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Poll: FC Groningen/Tullio Greco - The Search for a new goal

In Search of New Challenges
Started on 3 November 2017 by Michael
Latest Reply on 3 November 2017 by Stam
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Greco should have his own Hall Of Fame page on FMScout (4 votes)
Michael's avatar Group Michael
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Hey Guys,

As you all know, Tullio Greco may have been the most lethal striker to be ever posted on FMScout. Due to him being so lethal, I already finished all my goals. As I wont get FM18 within a month (due to me being as poor as Bill Gates is rich) I need a new challenge.

Before I started this career I had 1 goal: Winning the Club World Championship with only regens.
I passed that with ease, already 3 times.

After that I gave myself 3 goals, which of one I was very vocal about:
1: Getting a striker to 1000 official goals (Passed)
2: Winning a throphy with Holland (Passed)
3: Getting the club Finances to 1 Billion (Passed)

Now I would need a new challenge to fill the time until I have 18. And I need your help to find one.

For giving you enough info to give me a new challenge, I shall give you all the records I have so far:

Can anyone give me a challenge which I can finish within 5 years?

To help you give me a challenge:
I have near unlimited budget (500M+ Transfer, 2m+ wagebudget left)
Almost every player in the world would want to come to me.
Im in 21/22, 2 weeks before the end of the Summer transferwindow.

There are just 3 rules:
1. The challenge you give me must be doable within 5 seasons
2. I wont go away from FC Groningen
3. I will never ever sell Tullio Greco.

If I pick your challenge, I will rename a player after you, so you will be part of the challenge.

Hope you can find me some nice new ones.

Challenges can vary from:
Win the CL with max average age X
Get Greco to X
Play with only Nationality X and win X
Win X games whilst X

I believe Greco has delivered and it's about time to move on. You need to wrap FM12 up and go on FM18. That alone can be a challenge.

Now there's less than a week to go. If you wish to keep yourself busy while waiting to get yours hands on the new game, you could get involved with content production. I mean you enjoy writing, so you might as well work on some quick tips or guides.

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