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Poll: FM18 Clubs

I wrote an article earlier asking for what challenge you would do, now since you probably....maybe have it sorted, what about the club you'll choose.
Started on 19 September 2017 by seabas3
Latest Reply on 26 October 2017 by servantes15000
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Where will your FM18 club(s) be? (83 votes)
One thing I will make clear, I always do a Liverpool save along with another one, why? Simple really, I love Liverpool and want them to dominate world football. Mwahahaha.

*Ahem* Anyways, FM18 is close and at the time of this article's writing, we are still waiting for the new features in the latest installment - however I am sure many of you are starting to sort out what club or club(s) you will manage.

I already wrote an article on what challenge you may try, check that out if you want, but what club will you manage with that challenge? Simply put, let me know below in the comments.

Will you upload different league database and do an obscure league, like Bhutan or Tahiti? Or will you stick with one more close to home for you...or even one of the big boys?
I'll manage a team in level 22 in England I'll put fm17 editor file in fm 18 like I did last year an make my own local team in it, as well as manager Man Utd, with my new team I put ex united players in it obscure players like marsh burns lea very low rating players give then a 30 year player/coach contract so thy stay I don't bye any players and there a amateur team I enjoy it haha
favorite club (Manchester United) will be my first save as always, after that I will look at challenges like getting my local club up the leagues, overseas domination, etc.
For their first save, people tend to go with the club they support in their country. It's a safer option because naturally we know almost every player in the roster already.

I say "in their country" because I can't really say "in real life"; I mean Football Manager has forged connections between us gamers and clubs around the world we didn't really know much about before FM.
I will be Ipswich as always
I'll always do a save of Newcastle united, but I Always feel starting unemployed is an exciting way and working your way up is always satisfyin!
cant choose between Swansea and Crystal Palace maybe italian team(of coures after chelsea)
For the last 3 years, I have always made a Tottenham save as I love how many young players they have. I'd love to keep my overall age in the club around 21-22 and always buy players younger than 25, mostly around 16-20. Although, they have started to become a force and I might start looking for weaker team with average or above average cash to spent.

Liverpool is a good choice, I tend to stick with Premier League, but also considering Napoli or Fiorentina saves.
I am not sure which team i'll play in my first save. Valencia, Tottenham or Everton. I can't wait to press the install game button ;)
My first save is always with F.K Partizan :)
Journeyman to start, I got tired of starting and failing with various teams in the Beta. So starting as a Journeyman I have less choice, and if I fail I can just move on.
Maybe AC Milan for me, trying to put all those new arrivals into a winning system
Straight going to Man United as always for the last 17 years. Last year I only played 22 hours (no time available) so I have work to do !
Midlesborough as most fun and with great youth academy starting in championship and work up the ladder to become European force. And than maybe Leeds Nottingham forest i like to start in championship. Or maybe some of French league one mid table clubs like Nantes.
For first save I always go for a Conference Regional club, someone very small - typically newly promoted into the division. Blyth Spartans look like being my first team in FM2018.

After that I tend to do a save as someone in the bottom tier in Scotland and then the same in France, Germany, Spain and Italy in a save with four clubs. I tend to run all saves to 20 years or until I get them to a position where there just isn't a challenge anymore.

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