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my reign at ManU is over...

Started on 23 January 2010 by schnopsnosn
Latest Reply on 26 January 2010 by saplingg
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my superb reign at ManU has come to a crash right now just after i won the club-wc'ship...
this is actually pretty devastating as i have put a lot of effort into this savegame and had supersick regens(see my other thread) and now while i was saving my pc decided to crash and now my savegame is gone...
its the glazers fault.

seriously though ive lived through such things for a long time in FM. it happens to everyone at some point. i think your just unlucky.
of course i'm unlucky.
it's just sad because it took away all my love for this game (for now?).
you will be back trust me, once you get some sleep and the anger goes away, you realise you need that thrill of it all back.
i kind of doubt i will...
i don't think i'll ever get newgens like that again :/
i mean i had a GK-newgen that had 200 PA and over 90% in FMScout
dont worry there is a backup copy of your recent save in load game option
did u check it??
dont use load last game
instead use load game
Assuming you're running Windows, you can do a system restore and set it just prior to when the game crashed.
schnopsnosn's avatar Group schnopsnosn
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nope, there is no backup...

thx, didn't think about that possibility...

system restore didn't fix it unfortunately...
this is the reason why i create multiple save games. i have save games named hull1 thru hull5 which i save to every month or so in case it crashes. the game crashed on multiple occasions but reverting to the previous save games fixed the problem
schnopsnosn : @Ranjeesh:
nope, there is no backup...

thx, didn't think about that possibility...

system restore didn't fix it unfortunately...

Sorry to hear that. :(

I do the same thing that stevesim89 mentioned - I create a backup save for my games once I've been playing them for a while. Just like in your unfortunate case; you never know what could happen.
yeah i usually do that aswell, no clue why i didn't do it this time...
Oh man! I know how bad it is :s It happened to me once when I had benfica at the level of ManU, Liverpool, Barcelona and the other big teams of europe, It's always a shame to lose a save
I did this once in FM 07, lost a 9-year save with Barca, straight away I started a new game with Madrid to change things and got back into it. Just try it :wink
fml you guys were right.
and tbh i am quite glad i started again :D

look at this beast:

can't wait for him to join my club at the end of the season :D
Sick PA, hope you can train him well and fully develop him :)

It's a shame that he's got a lot of ability wasted on stats like long shots and dribbling, which really is quite irrelevant for a centre back,

I'd recommend retraining him as a DMC that way he would utilize his other stats more

That's just my opinion though

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