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Academys and competitive football for the tittle in England

Hello managers, i need to introduce my thinking about football that i use all of this years that i playing FM and older versions
Started on 4 November 2017 by HOTTANX
Latest Reply on 4 November 2017 by HOTTANX
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I ll start with my last year of being manager in Arsenal on FM 2016. I had almost the shame results like the year before with good running for the tittle and winning it.
I deside to post that story because i found it so strong the fact that every time i play with Arsenal i make the shame moves to strength the team with talented players in defence and attack aswell.
I believe that this team and every team starts from the defence and continues with the good roster so i made my moves and i kept money for the TARGETS after 2 ore 3 years to be strong and make my offers. I skip for my reasons some of the countrys that has a lot of good talents and complete footballers and i bought players that Arsenal needs and can play in every club from rotation to first team and i believe that Argentina has them. In every FM that i play i like some players that are special to me like Lucas Romero, Jonathan Silva. I skip for that manager, Aleksandar Dragovic and Carlos Fierro and i tried my chance with Stefan de Vrij and Jonathan Calleri. I have to say that i had some problems with Calleri is the start because i gave him more time in front without be so succesfull and Welbeck had problems with that move. After 4-5 games i fount it with better rotation on the matches with Calleri mainly on the wright flank as Inside forward and Welbeck in front and again with rotation inside the match with changes on the positons. It worked just fine for me after some games.
From the start i made my moves for the youngest talents and i continue to make that job in the next year, the result is that you have a lot of option with talented players for every match and all the cups, plus that you can sell expensive kids that you dont need ore star players and you ll have the talented backup ready to play.
My TARGETS was Jordan Henderson and Lionel Messi. I never succeed to buy them but i haddle that disappointment with Paolo Dybala and succeesfull years of Lucas Romero, plus the raise of his value from 5million to 30million :D

The conclusion is that if you like to dont spent 50million to a tranfer you can buy 5 young talents and give them a try to rotation and if they be ready to first team.
And if you cant buy your TARGETS buy somthink that you like without thinking that has 10% of the TARGETS value.

P.S. Always build your academys, they can help the times that you dont believe that you have that young and you put it in the hard match because your star was injured and the second man it was need huge rest and the younger did a great job, plus Goal ore what eva.

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