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Formations for your team

Started on 16 July 2017 by GleNelG
Latest Reply on 20 July 2017 by Justice
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Just a random question to see how many formations you use for your team?

I have two that my squad are completely capable of playing in. One is a wide formation the other is a narrow one. I alternate depending on scouting reports of the next opposition each week, i.e which formations they concede more goals to etc. and I choose the formation closest to that, with great affect... so far.

Do you do something similar? Are you a one formation team? Thought I'd put it out there as I don't know if I'm alone in this?
I have 2 tactics for my current save. One is Balanced and puts emphasis on a quick build up but with retaining possession. The other is a 4-2-4 which gets me loads goals but shaky at the back, still trying to fix that part.
I use two similar ones. 4-2-3-1 (more attack minded) and 4-4-1-1 (more defensive minded). I prefer formations being structurally similar as it is easier for players to adapt to.
In previous FMs I always switched between two or three different formations, but extremely similar instructions, depending on who I was facing, what players I had available, etc.

However, this FM, I've not erred away from a 4-2-3-1 (wide) with the exact same instructions for over half a decade worth of seasons now. We've had our ups and downs but overall, I've been quite pleased with the results.

I feel there is a mindset among a number of FM players where you must change your formation every few games in order to win games, but I don't think its true. For a vast number of FM players, the first thing for them to blame is the tactic. But there are so many other factors which influence results. Tactics (surely) won't help FC United of Manchester defeat FC Barcelona in professional competition. Tactics can't cure seven first team injuries. Tactics can't stop a significant morale drop, or the departure of your best players. People need to understand that tactics don't win games, player performances do.

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