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Ardit Sinani - The Walk Of Life

Started on 10 November 2017 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 6 December 2017 by Justice
If you don't go unbeaten, I'll be disappointed.
Scott: :(
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A New Season


My long road ahead has begun brilliantly. What can I say? Maybe I'm just built for this...Or maybe I've just inherited a team better than the rest? No. Definitely not. Jokes aside, we've topped the table in August. What more could I ask from this team?

We came up against Hearts in the opener and it couldn't have gone better. A 3-0 win and my most prized asset Dembele scored a hattrick of the highest quality. It certainly made for a memorable game, and it's one I'll never forget. Certainly not.

Dembele is a fine player he showed us that by bagging 5 goals for the month. Helping us on too another win against Kilmarnock with a Brace. Although another 3-0 win he couldn't net a third again, so it was up to Liam Henderson to get the final goal.

I have really taken a liking to Liam Henderson. He performed great in the Qualifiers, and now he's scoring at a young age in the league. I think he's got a big future ahead of him if he carries on putting these sorts of performances in.

Partick Thistle had us buckling slightly, not in the results department but with injuries. Scott Sinclair who's been on a crazy run of form this month brought two goals home for himself and the team in a 2-0 win. But later on in the game he sustained an injury and so did Scott Brown.

I feel like we're going to experience a lot of injuries. Not just this season but in general, I feel like this is obviously a big part of the game with Tierney, Nir Bitton and Lustig also picking up some harsh knocks throughout.

Domestically, else where, we smashed St Johnston 4-1 in an absolute romping where we disappointingly conceded our first of the season as well. Against Ross County we saw ourselves pushing through to the next round of the BetFred cup with a 2-1 victory.

Now I know you're all itching to hear. Did we make it to the group stages? Well...Maybe we did.

Our first leg was an absolute bore draw and really couldn't have gone much worse. They were never going to cause us any trouble but I just can't believe we didn't score. We couldn't finish our dinner out there and I made my feelings clear.

The second leg was an entirely different story. 4-2. Scott Sinclair scored early in the 27th minute, a true worldie and was so well struck. Though a minute later Lustig gave away a penalty. I was itching to tear him a new one, but he had some thanking to give to Patrick Roberts who nestled home a nice finish right on the half time whistle. The second half brought a Leigh Griffiths master class with two goals sending us into the next round for definite. That didn't make conceding a second any better though.

So, we're through. I couldn't have hoped for any better as this was our target but I won't be settling for this. I want to go further and believe me when I say it's going to be hard I mean it. Chelsea, PSG, Feyenoord, and ourselves. All fitting in to group C.

Overall though, fantastic month. Our youth prospects are flying high and I couldn't be more proud of everyone of us. Dembele, Henderson, Tierney, Sinclair. You have done yourselves proud this month.

A great start to the season man, the definition of hitting the ground running! Progress in the Champions League is vital and youre doing it so everythings rosy atm!
Brilliant month, really looks like the young guys have clicked!
Great start and good to see that you have progressed to the Champions League group stages!
Griffin: Yeah it's been a good start, everythings looking good and we've got a strong base to build on. The morale will be vital.

Infrabae: All of them doing a fine job, We've got a young team of talented players and it was always important that they prove the hype around them to be correct :)

TheN1886: Thank you mate, I'm looking forward! So nice to see a new face following the story also :)

Shock and Awe


September has been a testing month but my word what a load of performances! I'm in complete awe and I don't know whether to think our results have come from luck or from ability and try hard. We've put blood sweat and tears in and I couldn't be more proud of the team.

As expected we are through to the next round of the BetFred cup after beating Dundee unconvincingly on penalties however a win is a win and I'll take them however they come. Our weakened side was tested by our relatively good opponents who performed well on the day.

We've slipped up in the league a lot after a 100% record held last month which is disappointing. No one could answer the problem in the Hamilton game we tried and tried but could not breakthrough until late on after being held back by a Darian Mckinnon goal. Leigh Griffiths equalized late in the game but also managed to get himself sent for an early bath.

Not the best way to get yourself into my team, but he did earn us a point.

Hibernian was another write off, this game came at the end of a congested and hard testing group of games, a 2-1 loss is not ideal but after our champions league performances which I'm sure you're all dying to hear about...I'll cut the lads some slack.

Up first was of course the Chelsea game and I myself went into this thinking we had no hope. After going with a 4-2-3-1 for all of our games leading up to this big challenge, I decided to change things up to add some more reinforcements in defense.

We got off to a really good start and held possession well, Chelsea in turn hit back with a string of good chances but failed to make them pay. At half time, out of no where we were awarded a penalty. You won't see me complaining. In fact you'll see my running to celebrate with the lads as Scott Sinclair nets it. Unbelievable!!

In the second half our luck only got better, Azpilicueta got himself sent off and we were very much on the front foot. Chelsea had little to nothing worth of note after that and it was all us. Patrick Roberts finished the Boys in Blue off by stretching out to a low cross in from a wide a player - Tierney. What a crazy way to start our campaign!!

Next we had Paris Saint Germain but in between the two European matches we took on Ross county who we thumped 2-0 and Rangers.

The Old Firm! I was waiting for this one. I'd heard great things, I'd never experienced it myself but I have to say it lived up to expectation. We won 2-0 on the night and sent the fans home very happy. I'm sure we left a nasty taste in the Rangers fans mouth's...But who cares? We had Griffiths and an Ajer bullet header to thank for this memorable victory.

The biggest test of the month (I know, it gets bigger? Really?) As we all know was PSG. A team who somehow bought Neymar for a stupid 200 odd million. I could only dream of that with 5 million in the bank. Anyway...

We set up for this one in a 4-1-4-1. I was hoping to keep them out for as long as possible but it turns out my efforts were fruitless.

Yes, the 200 Million pound player scored just 10 minutes into the game. But this is where things get a bit crazy.

We held on for the next 80 minutes. 80 MINUTES!! Against Cavani and Neymar. I was actually happy with that, after a poor start we kept them out so well for so long. But what came next was just all too unreal.

90 minutes were upon us and we were going home with nothing. Oh no, I don't think so. The fourth official signaled for 3 minutes of extra time. Those three minutes seemed like a lifetime but I'd happily sit through them again if it meant I could see Stuart Armstrongs outrageous goal.

The last kick of the bar!! Out of no where, Armstrong cuts in from the wing. He was going no where, no one in support. So what do you do in that position? Well Stuart Armstrong shoots he rattles the bar and he fucking scores!!!!! Off the bar and in, what an absolute belter!!!

The fans went absolutely crazy! I had never seen anything like it in my life. The whole team ran over to me and had me on the floor in seconds, more and more piling on top even from the bench. The noise was ear piercing.

After things calmed down (Slightly) The referee blew his whistle. The fans were still going crazy and the PSG players didn't know what to do!

This was a big moment for the whole club. Have some of that Neymar!! That's the Scottish for you I guess. Pure determination right till the final whistle.

I will never forget this.

To beat Rangers, then draw with PSG must have been a brilliant week only to have been knocked back by the defeat to Hibs! However a lot of positives to be taken!
Griffin: The highlights were obviously a pleasantly surprising win against Chelsea, Rangers and an unbelievable result at PSG! The Hibs game was a knock back but we set ourselves up with the other three wins in the league, a cup round win and we set ourselves up for possible qualification in the UCL! Very happy indeed.

Injury Woes

I should have expected this really. we've had a horrible run of injuries in the last month. Not that any of them were bad, but let me tell you it just got bad. Right before October. Which could possible be the biggest month in 20 odd years for Celtic. Definitely two of the biggest games.

We must play Feyenoord in a double bill. This means given our outstanding results in the Champions League last month if we can get 6 points from the easier side in the group we will hit 10 points from 4 games.

10 points is often considered the qualification mark but that's not always the case. The fixture list and already decided results mean it's very possible we will still need at least 2 points from the last two games - PSG, and Chelsea...But we've done it once. That's a positive. Right?

Anyway, too the point. The two Feyenoord games have been made much hard. As have the PSG and Chelsea games. Early this morning it came to light our best player, our goalscorer would be out for the next 4 months. 4 damn months.

There goes Dembele's chance of a golden boot. I suppose this is part and parcel of management. we all pick up injuries, some long term some short. I will just have to look up Griffiths now.

I've been debating with myself. Since he's out, should I try to create a second system to incorporate both Edouard and griffiths? It would give us more options in attack but I think we would have to take a hit on our wide players.

Dundee next. A game we can definitely try this out in.

I'll have to think on this some more.
Not good enough blaming injuries, losing is unacceptable. Sinani, it's time to go!
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On The Cusp


We put our selves in prime position at the top of the table in the Champions League last month by beating Chelsea and holding PSG to a draw with a last minute screamer from Armstrong.

Now it was still all to play for but with a double bill against Feyenoord in October we had the best chance in a very long time to put ourselves into the next round. Two wins here will give us that all important 10 point mark, which could see us qualify.

To begin with though we had to play Dundee in the league and Rangers in the Semi Finals of the cup. Beating Rangers is of course one of the must do's as Celtic manager.

Today we weren't up to scratch and were still looking sloppy after a hard September. Rangers manage to keep us at bay and we went into extra time at 0-0.
Still after another 30 minutes of football neither side could find a breakthrough.

The boys stepped up when it mattered most an ensured our entry to the Betfred cup final with a 3-1 win on penalties.

Dundee rolled over with no problem unlike last month in the cup. A staggering 4-0 kept us at the top of the table. Sinclair, Roberts and Rogic got the job done whilst Jack Hendry pitched in with an own goal. Cheers mate!

We had two more league games this month against Kilmarnock and a good Aberdeen side who other than Rangers are supposedly meant to be our biggest challengers but after this game I can't begin to see what that's meant to mean.

Johnny Hayes who hasn't featured once yet for this side made himself useful cropping up from the left wing with a hattrick. A good way to stake your claim for first team football. Leigh Griffiths scored the last goal for our side while Mark Davies grabbed a consolation in a 4-1 romping.

We saw off Kilmarnock with ease in a 2-1 win. A solid win really, their goal came very late on and was very lucky. Johnny Hayes starting for the second time in a row scoring a 4th in 2 games. Whilst Ousmane Edouard chipped in with a first for the season whilst in replacement duties for Dembele.

Our first tie against Feyenoord was at home and luckily so. This gives us the advantage to get a win and keep the momentum going. I really couldn't stress to the lads how imperative it was that we win this game and they certainly didn't disappoint me or the fans. Coming out 3-0 winners on the night.

Feynoord couldn't handle us in anyway. Leigh Griffiths starting over Edouard was on fire and he bagged himself a brace before Patrick Roberts slipped clean through on goal and tucked the winner home with just minutes to go.

The second game was a bit of a different story. We picked up a few knocks through the month so I exchanged Rogic for Nir Bitton so he could rest up for the coming congestion. Bitton in his first start didn't quite repay me in the way Edouard and Hayes have. He got himself 2 yellows and of course this means an early bath. but luckily for us in 70 minutes we were 2 goals to the good.

Although not dominating we were looking like the winners however the red card changed the game. Our goals from Scott Sinclair and another Champions League goal for Griffiths could've soon become meaningless when Jorgensen scored to put the Dutch side within a goal from a point.

We had one last scare in the 90th minute from the same man as a header skimmed just wide of the post.

It wasn't meant to be for Feynoord though, and we ran out with 6 points in a crucial double. 10 points from 4 games in what many considered to be a group of death is not bad at all.

We weren't quite over the line yet due to results elsewhere, but we are very much on the fringes of Qualification. This is huge.

On the crisp.

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