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The Adventure of Ahmed Abdel-Waleed

The Story of the Adventure of the young Egyptian guy Ahmed as he tries to find his way to the top
Started on 31 July 2017 by CGUltimateno
Latest Reply on 11 August 2017 by CGUltimateno
CGUltimateno's avatar Group CGUltimateno
6 yearsEdited

What will this Story talk about?

This Story is gonna talk about the young Egyptian man , Ahmed Abdel-Waleed, as the problems in his country is gonna affect his reputation and he wouldn't be easily chosen for good class clubs.

Why did you exactly choose an Egyptian guy? Why didn't you choose any other nationality?

As I'm from Egypt, I have a great experience of what it means to have a bad reputation. So I thought of making a tale about a young Egyptian man that struggles to find himself in the top between world-class European people. So expect Part 1 tomorrow. (As I'm not good at making stories and it's gonna take me time to invent a story to make it like reality).
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6 yearsEdited

The Beginning is always the hardest part.

Setting: Date: 1/7/2016 Wednesday Time: 9 AM

As Ahmed wakes up, He wore his clothes and goes down to the work. Till now, He couldn't forget the terrible injury he had 3 years ago in the Al-Ahly Youth Academy and how he couldn't make it retiring from football at the young age of 17 . He was one of the most promising talents, but unfortunately the injury stopped everything. Ahmed was as always checking on as he tries to find a career, but as always he can't find anything, but all he can find are academies looking for a coach.

At 3:40 PM,

Ahmed was sitting on his couch watching an analysis of the latest matches and making notes about them. He got a phone call from an Unknown Number. He answered and the Stranger told him:"Hello Sir, My name is Peter Moore."
Ahmed Answered and said:" Do I even know you?"
Peter Moore said:"I'm the President of the Canberra Olympics FC from the Australian NPL Capital Football League and I saw the advert that you put on the site. We are willing to interview you and see if you can be our next head coach."
Ahmed said:"Ok Sir, but when and where will this interview take place?"
Peter Moore:" We'll make for you the work permit and everything for you and prepare your luggage as your flight is 7/12/2017 at 7 PM. and keep contact on our email [email protected]
Ahmed:"Ok, I'm gonna prepare everything. Thanks sir. Bye"

Setting: Date: 7/12/2016 Time: 8 AM

As Ahmed's in the plane, he reviews all his files and tactics that he's gonna view and makes sure that he got everything he would need to be the perfect head coach. As this was his only opportunity.

Time: 7 PM
Peter Moore: Ok let's get into it. Why are you trying to run any jobs right now?
Ahmed: As you can see, since my injury and I tried to find a perfect job and I couldn't find any average job until this opportunity came.
Peter Moore: We are looking for a head coach that can work with limited resources, can you?
Ahmed: As you can see sir, I'm new to the world of managing football and I'm not that good at managing finances, but that would be an amazing challenge for me and I'm into it.
Peter Moore: If we hired you, what are the things you would do?
Ahmed: First, I would change the staff and get the best stuff with the best abilities out there and then I would be trying to find the perfect tactic used by a world class team that would work with the team and make them succeed in the league.
Peter: Just before we get into details, From where are you exactly?
Ahmed answered worried: Ehm....Eg.....Egypt....
Ok then, said Peter with wonder.

As the team was expected to make relegation, Ahmed told Peter that he would make them compete for the title and I would make it true and then he went into showing him some of his favorite tactics that he learned and checked on.

Time: 11 PM

As Ahmed was going to sleep, his phone rings and it's Peter and he told him how he presented everything greatly and how the club sees him as the perfect head coach for the team, and Ahmed at this moment was very happy and he was literally flying from happiness and started texting his family about how he got the job and they congratulated him, and he went to sleep to sleep excited and filled with happiness.

The End of Part 1.

That's not the perfect I can get but at least I gave it my best try. Part 2's coming out after 1-3 days, as I took like 6 hours non-stop to do this
Vamos bro!
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6 yearsEdited

The Best Begin!

Setting: Date: 9/29/2016 Wednesday Time: 5 PM

As The first pre-season is near to begin and Ahmed is preparing all his tactics. While he was preparing them, he was watching matches of Canberra Olympics as they play and trying to figure out how to make them win. So he thought of using wingers as it may work. Ahmed prepares his backup tactics for the upcoming matches as if his main tactic didn't work.

Setting: Date: 10/1/2016 Time: 3 PM

Match 1 (Rivals): Tuggeranong Utd - Canberra Olympics F.C.

Ahmed's first match is about to kickoff and he goes to the dressing room and tells them Good Luck. Ahmed was super excited about it, and he goes to the substitution chairs and waits till the match kickoff. As the match kickoffs and so did Ahmed concentrated and kept encouraging the team till the 1-0 for Tuggeranong Utd early at the 9th min from Goran Mulitinovic, but as the team starts slowly losing their passion as the match approaches he keeps telling them so show passion and never give up, and opportunities are wasted and so Ahmed starts losing passion too! Till the 2-0 at the end of the first half by Aisosa Ihegie. Ahmed kept yelling at the team in the dressing room and telling them to show some of their passion or we won't be winning anything and then Konstantinou the Captain tells them "The Coach is right, if we kept like this we won't be winning anything!" and then the team got fully ready and encouraged. As the 2nd half begins and both teams keep wasting opportunities and nothing is happening and the team keeps losing their passion and the match ends 2-0. Ahmed was really mad from the team's performance and kept knocking them and complaining about their mistakes and wasted opportunities.

Match 2: Canberra Olympics F.C. - Comma Tigers

Second match for Ahmed kicks off and as he starts using his second tactic and gives it a try and just at the 40th min 1-0 for Canberra Olympics F.C. and at the end of the 1st half, 2-0 for Canberra Olympics F.C. and at this moment, Ahmed knew that this is the perfect tactic for the team, and he told the team in the dressing room to try and protect the lead. 2nd half kicks off, and just after 1 min a 3-0 came in by Micheal Reeve, then 15 mins, 4-0 by Cattanach as he scores his 2nd goal, and then after 2 mins 4-1 by Tom Slater for Comma Tigers and then at the last 5 mins of the match 5-1 by Cattanach as he seals his Hattrick and then 6-1 by CATTANACH AS HE GETS HIS 4TH GOAL.

At the dressing room, the team was celebrating just as if they won the league with the 6-1 win as they made a new record in the league history.

Time 8 PM

Ahmed just introduced one of his best signing, He signed a new player to his main team by the name of Patrick Zwaanswijk, a player at the age of 41 and plays as a CD for the team

Date: 10/22/2016 to 11/5/2016

Matches till now played

Part 3 coming after 1-2 days
Best of luck mate, a good start to the story, keep it up! :D
CGUltimateno's avatar Group CGUltimateno
6 yearsEdited

The Mid-Season, The Lucky Season

Instant Moment: 11/5/2016 Canberra Olympics 3 - 3 Monaro Panthers

Setting: Date: 11/12/2016 3 PM

Canberra Olympics - Woden-Weston FC

As The 6th match of the season approaches and Ahmed started getting used to being in the field for 90 minutes, while Ahmed is going through the tunnels. He goes to the Dressing Room and tells the team "Come on Lads, Show them what this team is made of?!". The whole team got excited and warmed up, and entered the field with strength and dominating the game and controlling the possession. And As They took over the possession and scored the first beautiful goal just from about 8 min from Victor Yanes. As the whole crowd is looking over for Cattanach as they expect him to score a goal or two from his ridiculous performance in the previous matches, but still they don't see anything from him till now. After 30 mins that looked so long a second goal came from the corner as the result became 2-0 from Patrick Zwaanswijk at the 33th min, and It was at this moment, Ahmed knew that this will be his perfect season!

Just after 7 more minutes, Another Goal came in by Tom McLachlan, which makes it 3-0 and then The whole team knew that it was the end of the match and started to move it easier and knew that they won, but just before the first half ends a goal by Daniel Di Salvatore at the 42th min which makes it 3-1, and then at the last second of the first half ANOTHER GOAL BY Victor Yanes, which makes the match fully predicted 4-1. As The First Half ended, and Ahmed was really happy with their performance, He entered the dressing room and told them "I'm Glad with your performance Lads, BUT Don't think the match ended here! We gotta protect this result and even add more to it!" And so did the team got tightened up. As the long 2nd half begins, The Team was fully defending during it as Woden-Weston were pressing and attacking hardly, and so was Canberra Olympics, full of confidence, defending and stopping their attacks and then after 11 mins from the 2nd half, Woden-Weston scored 4-2 by Mathew Waters. So Ahmed noticed the team's confidence is getting lower although the result, and so Ahmed started yelling at them from the nearest throw-in to the defence "DON'T FORGET THE RESULT IT'S 4-2 WE'RE WINNING AND WE GOTTA PROTECT THIS NOW!!" and because of this the team got fired up and at the 72 min, another goal that protected the lead and got the team to 5-2 by Pat Ross-Magee and the team was very delighted and happy from the result. And then at the last 10 mins of the match, 5-3 came from Woden-Weston and Canberra protected the lead and wasted time till the match ended. As They entered the dressing room full of happiness and Ahmed entered with them and told how happy he was with their performance and the result.

Belconnen Utd - Canberra Utd Date: 11/19/2016 3 PM

Ahmed got used to the matches and as he got into the tunnels and he went into the dressing room and told the team good luck and have fun. So the First Half started, and at the 19th min, Robert Cattanach, the fans' favorite player, scored the first goal against Belconnen which makes the whole team delighted by the 1-0. Then after 4 mins, ROBERT CATTANACH SCORED AGAIN 2-0 AND THE FANS WERE SO DELIGHTED. Then at the 35th min, Robert Cattanach got his hattrick which makes him the fastest hattrick scorer in the league's history. So the first half finished and Ahmed went and told Cattanach how he's so proud of him, and from the look of Cattanach's face, he was so happy.

2nd Half begins, and so does Canberra defend the whole 2nd half, and at the 49th min, Cooper Buswell scores for Belconnen. Ahmed keeps signaling to the captain to tell the team to tighten up and as He barely understood him, he told the team to tighten up. Last 10 minutes of the match and then CATTANACH SCORES FOR THE FOURTH TIME AS HE MAKES IT 4-1, and then just at the last 2 mins, Cooper Busswell scores for his team as it doesn't affect the result because Everyone knew that Canberra were the winners. As the Team was entering the tunnel, Robert Cattanach stayed on the pitch as he celebrated his 4 goals with the crowd and the crowd keep yelling and saying Robert Cattanach will score and He will score again!. As Ahmed was watching him, and He saw how much Cattanach was happy. He was happy to see all these fans coming to see their favorite team winning and instead of choosing the big teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona, They came to see us, Cattanach Olympics FC.

Matches Played till now

Part 4 tomorrow
You can't be accused of not knowing where the goal is which is great especially considering your 'lack' of management skills
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Half Of The Season Starts

Setting: 11/27/2016 3 PM

Cu Academy - Canberra Olympics

The Day Robert Cattanach shined in

As The match kicks off and The players warm up, and start the match. As Cu Academy wastes opportunities, till the 17th min and a GOAL from ROBERT CATTANACH!! As From The First Opportunity, Canberra Olympics scored it while still Cu Academy's wasting opportunities. 27th min and the equalizer came in 1-1 by Dustin David. As opportunities keep coming and leaving, and Ahmed is telling the team to push forward and to demand more, and then he got them encouraged and at the 42th min, A GOAL by Pat Ross-Magee which makes Canberra Olympics take the lead, and at the last second of the 2nd half ROBERT CATTANACH 3-1 AS HE CELEBRATES WITH THE FANS AND THE FANS KEEP CHEERING AND SAYING "ROBERT CATTANACH SCORES AND HE WILL SCORE AGAIN". So The First half ends, and the players at the dressing room,
while Ahmed is telling each one of them of marking specific players that caused the equalizer, and he told them to have fun. Second half kicks off, 3-1, and just after 5 mins, CATTANACH SEALS HIS HATTRICK AND MAKES IT 4-1 and after 2 more mins, 5-1 by Pat Ross-Magee. As Every Single Opportunity made by Canberra is dangerous and as Cu Academy keeps losing their passion and the possession is getting contained by Canberra, and the match before it ends ANOTHER GOAL BY CATTANACH 6-1 AS HE SCORES HIS 4TH GOAL! And this was the end of today's match!

The match ended and so was Ahmed as He's driving back to his home so tired. Then he goes to sleep, but just before he goes, he got an unknown call from a number from Qatar. As He Answers and he hears one of the Qatari Boards telling him that they chose him as the leading candidate to get the position for Qater Under 23s to win the Gulf Cup Of Nations 23s and As The phone call ended and Ahmed bursts out of happiness and celebrates in his place and he EVEN STARTS DANCING IN HIS PLACE and laughing, so after all of this happiness he goes to sleep as he gets alot of thoughts about what to do next.

Setting: 12/4/2016 3 PM

At This Day,Ahmed was too busy working on his getting a better scouting team and coaching team, So He left this game for his Assistant, which ended 1-0 for Canberra Olympics by Pat Ross-Magee.

Setting: 16/4/2016 7 PM

Ahmed introduces several staff members for the team:
  • Head of Youth Development: Steve Martindale
  • Coach 1: Dylan Knight
  • Coach 2: Brayden Kalmar
  • Head Physio: Shaun Dulleh
  • Physio: Dean Kenneally
  • Chief Scout: Clayton Arranz
  • Scout 1: Lachlan Barlow
  • Scout 2: Daniel Brosque
  • Director of Football: Ante Juric

Setting: 17/4/2016 3 PM

Canberra Olympics - Tuggeranong Utd (Rivalry)

The Big Match kicks off and Ahmed was excited to take revenge, as he keeps telling the players to keep pushing forward the whole match. Then at the 22th min, the match went to a 1-0 for Tuggeranong by Nikola Popovich which made the whole stadium silent and waiting for a goal by Canberra. Ahmed didn't want to keep the fans silent like that and so he tells their players from the nearest throw-in to them to show some passion and then after 10 mins at the 32th min a GOAL came in by Michel Reeve which brings the equalizer for Canberra Olympics.Wasted Opportunities all the first half and golden opportunities that come only once in the match are wasted and the first half begins. As Ahmed wasn't usually seeing this, he goes to the dressing room and tells them "COME ON, THESE FANS OUTSIDE THERE ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO DO SOMETHING AND GET THE MATCH ON! DO IT FOR THEM!" and so did the team got motivated. 2nd Half kicks off and the free kick is taken by Patrick Zwaanswijk and HE SCORES IT AS THE CENTRAL DEFENDER SCORES THE FREE KICK AND GETS THE WHOLE TEAM ON! Sadly, just 5 minutes after assisted by Ihegle a low cross comes to Popovich which deflects Konstantinou (GK) into the goal as the whole team went frustrated, but Cattanach remembered what Ahmed told them in the dressing room and he went to the whole team and told them what Ahmed told them, and the team came back fired up. 62th min and a pass from Tom Mclachian to Ross-Magee and HE SCORES IT FROM OUTSIDE THE BOX HE SCORES IT AND THE WHOLE TEAM GOES INTO CELEBRATIONS AND SO DOES AHMED JOIN THEM! Match Kicks off again with the team fully defending and not allowing any ball to get into the box of the GK and so does the match end like that! And The whole team went into celebrations!

2 matches played by the Assistant as Ahmed was busy with Qatar Under 23s
  • Cooma Tigers 3-2 Canberra Olympics FC
  • Canberra City 0-5 Canberra Olympics FC

Part 5 tomorrow
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6 yearsEdited

Just before I begin, I want to tell you that I won't be getting into details in future matches as they take long time and made the first season 4 parts and maybe 5.

Qatar Under 23s Winners - Gulf Cup of Nations U23s

As Qatar Under 23s call for the squad registration came to Ahmed as he was busy with the training of the senior team of Canberra. When he entered his office, and if there was any new files, He saw the Qatar Under 23s call for the Gulf Cup of Nations U23s. Ahmed didn't know a single player from Qatar and had no experience there and didn't know anyone from there, so he just called his assistant and asked him to auto select the players for him, and he just confirmed it.

  • Group A: U.A.E U23s, Bahrain U23s, and Oman U23s
  • Group B: Saudi Arabia U23s, Kuwait U23s, and Qatar U23s

Setting: 14/1/2017 Match: Saudi Arabia - Qatar (U23s)

The match kicks off and players start playing and opportunities started. Min 23,
1-0 for Qatar by Almoez Abdulla with an assist from Sirgine as the ball bounced off Jawhar and entered into the goal! A hot opportunity rises for Saudi Arabia as the striker is in front of the GK but somehow he missed it as he tried to shot it in the bottom left corner but the GK blocked it. 1st half ends and Ahmed goes to the dressing room and talks with the players and tells each one how significant they were outside there as they fired up and became ready for the match. 2nd half kicks off. Min 54, An amazing pass from Abdulla to Al-Sadi who scored it into the corner of the net and makes it 2-0. 85th min and a free kick for Saudi Arabia in the very left side as Al-Khabrani crosses it into the header of Abdulmajeed to the goal which makes it 2-1. Min. 91, just before the match ended at the last second, a cross came in from Al-Muhaza into the leg of the midfielder Ahmed Dozandeeh who nutmegs the GK and makes it 3-1! As Qatar Under 23s win 3-1!!!

Setting: 17/1/2017 Match: Qatar - Kuwait (Under 23s)

Match kicks offs, and players start running and passing. Min. 17, As Qarim does a superior cross from 40 yards to Al-Fadhli who scores it as Qatari Players are looking and watching the ball enter their goal as they get pressurized from the score 1-0. Min 34, a superior pass instead of shooting from the striker Shiryan who gives it to Abdulla and scores a superior volley which makes it 1-1. An Amazing opportunity in the 40 min rises for the Qataris as the ball goes to Saleh Bader and he misses it horrible above the cross bar. 1st half ends and CGU kept knocking on the team about their passion. The players entered the field looking ready as the 2nd half kicks off. A corner for the Qataris in the 62 min as it is crossed by al Yazidi and fails but the ball is still with Qatar and goes outside the box and Al-Sadi Gives the ball to Al-Mansouri who gives an amazing long ball to Al-Yazidi in the wing area and with a short cross the ball goes to Abdulla who makes it 2-1!!! 84 min and the ball is with Jalal, the right wing back, as he makes an amazing opportunity and give the ball to Shiryan who lobs the GK and scores it and ends the match 3-1!!!

Setting: 25/1/2017 Semi Final: Qatar - Oman (U23s)
The Match kicks off and the players start their magic. just at the beginning, 4th min, a whipped cross came in from Serigne who gave it to Al-Yazidi who SMASHED it into the bottom left corner and made it 1-0. 5 more mins passed, and a low cross came from Serigne who gave it to Abdulla and shot it far from the GK and made it 2-0 before 10 mins even passed, then after the kick off, Oman played it quick as Al-Saadi attacked from the wing and with a quick cross, Al Hoseni shots it into the bottom left and makes it 2-1. 42 min, Al Ghailani tries to clear it out but instead it bounces off Shiryan which goes to Al-Yazidi scores his second and makes it 3-1. 1st half finished and Ahmed doesn't tell his team anything as it doesn't need it. 2nd half kicks off. Min 71, A low cross came from Serigne ,who just made his 3rd assist, to Jassim Al-Jalabi who makes it 4-1 as Qatar continues to destroy Oman. 77 min, and as Al-Muhaza runs from the center of the field and dribbles past players to the wing area as he short crosses it to Jassim Al-Jalabi and makes it 5-1. Another goal and Oman aren't even playing they just ended it and said we lost. Last minute of the match and a long ball goes to Sirigne who crosses it again from 40 yards to the box to Al-YAZIDI WHO SCORES HIS HATTRICK AND MAKES IT 6-1 and ends the match.

Setting: 28/1/2017 Qatar - Saudi Arabia FINAL (U23s)
[b]2 red cards from 4 previous yellow cards for the only 2 wing-backs in the team, which forces Ahmed to use the Central Defenders instead.Match kicks off and so does the players. Ahmed hoping that he can succeed and win his first cup. 5 mins passed and Al-Sadi passes it to Doozandeh and a long pass which goes to Omer in the wing area and free without any defenders on him as he low crosses it to Al-Yazidi and A GOAL 1-0 FOR QATAR!! 25th min and a counter-attack for Saudi Araba the long ball goes to Jafar in the wing who whip crosses it to Al-Ghamdi who scores the equalizer 1-1. 1st half ends and Ahmed goes to the dressing room and tells them to tighten up and demand more to succeed and win the cup. 2nd half kicks off and players are looking confident of themselves. Min 66, and Al-Jalabi passes it 1-2s together with Abdulla and then with a long pass to Jalal in the wing area with no defenders on him, and Jalal low crosses it to Al-Jalabi WHO SCORES 2-1 FOR QATAR U23s. 68 min, and a foul from Hussain Fardallah in the very right. Asiri crosses the ball to Al-Ghamdi who scores the equalizer 2-2. 85 Min, and a throw in as Jalal gives it to Al-Jalabi who runs with the ball and crosses it to Al-Yazadi who heads it and the GK blocks the ball and MISTAKENLY HE LEFT THE BALL AND FAILED TO HOLD INTO IT WHICH AL-SADI TAKES THE BALL AND SCORES THE WINNING GOAL FOR QATAR 3-2 AT THE LAST MINUTES AND ENDS THE MATCH.

As Qatar Under 23s are the winners of Gulf Cup of Nations

You are reading "The Adventure of Ahmed Abdel-Waleed".

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