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Genie Scout update error

Started on 4 November 2017 by amagomes93
Latest Reply on 6 November 2017 by Stam
When I go check for new version, the following message appears in the status: Error was encountered while trying to get version info. Cannon get data from web.

How do I fix this? Im stuck with 801 build (which obviously doesnt work) and there is no way I can download updated versions without donating again, right?
same here, cannot update genie scout, same error
Same problem, can't update
In the initial email you have received from Eugene, there is a download link that points somewhere on
Copy that link and paste it on a new browser tab, but don't press enter yet.
Change 18.0.1 (or 18.0.2) to 18.0.3 and b801 (or b802) to b804.
Now press enter.

The first 2 beta versions of GS18g have a problem with the updating system, which was fixed in beta 3.

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