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The Last fm17 Online game before FM18

new transfers to 16.8.17...8pm tonight...
Started on 22 August 2017 by davy3480
Latest Reply on 22 August 2017 by davy3480
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Please read below before applying for an interview. Starting from 8pm tonight,,,

FM Network - The Gathering:
Contact Kevy3480 on Skype for an interview, but the basics are below. Not rules, just helps the game run nicely!

Timings: This week...Tues, Wed, Thursday
Next week Host holiday from Friday to friday
Then most night till fm18...please read below..

Rich-Man City
Paul- Man Utd

any team in the prem...Liverpol, Chelsea, Spurs, Everton all with latest transfers and budgets..

Started around 8 years ago with a core of ex-FMLive players after it was closed. There are 2 original members left and we now have a core of 5 players. Our record on a network game is 26 seasons, we re-set from time to time and try different leagues and different ways to keep it going.

Looking for new members to join us.


Note- IF you like watching Games in Real time and watching the Pixels..this isn't for you although we watch in 3d 3/4 speed you can still see all you want!

A few Guidelines if you would like to, so plenty of time to sort a team.

Play times are most evening from 8-10.30/11pm latest (sometimes later at weekends)

We holiday from game to game and have a few emotes on skype to signal when there’s a game being played (if you don’t have one, Europe etc.) so you can still do scouting, training and all the other normal single player stuff) this is VERY KEY and we do this to keep the game moving nicely and play around 10/12 games per session

Pre-season is roughly 2-3 hours’ max on a session and sometimes bonus pre-season if it falls over a weekend and you can do all your scouting as you go...its a different and more intensive way to play...

Nights off normally decided between us so there’s no pressure to get on every night but you might get addicted just let us know if you’re not on, please don’t just leave, so no worries lads not for me. Not a problem.

NETWORK play is NOT SINGLE player so if you can’t handle a bit of banter on skype it’s not for you.

TACTICS sometimes don’t always work with your special 3 at the back set up on single to Network, we don’t know why it just doesn’t always transfer! So be warned you might have to adjust, there’s plenty of downloads to tweak from various forums etc.

No Poaching players from other HUMAN teams unless prior arranged deals.

Remember there’s 5/6 other humans so keep continuing and holidays from game to game and the game moves nice and quickly.

the most important thing is to communicate on SKYPE chat (No mics), so play windowed mode etc.

Server/Host has a fast connection and a high spec pc to lag won’t be an issue.

Steam server must be set to London.

JUST REMEMBER IT'S WITH OTHER HUMANS, so don’t hold the game up! It's good fun and much better than single IMHO!

For an interview please contact us! Cheers.

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