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Can we make a "super player" in FM 2010?

Started on 23 January 2010 by piancai8
Latest Reply on 24 January 2010 by RedArmy20
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Dear members,

I remember my old days with Championship Manager 3, I can make a "super player" with Cheatfinder (a real time memory editor).

For example: I change the "Run" attribute of a player from 20 to 255 (FF in hex), making him a super runner. Wow, he really rules the field! :p

Can we do the same with FM 2010?

I apologize if my question is improper.

ehm you can cheat and make a player very good.

but with a good system with CA and PA in FM. you cant have a player with 20 in everything.

but you can raise the CA and PA to 200 and wait until they gain their attributes.
FM 2010 has reached a higher level of difficulty and complexity in factors that can change clubs, players or even staff, so, I guess it is really useless to change the stats of a player cause you have to remember that the parameters are far too complex than the old versions of cm or fm!
So, there is no point doing so cause whatever editing you may proceed one thing is sure for real, there is no player or team which will avoid decay or loss!
Try edit the best team in game to have all the world class players you can imagine, still this team will not win every game no matter what!
AI is really on really hard difficulty in this game mate!
You can't win forever, just like the real world!
i disagree giorgos.
all you need is quality with good tactics.
my savegame ended in 2021/2022 due to a pc-crash, but i have won 97% of my matches and drawn the other 3%...
however i do agree that changing attributes can possibly kill the player. i have tested with attributes quite a bit and too many attributes maxed out make the player actually worse.
well this is a game and i prefer to stick with tactics and management, not to cheat using editors or whatever... now i'm just begin my second season (2010/2011), after won Serie A 2009/2010 with Juventus..
hmm its boring winning all the time tbh.

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