure building sweat pumping and I have been discussing my idea for a new tactic. The players look confussed but I am trying to explain we can't afford to lose.

We changed the formation to 4-1-1-2-1-1

We scored first 26 mins Peter Cooper then after halftime Sam Saunders for Washington scored. I needed a change so I rotated players around and then 60 minute Joey Mullen was sent off for his second yellow of the match and then 86 minute.

Making his debut Brian Philips scored and fans jumped for joy and then we had to defend and hold on.

We managed to hold on and win 1-2.

Man Of the Match was Brian Philips with 1 assist and 1 goal

Three days left before our FA CUP PRELIMINARY round tie against Beaconsfield Town. We are away so we have to travel to Buckinghamshire,

The day after our league win. I signed a new goalkeeper Ben Simpson off the free agents list I had. He is 31 years old and I have to decide if he starts. His match fitness is around 60%. I may take the chance and try him.

The day before the match. The coach pulled up outside Moor Park. We got on because I am the manager I sit at the front with the driver. We travelled down the M1 motorway. Players where in good spirits and Ben Simpson came over and spoke to me.

Ben said quietly " Sorry to disturb you gaffer. Can I have a word please"

I said " Of course you can Ben"

Ben sat down and asked " The game tomorrow, if you need to play one of the others, I wont mind. I know my fitness is bad"

I spoke to Ben but I need Matt Draper (Captain) to sit with us.

I waived to Matt. He came over and I explained to both of them. Matt Draper is also struggling with fitness but I am going to play them both. I need experience on the field. We need to go through to the next round.

Matchday against Beaconsfield Town

Before the kick off I wanted to chat to Joshua Homes Jackson he hasn't scored for a while and I know he is frustrated, I told him " Joshua I have faith in your ability today, I know you will score"

Kick off Joshua was dribbling round players and passing to the rest of his team.

9 minutes bang GOAL Joshua scored he ran over to me and said thanks boss.

Kick off again Philips was takling everyone and passing the ball out of defense midfield.

44 minutes GOAL again Joshua he was running all over the field, He was loving it.

Half Time

Team talk I told the boys "Keep doing what your doing and we will win"

Kick off for the second half Joshua passed the ball to Philips and then he passed the ball long over the defenders and as the ball cam down Derek Chandler scored 45 and a few seconds GOAL.

47 minute Lee Miller scored from a corner. He headed the ball in the net

61 minute Joshua. He scored his Hat trick

Fans who travelled down for the game where singing and chanting.

74 Peter Cooper GOAL

Match finished 0-6 to us and this was a record for us. The highest win in our history.

Man Of The Match was Joshua Homes Jackson

The next round of the FA CUP is live after this game. So off to the changing room we go and put the tv on. The draw comes.


Tensions are high and everybody is watching to see who we get.

Our rivals Durham City where drawn and then ........ Chester Le Street Town
Nice to see you back writing man and a good start to this story, keep it up!

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