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Player Roles

Started on 21 January 2008 by Bole_
Latest Reply on 24 January 2008 by Bole_
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This is a short advisor on this subject.

Captain: most important is influence,but you also must look at experience and teamwork and rarely age.
Playmaker:most important is creativity,but also decisions,passing and teamwork.
Target Man:player must be tall,the attributes are heading,jumping,balance and strength.
Penalties:most important is Penalty Taking and composure,and less important is concentration
Free Kicks: most important is free kicks and decisions.
Corners:most important is cornert and decisions.
eh eh, things for newbies.

by the way playmakers need composure as well mate.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
playmakers should also be MLRC or AMLRC, a striker as playmaker or a defender as playmaker (defender might be an option but leaves a gab in your defence tho) isnt that good overall
i dont usually play with playmakers.

if i did then i might win every single game.

i do tend to take time on tactics, but in the end my tactics mostly depend on "personal instructions" and in game i tend to change when i see i need a change.
about composure,sure,but it is not crucial.
and about positions,i didn't wrote that because i mean everybody must know that.
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ye well not everyone has a brain :P
Andurilz : ye well not everyone has a brain :P

what are they, aliens!?:O_o
ha ha.
well come on,we are here to help each other,even if they are aliens :)
i wonder which leage the aliens play in...:O_o

Deleted's avatar Deleted
always so literal, red :P.

But if you really must now its the marsian liga.Ye its new since this season. Im the ring leader ;)
he he, Red do you want to be a mascot of marsian liga ?????
Bole_ : he he, Red do you want to be a mascot of marsian liga ?????

naah i couldnt handle the pressure. its so hard to be a mascot in the marsian league.

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not for you,

i mean you have the uglyness for it =D
oww! it's getting hot in here... 8)

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