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How to make tactic -Guide-

Started on 21 January 2008 by Bole_
Latest Reply on 22 January 2008 by RedArmy20
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As we saw,many people have problems with making tactics,so I will try to help with this simple guide.

1.First look at your team,your players.
2.Than take some paper and draw some football fields and draw few tactics that you think can work.
Create formations and beside every of them write down what style(mentality,passing….) of play you would play.
3.You can choose one of them that you feel is the best or you can procced with more of them.
4.Now,when you decide about tactics you must make it on FM.just do the same thing you did on paper,now on FM.
You choosed style in step 2.So use this sliders to make your style.

1.Mentality:Determine what basic style will your team play.
If you want to play attacking football,then put mentality on Attacking.The main duty is to score goals,and less on defending your own goal.
If you want your players do both the attacking and defending duties than put on Normal.
If you want to play defensive football,than put mentality on Defensive. The main duty is to defend your goal, and less on scoring goals.

Advice: if you are losing,you can put All Out Attack in last 10minutes to try to equalise.

2.Creativity freedom:Determines how creative would play your players.
Much-players play theirs game,with no obligation to do what you said to them to do.
Normal- players play your plan with some theirs decisions and moves.
Little- players play your plan strictly.

Advice: big creative freedom give to the players with high creativity,flair,technique and passing.

3. Passing style:Determines how your team is going to make busy your forwards.
This means that they will try to play that way,but not that they would be succesful at that.
Short - players will try to pass to closest person.
Mixed – players will combine short and long passes.
Long-Direct – players will try long passes to forward players.

Advice-short passes works best with slow tempo,and long passes work best with fast tempo(but it is not always like that)

4.Tempo:Determines the speed of your play build up.
Fast tempo-recomended for counter attacks and for teams with good technical attributes.
Slow tempo- recomended for those who want to save result,and for those with good passing.

5.Width:Determines distance between your players
If you have good wings or backs you should choose „wide“ so they can more easily run the side.

Advice:On fast tempo it is better narrow ,and for slow tempo is good wide.

6.Time wasting:well , the name tells it all.
Use often when have good result, and rarely on start of the game or when you lose.

7.Closing down:We could say more better word- Pressing.
Often-player often leave their position to make pressing on approaching player.
Mixed-player will leave their position only if the approaching player is near.
Rarely-player will try not to leave his position.

Advice: Do not put often closing down if you do not have good physical players.

8.Defensive line-Determines the distance between your goal and your defensive line.
Deep-defensive line will be close to your goal.decreased chance of conceding form opposition attackers,but midfielders will shot more easily on your goal.
Normal- defensive line will be on about 20m from your goal.
Push up-defensive line will be at 30m or more from your goal.Decreasing chance from outside area shots,but often defenders mistake means good chance for opposition.

Advice: if you have slow defenders put your defensive line deep.

9.Tackling:tackling on ball and players.
Easy-players will try to steal the ball only with clear start,with no brutal starts.
Normal-they will tackle normal.
Hard-players will try to get the ball with a strong starts.increased chance of getting yellow card.

That’s it for now.
I think the rest instructions are easy to understand.
these are good.

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