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Poll: Rovers Return

A tale of Redmption....

What Will I achieve in season 1 ?? (4 votes)
Dave_Finny's avatar Group Dave_Finny 2017-11-14 16:33
00 10 posts joined May 01, 2014
Here we go

2018 FM has landed

I was torn between many teams.... but with a fondness at heart for Blackburn, I have selected them to push them back up from the doldrums of league one and return them to their premier league status.

I know the Venky's have wrecked them..... but I am going to rid them of this woe.


Young manager David Finlayson Lands in Blackburn with a spring in his step raring to go.
David Finlayson:
Promotion is the key, either via the playoffs or Automatically!

A brash Finlayson addresses the media, with a smile on his face and the real impetus to give Blackburn fans hope

After getting to my office on the first day..... I realise this is a tough task...

  • The squad is average
  • The cash is low
  • The league is tricky with some big names in

I will spend my first day having a quick squad perusal, a review of history, a nosey at the staff and decide where the hell I go from here....

The young man from Barrow has his work cut out, but with my tea brewed and my coat hung up... what can I really do with this rabble ?

More to follow.............
Dave_Finny's avatar Group Dave_Finny 2017-11-15 21:00
00 10 posts joined May 01, 2014
Day 1....


After a sit down and evaluating the Squad, I realise i am missing a bit of firepower up front.

I feel I do have some good players and leader in Mulgrew and Graham, but feel another leader would be required. plus I have the odd injury which I'm not too keen on. - The Squad is quite varied though and 90% cover for most positions fills me with faint optimism

I feel the staff could do with a bit of a rocket up them to keep them on their toes, I won't be sacking them all, just mildy encouraging with a royal kick up their arses in some lovely circa 2002 Adidas Predator Mania's...
just to ensure this transition goes well, I've enlisted the help of this old battle hardened veteran

With big Ray involved in improving my defence and tactical awareness this bunch may go well.

Before I venture in the transfer market, ( Where I will aim to the as shrewd as Harry Redknapp the week before payday) I have found this young gentlemen with a 5 star potential.

Young Joe will be getting a run in pre season and a new 5 year contract to scare away the big clubs, or alternatively if he goes I'll get crazy Phil Jones style money for him.

Righty-ho.... of too the transfer market to find the next Cherno Samba and Freddie Adu..
Dave_Finny's avatar Group Dave_Finny 2017-11-16 19:28
00 10 posts joined May 01, 2014


I have decided to strengthen the squad initially through the spine and aim to add a midfielder, centre half and striker

The striker issue made more prevalent when Danny Graham injures himself in the 1st 20 mins of the pre season game and is out for 5-6 weeks

I rustle up some funds from selling a Phil Jones clause - gaining me another 750k to play with.

After Not being able to find a striker worth going in for (for now) I opt too look on the free and loan markets for a Midfielder and Defender.

Joey Barton would have been a good pick but is a little too banned for now, so I have a Mr Mulumbu who is on a free, but wants too much money...

So after some further digging, I open my summer signing with this dynamo....

Mutch ado about nothing

With a couple more options in the pipeline, and pre season in full flow, I assemble the squad for the pre season camp and off to Austria we go!!
Dave_Finny's avatar Group Dave_Finny 2017-11-16 19:42
00 10 posts joined May 01, 2014

Signings and Schnitzel

Whilst the training camp is underway i manage to secure signing number two.....

Blackburn sign a Caulker

I am massively pleased with this deal as I believe Mr Caulker will be the rock in my defence alongside Charlie Mulgrew.

I Have successfully signed quality in the positions I want - I now just need a striker,

Pre season is going well, - and my results (although a bit hit and miss) allow everyone to get a game and to trial a few formations.

I think i am going to opt with 4-5-1 for the opening game - not my ideal choice, but with my lack of striking options, I will have to go with it.

The squad land back in England, We are prepared, bolstered with 2 good new signings - I have let 3 youngsters go out on loan and I think we are ready to take on league 1 at full tilt........

I Phone Harry Redknapp late at night on the eve of the season to seek some Striker advice......

He tells me to sign Niko Kranjcar...... but I think he's been on the red wine all day......

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