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The curious case of Deportivo Maldonado

What is going on with this small second division side from Uruguay?
Duncanwilliam7's avatar Group Duncanwilliam7 2017-07-15 17:08
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The Curious Case of Deportivo Maldonado

What is the full story about this small second division side from Uruguay. Maldonado have a stadium that can seat around 25 000 supporters, but only manage to get average attendances of around 350 fans. They are said to be owned by Malcolm Caine a predominant race horse owner from Britain. Here is starting lineup and subs that I put together of the best players to have been bought buy Deportivo Maldonado over the past few years and their highest market values according to Transfermarkt

I have a few questions for this forum:

1. Does anyone have any other valuable and interesting information about this saga/club?

2. Why on football manager this big name players arent on the books for Deportivo Maldonado, and arent even shown in the players history?

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